What's the difference between Kenzai and the average fitness plan? The difference is that Kenzai works. It's commonsense nutrition, approachable daily exercise, and an online community of trainers and like-minded members in a complete package. It's a powerful combination that changes lives.

Real food. Real exercise. Real people.

Real results.

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There are three key ingredients to getting in great shape:


Truly healthy people aren’t skipping meals or drinking factory-made concoctions to lose weight. They’re eating a lot of the right things; vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, and proteins. Also known as real food. On Kenzai we don’t use templates or algorithms to generate meal plans. Our nutrition team designs a diet plan specifically for you, not just once, but every single week of your program. We build the nutrition plan around your needs, taking into account any food preferences, allergies, or lifestyle factors that affect your eating. And as your body changes, we adjust your diet to get you the best possible results.


Our goal is to not only make you lean, but strong. This means consistent daily workouts that burn fat and build muscle at a sustainable rate. We’re strictly minimalist in our approach to workouts. You’ll be using nothing more than a jumprope, a resistance band, and your own bodyweight. This is real exercise.

We have over 500 movements in our exercise library. If you have an old injury or aren’t feeling like a particular exercise is effective, our expert trainers will offer tips, alternatives, and consultation at any time. The exercises can be done at home, in an office, in the park, or anywhere with enough room to swing a jumprope.


No matter how good your diet and exercise plan is, it’s meaningless if you don’t stick with it. We know that the surest way to have people finish their programs is to have them work together.

When you join a Kenzai program, you’re matched with a trainer and a small team of fellow trainees from around the world. Our trainers will educate and motivate you to bring your best to the table. You’ll log your progress on your training blog and post weekly photos to keep you honest.

Sustained health starts here.

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