Helen H.

Helen H.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:

The last two days I've been focusing on establishing the best time of day to exercise/eat. Turns out the 6am workout time is the best (which is all well and good when the weather is so gorgeous so am making the most of our Indian summer and going with that for now!) When the clocks change and its cold and dark, will almost definitely revert to my 9am slot but it's working this week at least!! This early workout also massively helps get my food on track and have been comfortably managing all the meals and fruit snacks.

Today was the first day I have felt the annoying background nag of a sugar craving. It reared its head mid-afternoon, a time when my sugar dips are historically strongest. My fruit portion knocked it on its head but it's definitely there lurking! Could be because of today's lesson or just due to the stage of the programme but I'm determined to stay strong.

The cooking/chopping continues to be the biggest commitment and I feel like I'm chained to my kitchen so hoping we can all share some recipe ideas that are quick and easy. I have roasted/sautéed/boiled every veg within a two mile radius 😂 so have been questioning with hubby how sustainable this is if I'm not able to dedicate a few hours a day to this so any tips welcome. Having two of you on the programme equals around 1.2kg of fruit, 1kg protein and 1.5kg of veg per day!!!

Happy chopping folks xxx

Well day 1 of the serious diet and I got myself in a right pickle with timings! I thought the food prep would be the challenge but turns out that was fine, it was more there is SO much food to consumer that I had my breakfast/snack/lunch all within a 3 hour window 😂 Not sure that's Kenzai rules but clearly breakfast at 11am post workout is WRONG!! Fruit at 12:30 and then lunch at 2:15 was not ideal (tummy so full) so I am starting afresh tomorrow with a new routine: workout before school run and coffee (6:30am) and then breakfast at 9 then the day should be smoother from a diet perspective. Oh and confession, I didn't have any soy milk in so used up the rest of my oat milk and have a delivery of BonSoy due tomorrow - phew!

As for the workout, loving the added exercises and yet simplicity of the moves so that's all good.

Off to the pick the kids up from school and activities with my Tupperware of 200g of fruit and a meal plan for this evening.

Hope the first diet day has gone well for the rest of team Auriga...? xxx

The biggest surprise has been how quickly I feel better in body and mind after a week of daily exercise, mindful eating and routine. The daily lesson has also massively helped with focus. It’s a totally different approach to the usual ‘winging it’ style I lapse into when life gets hectic (grabbing the kids leftovers at dinner rather than cook for myself when husband is away on business for example!). So this first week put me back in control...and I liked it! Empowering stuff! Looking forward to taking the plunge into ‘real’ Kenzai tomorrow!

Who Am I?

1. Tell us about your life...
I live in Esher in Surrey, I'm married to Jon (fellow Kenzai fanatic currently on KB2) and we have three kids Olivia (11), Holly (7) and Henry (5). We were living in HK until last Summer when we returned home after 5.5 amazing years away. I'm co-founder of womenswear brand Madderson London which has been huge part of my life for the past 7 years but from which I'm about to take a breather and re-evaluate a few things. For the past year, life has been pretty mental, juggling the demands of the kids, husband (!), home and the business as well as making the effort to meet fun new families as we settle back into life in the UK. Time to get the balance back and focus on healthy living...which brings me nicely onto answering the next question...

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Kenzai is a buzz word amongst my friendship group and its the go-to programme for so many when you need to rein it in and get back on track with diet and fitness. Living in HK it was easy to stay fit with a very structured gym routine that I loved. Since moving back, finding the right classes to go to has been tough, trying out lots of different classes but none were really doing it for me. And then on the food front, I found myself slipping into bad habits with home comforts (aka hearty Sunday pub lunches) creeping in more often than they should. So after a year of excuses (and a summer of excessive rose´ drinking and holiday eating), it was time for me to try the much talked about Kenzai. I would love Kenzai to get my HK body back and to establish clean eating patterns again. Too much to ask...?

3. A problem shared...
I envisage there will be obstacles are everywhere. On the booze front, temptation will be dangling at every social occasion - from a school Mum's night out where the expectation is everyone enjoys a glass or two of Prosecco or even a comforting glass of red at home on a winter's evening after a long day. On the food front, it's going to be resisting sweet treats as I am a self-confessed chocaholic and like nothing better than dark chocolate with a mint tea in the evenings in front of a boxset... my husband tells me look at fruit as my new treat so going to try hard to embrace that as my new nightly fix!

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? (Answers in the comments please!)
My questions would be: any top tips for navigating sugar cravings? And how to maintain your willpower throughout the programme? I'm sure these will be covered in the daily lessons but personal anecdotes of what works for the rest of my teammates would be super helpful...thanks guys xx

Enjoying the new routine and finding myself much more mindful when it comes to eating. Had a lunch out yesterday and was the only one to decline a glass of bubbly and make a super healthy meal choice - so felt that the first hurdle of socialising while on the programme went pretty well!

Realise the exercises are going to get much tougher soon but already feeling a nice leg ache the day after the skipping...hoping I can work up to 20 minutes at a time in the future but happy with the gentle cardio intro 😊

Have a happy day team xxx

Kenzai Habits

After the school run, I came straight home to fit in my workout before a busy day. Working out on a crisp sunny morning in the garden actually felt like a treat...not sure how it will feel mid November but hope the habit is well established by then!!

Lovely gentle start to the programme and a chance to get my skipping game back up to standard.

Have a great day all xx

So I've finally caved in and jumped on the Kenzai train! My husband is obsessed with living the Kenzai life and many friends have been on various programmes with incredible results so it was only a matter of time before I tried it for myself. And what better time than now, after a Summer of over indulgence and a year back in the UK where bad habits crept back in. Nervous and excited today. Never done anything like this before and not sure how I will have the power to discipline myself so hoping for some moral support here...

Started the day on two eggs and a Cross Fit trial class (booked in ages ago) so things have started off on the right foot at least.

Looking forward to the journey xxx