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Cristina K.

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Cristina K.'s Kenzai Reach program, Mani, starts in 8 days.

chocolate. The exercises this week have been tough, which btw I prefer the cycle reps :)! And doing the stretches right at the end is by far better than chocolate!


With 4 days to go am working out with my workout buddy! Phwoar look at the sweaty back😂. It's the final Countdown... (cue music)


This week has been a write-off. not feeling well + typhoon resulted in exercising once so far this week :(. On the upside when I got back into it, it felt really good and I had a few insights with eating out: 1. my indulgence was really good, it just felt great being out with friends, we went to blacksalt in Hong Kong and the food was really good but I think it was the socialising I missed the most. 2. I am completely off fried foods. 3. i forgot once eating out to ask for salad without dressing and it was yuck! I have added photos of my indulgence and of my post workout this week, it really did feel good, though I did realise that the 7 day working out is very difficult (even when not ill or typhoons)...

Day 75: win and fail

I am starting to find jump rope easier which is a win considering 50 days ago I was despising it. I am still tripping but today much less. My fail today was the otter kicks, never have been my favourite and have really struggled in general but today I also felt a strain in my neck which really didn't help with motivating me to finish the set.

has been defining and sticking to a routine. Not having a routine to begin with makes it even harder. I don't have a 9-5 job so fitting in the workouts whenever I can and figuring out to be kenzai compliant in food on the go has been very challenging. A part of me is a hippy at heart and also resists too much constraint where I will just rebel (thank you Japan for being that excuse). I had hoped that by sticking to a routine and a new way of life I would also change so many habits that I had defined as needing to change- isn't it supposed to take 21 days?! damn you marketing gurus (read this somewhere... it is so not true lol). Overall for me, it hasn't been the workouts or the clean food, it's been routine and convenience that I have really struggled with- being more disciplined in a hippy, let's see what may home is tough!!!! I am keen to hear more about the next steps in Kenzai, though I haven't been the best student :), it's been interesting how reading the blogs and being part of the community has kicked my arse into gear on days (weeks) I have felt demotivated!

Day 70: Indulgence?

Surprised to see the indulgence on, as recently returning from Japan and celebrating my husband's birthday this weekend in Macau, all feels like an accumulation of small indulgences leading up to this one big one and somehow too soon to indulge? As I try to get back onto the Kenzai train with 5 out of 7 workout days this week 2 people have said I look to have somewhat shrunk! I take this as a compliment as well as my new found confidence to wear that dreaded bikini again :)... my face is starting to look less round which I am happy about and hope that I will not regret my Japan experience.

Day 56: in Japan

Trying to be as Kenzai compliant as possible. Day 1, let's see how we go...

The title says it all. Everything feels like an effort today, even reading the lesson today about flossing fueled my lithlessness​ - I haven't done my workout today but will put my head down and do it later no matter what! As well as posting an end of week picture, will do this later too. Coming to this week's question- "which day I find the hardest to workout?" the dry sarcasm within me wants to say EVERYDAY but in reality it's Sunday and Monday, why? because Sunday in my head means I should be allowed to be amasw lazy all day (if I choose) and Monday, well... I will leave you with a picture of Garfield... I hate Mondays and I love lasagna (carbs and cheese). Which also in turn could describe why I am struggling with the diet. I have days where I am completely ok with it and actually enjoy the clean eating and (even prefer it) while other days, when I am rushing or have the lack of ingredients or creativity to pull something together and I just crash inwardly. I feel as if I am trudging through the dessert aimlessly - and all I want is bread and cheese to be my water! It feels as if I just need to work through this period of "dust" and it will be over soon. Those of you that know the series "little Britain" and the weight watchers comment of "dust" will know what I am referring to... my dark humour is rearing. On a positive note- these blogs are cathartic and despite the somewhat doom and gloom i have painted, it feels good to vent- right enough, onwards and upwards...

Day 47: Indulgence

I treated myself to two indulgences. Both much needed. 1. Was a meal last night with my husband, a night out was much needed and really good not necessarily for the food but the ambience and the outing overall- really have missed that. Now reflection on the actual food was something else: I had hyped out in my head my night out so much that the actual food was ehhh... not sure if I previously had lesser expectations or their quality has just gone down from before but the food was ok! I started with a Parma melon plate, onto onion soup (didn't finish it) then main a steak with veggies (felt kenzai like, no salt, also didn't finish ) but the fries I could only manage 1 from my husband's plate... way too salty and oily. The dessert was a nice indulgence but also overrated in my head. Overall, my evening was heavenly, really nice being out! The next indulgence, number 2. A new outfit to exercise in, who would think that it would put me in such a good mood!
In general this week, I haven't noticed much of a change physically or the scales but hubby was impressed when he felt some muscles toning up in my arms- so that's something!




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