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Percentage of participants who said Kenzai Body was the first program that worked or the best they'd ever done.


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About us

Meet our dedicated team of trainers and staff

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick has spent more than 15 years educating and inspiring people to live more balanced and healthy lives. From his years as a health worker in the Peace Corps, to running his own fitness studio in Japan, Patrick has had a singular purpose: giving people the tools and information to make better choices. He founded Kenzai (the Japanese word for “thrive”) with the idea of coupling classic training techniques with modern technology to change lives around the world. When he’s not doing Kenzai work, you can find him teaching zen meditation, studying astronomy, or surfing with his wife and daughter.

Thomas D.

Thomas Doyle

Thomas has spent his career helping people be their best, from his years as a special needs counselor for troubled youth to his work as Head Trainer for Kenzai. Thomas is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a certified Bikram yoga instructor. When he’s not helping Kenzai members reach their fitness goals, he enjoys cold-water surfing, ultimate frisbee, and exploring the world with his two young sons.


Ward W.

Ward Willis

Ward is interested in the psychology of change and wellness. As a self-described “fat kid,” he grew up admiring athletes and superheroes, but it wasn’t until he began teaching and practicing yoga that he began his own path to wellness. Working at Kenzai lets him combine his skills in teaching and fitness to makes people’s lives better. He snowboards, mountain bikes, plays soccer, writes, and enjoys the company of his lovely wife and two teenage stepsons. Ward is a National Certified Counselor and a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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Malia Hirschmann

Malia Hirschmann

Malia specializes in guiding people towards long term solutions for their wellness. She has a PhD in Clinical Health Psychology and has worked in a variety of settings such as hospitals, medical clinics and schools. Growing up in Hawaii, she learned the joys and benefits of an active lifestyle from an early age. Whether running the trails with her husband or boogie boarding with her two children, Malia lives the same healthful lifestyle that she promotes among her clients and through her work with Kenzai.

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Sharmali S.

Sharmali Streatfield

Sharmali believes that the mind and body are inextricably linked, and that your mind has a powerful effect on your health. She brings this belief to Kenzai, where she encourages trainees to believe in themselves and be positive about achieving their fitness goals. In her free time Sharmali enjoys doing yoga and hiking. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband and young children. Sharmali is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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Brett K.

Brett Kuhnert

Brett spent his early career in social services, with several years overseas as a Peace Corps volunteer, launching health education initiatives in the developing world. He beat the odds to overcome serious medical conditions in infancy and childhood, and is passionate about helping others embrace adversity, face their challenges, and transcend them. He has spent the past two years as a regular volunteer teaching high school kids leadership and teamwork skills through cooking. Brett lives in Washington, DC, where he enjoys hiking, backpacking, guitar, running, good coffee, and indoor rock-climbing.

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Assistant trainers

Cecilia A.

Cecilia Aiello

James R.

James Richmond

Kim B.

Kim Benson

Nate B.

Nate Belle-isle

The people behind the scenes

The tech and admin staff that make it all come together

Jason Block

Jason Block


Zhongtao Chen

Zhongtao Chen


Shaun W.

Shaun Ward

Product Manager

Jessica B.

Jessica Bentz

Community Manager

David S.

David Stosik


Andy S.

Andy Spinks



Percentage of graduates who hadn’t returned to their pre-Kenzai weight one year after their program.