Dora L.

Dora L.


I am just getting over the flu


I have the flu team I’ve been trying to push through but my body has told me to rest so I’ll be out for a week hopefully

Good day

I just got off late and now I am gonna start my workout now

workout done

I got up early and got my workout done


good day

Workout done it’s hard but I did it

not feeling well

I e been doing the exercises but slowly

Today was hard

my knees hurt so i had to revise your excersie

it was hard

But I’m doing it

sorry for not posting

I’ve had to deal with the doctors this week I’m tired but I’m trying

not feeling well

I tried finish I’m just not finished so I went

it’s been hard

My body is soar but I’m trying

it has been rough

It has been rough and good at the same time

easier day

Body is soar but I’m pushing


But good day

better day

Still soar but better