Helen H.

Helen H.


Week 11. Once this milestone felt like a lifetime away and yet here we are. Amazing! At this stage and with the festive cheer creeping in, I admit I am finding it hard to stay 100% focused.

This past week saw me driving around the country for my daughters sporting events and with those long car journeys I found myself reaching for a sweet treat to keep me going. And with the travel comes the impact on the routine so I was missing fruit snacks and the egg whites here and there. And with a dinner party on Saturday night, there were a couple of glasses of champagne consumed as well 🙈 It felt well deserved after the long week but also felt the reward mentality I thought I’d broken coming back into play...so not my best Kenzai week on record.

But this morning I started the week right with an intense spin class in place of my workout. Slightly worried about the 7 minute skip sessions ahead of me this week as 6 minutes was pushing me to new levels 😬

Great to catch up on everyone’s blogs today too. The changes are plain to see and these weeks and weeks of discipline are having the impact. Almost there now, the final photo is only 10 days away 🤪

Have a fab week team xx

Checking in as been v quiet the last week. Workouts and diet have been good 80% of the time but this weekend’s indulgence couldn’t have come at a better time - it has justified a few slip ups though I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work 😂 Drinks on Friday night at a charity dinner then a couple of drinks while staying with friends over the weekend were not planned but happened and so I am chalking it up as my indulgence and moving forward.

Last three weeks to go and I’m feeling really good, I am wondering whether this is as good as it gets or I can push my body even further? I know the latter is possible but feel like I’ve plateaued.

Today was a spin class in place of my Kenzai workout but rest of week looks clear for workouts so am determined to see those through.

Hope everyone else is feeling strong for the final climb...xx

Back to reality

Flying home today after a gorgeous half term break in sunny Majorca. The exercise regime continued uninterrupted thanks to an awesome gym at our friend’s place. Plus waking up to warm sunshine and blue skies did wonders for energy levels. Diet was a little all over the place both in terms of timings and food! 😝 Holiday thinking crept in and I allowed myself a couple of treats. A glass of wine or two and a few bites of sweet treats wasn’t too bad compared to normal holiday diets so not going to beat myself up. Feel as lean/toned as I did before we left so no discernible damage done! 😅

Back to the cold dark mornings, the school run and normal routine so no excuses next week. But will miss life in the sun that’s for sure...my takeaway from this week is that Kenzai life is best lived by the beach and in the sunshine!

Blog it out

Blog it out she said...so last two days were honestly a write-off. Kids finished for half term break, we met friends for a slap-up dinner in town and travelled to Majorca...which resulted in Fun 1: Kenzai 0. Diet was off, my 43 alcohol-free days came to an end and exercise didn’t happen 🙈 Oh the guilt!!

Having read the ATM lesson am taking that on board and considering today a fresh start. Exercise complete on first day of holidays and out for a fab lunch at the ‘Night Manager’ hotel now but plan to keep diet in check. Being here in the sunshine adds motivation to the workouts but there is also the call of a glass of rosé...herein lies the yin and yang of life!!

Happy weekend all xx


Thanks Amy for the banana soufflé recipe - last night’s dinner felt wonderfully indulgent and so yummy!! Not quite as beautiful as yours but I’m going to keep practising 😜

After day one of egg white dinners, I am wondering if I am able to swap out 200ml
Soy Milk for Yoghurt, preferably non dairy yoghurt like CoYo? I’m not dairy intolerant it’s just a preference but feel I need less liquid more bite in my dinner so think yoghurt would be the way to go. What’s the score on this?

Aside from that, workouts are feeling much longer this week - keep forgetting I need to allow at least an hour for the cardio, exercises and stretch. Hate rushing at the end but had to do half of the ab reps today due to time constraints. Must remember that for the rest of the week!

What am I fed up with? Not as much as I thought I would be at this stage is my straight answer!! One thing though is the planning ahead ALL the time - literally no spontaneity when it comes to meals and snacks. There is so much discipline involved in adhering to the regime and a fair bit of repetition in meals (for ease) that I do miss sitting down to a meal that I really WANT to eat rather than HAVE to eat!! 😂 On the plus side, my previous decision fatigue on what to cook for family meals has gone and I go into Kenzai mode by default...

The compliments have been coming in recently on my glowing skin and looking more toned so it is paying off. Like us all, I’d like to see even bigger changes (tummy please read this) in the next couple of weeks.

Week 6 starts tomorrow...bring it on - the half way mark is in sight 💪🏻 xxx

My social life has become more of a daytime activity than an evening one - I find it’s easier to avoid alcohol and helps with getting to bed early too! So healthy girls lunches, meeting for a spin class and a coffee or a country walk are standard Kenzai social activities these days. This week, I have two evening events and having discovered tricks like sparkling water in a champagne glass or one Seedlip non-alcoholic G&T, the potential panic attacks of being out have become easier to manage!

Ready for a strong week 4. No huge change to my grams which is interesting so keen to see if the body changes are less than others who have a more dramatic change to dinner for instance.

Off to do a spin class with a friend (see-new social life!) for my cardio and then will do exercises at home. An an egg white treat mid-morning 😜

Have a great week team, month 2 is upon us xx

420 Jumps!!

I have surpassed my wildest expectations during this morning’s workout and managed 420 jumps without tripping (I’m usually a tripper and the most I have done in one set is about 150 until today!) Feeling a sense of accomplishment which is a great way to start the weekend.

Yesterday I swapped the Kenzai workout for a spin class and enjoyed changing it up. We went for dinner afterwards at the most amazing fine dining Chinese restaurant in Soho and decided there and then that this had to my indulgence - a dim sum selection and the jasmine tea pork rib was utterly divine. Thoroughly appreciated the taste explosions. Having been a committed sugar addict, there was some power knowing I was choosing savoury over the cake/choc I had planned and it was definitely the better choice.

Although allowed there was still a little whiff of guilt - how quickly we have become creatures of routine and habit!! Today it’s back in the garden with the kids as support crew 😂

Happy weekend all (and enjoy your well-deserved indulgences!) xx

So the cravings have finally crept in! Finding those naughty thoughts creeping in about chips and dips and Lindt dark choc BUT I am staying strong. Just feel the need to document here so you can all tell me to banish evil food fantasies and be GOOD!

Today I mixed up the cardio for the first time, swapping out skipping for a 7km run then came back and did my resistance exercises. The distance was still a challenge but definitely felt fitter/lighter than when I last ran so that was encouraging.

Aside from that, sticking to the discipline of Kenzai meals, though struggling to finish lunch and dinner portions but forcing myself as I know the grams are important.

Heading into birthday party weekend for my daughter - there will be a LOT of cake, a LOT of sweets and Prosecco flowing (for the adults) so I will need every ounce of willpower not to join in!! Maybe we'll get a surprise indulgence day or is that wishful thinking? 😬

Shout out to hubby today who spent much of yesterday shopping and chopping - thanks to him we have a fridge bursting with prepped fruit, veg and protein so feeling like we're both ready for a strong week 3 on the diet! Gathering my grams for lunch was super easy today and with a rough meal plan in place, this week will hopefully entail less angst about meal prep!

The weather is still good so my garden workouts continue. The 600 jumprope was big step up for me (a novice skipper) and so I tackled it by doing 3 sets of 200 jumps with a short 20 second rest between. The burn in my calves, the spike in heart rate and general breathlessness of doing these shows me I have a way to go with my cardio. I love the weights and resistance exercises and am already feeling more toned across my back/shoulders/arms.

The diet is going well although my confession is that the last two nights I whizzed some frozen berries for my nightly fruit portion and couldn't resist a dollop of CoYo (coconut yoghurt) to go with. Is that really bad??? Aside from this, I am over the moon I have gone a full two weeks with no alcohol or sugar...literally a lifetime first for me! Most surprising is the withdrawal hasn't been as bad as I expected and cravings are less than anticipated (so far...)

It's my daughter's birthday today so I am off to get a tray of Krispy Kreme donuts now so this will be a real test 😱 Not to mention the birthday cake and party to follow on the weekend...but we know the rules and I am determined to stick to them (plus husband on KB2 won't let me cave!)

Wish you all your best week yet xxxx

Happy Friday 😎

Yesterday was a challenge. Lunch on the run meant ordering something from my local vegan cafe which is amazing and super healthy but without my scales and clear cut carbs/proteins/veg I panicked and chose a lentil ragu wrap with smashed avocado, beetroot and quinoa. On no other planet is this naughty but I did feel slightly guilty as it wasn't my usual home cooked lunch! Back on track for dinner though so hopefully this won't upset the diet in anyway 🙏🏻 And then in the evening it was school mum drinks for which I volunteered to be designated driver and had two Seedlip spice with tonic which tastes and feels just like a G&T but no alcohol. As its not water, tea or coffee I once again deviated from the programme but sometimes you need a drink in your hand at social events that's not water! And Seedlip does the trick. Could be my new go-to unless it's completely off limits??!

Today has been textbook and going into a very quiet weekend to avoid any temptation. Feeling strong, healthy and 2kg down on starting weight - woop woop!

One random question: is smoked salmon allowed as a protein?

Happy Friday team Auriga! Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are xx

The last two days I've been focusing on establishing the best time of day to exercise/eat. Turns out the 6am workout time is the best (which is all well and good when the weather is so gorgeous so am making the most of our Indian summer and going with that for now!) When the clocks change and its cold and dark, will almost definitely revert to my 9am slot but it's working this week at least!! This early workout also massively helps get my food on track and have been comfortably managing all the meals and fruit snacks.

Today was the first day I have felt the annoying background nag of a sugar craving. It reared its head mid-afternoon, a time when my sugar dips are historically strongest. My fruit portion knocked it on its head but it's definitely there lurking! Could be because of today's lesson or just due to the stage of the programme but I'm determined to stay strong.

The cooking/chopping continues to be the biggest commitment and I feel like I'm chained to my kitchen so hoping we can all share some recipe ideas that are quick and easy. I have roasted/sautéed/boiled every veg within a two mile radius 😂 so have been questioning with hubby how sustainable this is if I'm not able to dedicate a few hours a day to this so any tips welcome. Having two of you on the programme equals around 1.2kg of fruit, 1kg protein and 1.5kg of veg per day!!!

Happy chopping folks xxx

Well day 1 of the serious diet and I got myself in a right pickle with timings! I thought the food prep would be the challenge but turns out that was fine, it was more there is SO much food to consumer that I had my breakfast/snack/lunch all within a 3 hour window 😂 Not sure that's Kenzai rules but clearly breakfast at 11am post workout is WRONG!! Fruit at 12:30 and then lunch at 2:15 was not ideal (tummy so full) so I am starting afresh tomorrow with a new routine: workout before school run and coffee (6:30am) and then breakfast at 9 then the day should be smoother from a diet perspective. Oh and confession, I didn't have any soy milk in so used up the rest of my oat milk and have a delivery of BonSoy due tomorrow - phew!

As for the workout, loving the added exercises and yet simplicity of the moves so that's all good.

Off to the pick the kids up from school and activities with my Tupperware of 200g of fruit and a meal plan for this evening.

Hope the first diet day has gone well for the rest of team Auriga...? xxx

The biggest surprise has been how quickly I feel better in body and mind after a week of daily exercise, mindful eating and routine. The daily lesson has also massively helped with focus. It’s a totally different approach to the usual ‘winging it’ style I lapse into when life gets hectic (grabbing the kids leftovers at dinner rather than cook for myself when husband is away on business for example!). So this first week put me back in control...and I liked it! Empowering stuff! Looking forward to taking the plunge into ‘real’ Kenzai tomorrow!




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