Adam C.

Adam C.

10 days in to a reboot

....and it's a great way of getting me refocused on how to eat. I know how to do it, but sometimes I need a reminder to do it "kenzai style"!

Has a persistent cold and cough since this began so excercise is somewhat lacking but hopefully this will be back soon.

All done 

A great 4 weeks to get back in the eating right habits.

Struggled with the excercuse time but definitely got back in control of my diet.


Still here!!

.....and completely diet focused. Struggling to find excercuse time but when I do it feels good!

Feeling good

2 weeks in and the dieting is going well. I am feeling good for it and the habits u learnt on PCP are all coming back.

The exercise is good some days and others......

Going out is hard....

......even though I tell people what I'm doing, and I eat much better that I would normally, I go a bit off plan. After tomorrow I have no more social plans for a good week or so so things should be easier!!

Had a very frustrating exercise session this morning, could not get the rope flying. Apart from that I'm now in the zone to embrace the kenzai diet once again!

Day 1 done!

It was 3 and a half years since I completed PCP(as it was then). My eating is still pretty good, my fitness is not.

I have done it all today, the skipping still frustrates me but I know what it can do as I've seen it before.

On to day 2!

921 days since my last post

PCP (as it was then) finished for me back in April '12.

Felt great after it and for a long time lived (mainly on the diet front) the PCP way of life.

Things however have slipped and I have lost a lot of that Kenzai focus.

When I got the email to take up this challenge I knew the time was right.

On day 2 of this 6 week challenge and it has felt like I never left - really enjoying the veg/protein knowing that I can't/won't eat anything else.

Just need to find some time to do the exercising now.....

Day 90 - the final blog 
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OK, so here goes.

Firstly here are the stats:-

Day 1, 93.3 kg  - Day 90, 80.3 kg
Day 1, 38 inch waist - Day 90, 35 inch waist
Day 1, circa 29% body fat -  Day 90, 23.8% body fat
Day 1, 10 visceral fat - Day 90, 7 visceral fat

...and the 2 most important stats - 

Day 1, I felt unhealthy, struggled to get going in the morning - Day 90 I feel like a different person, with energy I can't remember having for a long time.

Day 1 (last year) I hated taking my top of on the beach (which is where we go every weekend in the summer) - Day 90, Bring on the beach!!

So, how would I say I did? I would give myself 9.5 out of 10 for diet - I really enjoyed it and the results drove me forward. On the exercise probably more like 6.5 out of 10. What with travelling and then a very busy last 2 weeks I don't think I quite hit the levels I would of liked. To a certain extent I  think am testament to the phrase "PCP is 80% diet".

Before I started on PCP my relationship with food was not good. I ate when I was happy, and indeed not so happy - it was always my "go to" activity of choice. I loved high salt snacks, takeaways galore and in may ways I was the ultimate "ATM" thinker (I'll do better tomorrow!). I should have been fatter than I was - I guess I had always been "lucky" with my metabolism however I could see that was changing. I also found the produce aisle the most boring part of the supermarket.

Now my relationship with food has fundamentally changed. I look forward to going to the organic market on a saturday morning, things taste completely different, avocados, cherry tomatoes and egg whites are my go-to snacks (photo attached of my signature dish!) and most importantly I really enjoy cooking fresh healthy meals.

On the exercise front, as I said before, not quite a good as I would have hoped. Was thrown off course early on when I hurt my back and weeks 2 and 3 were a bit of a write off. After that I really got in to the exercises (particularly the jump - rope) however I never felt I was achieving quite what I could have done. All that being said I have achieved far more than I ever would have done had I not done PCP and I breezed through today's exercises so something must have improved!!

And so to the "thanks"......Thanks to my family and friends for listening to my tales of egg whites and discovering the joys of fruit and veg - in particular to my wife who was in her last 3 months of pregnancy and when I should have been making dinner I was off eating at all sorts of times and evenings were taken up preparing food and doing my exercises. 
Thanks to my kids who understood that Daddy needed to do his exercises and by the end were joining in (photo attached) and then everyone else who when they saw the changes to the way I looked and asked "what diet are you doing?" had to listen to my tales of PCP. 
Finally thank you so much to Sarah and Patrick, your encouraging comments throughout the programme and your clear concise answers to my questions have contributed a lot to the outcome. You have a great programme here - in many ways so simple but often the best thoughts and ideas are exactly that. 

In summary I'm delighted I've done PCP. My main aim was to get fitter and healthier for my kids and today we bought home our third child and with that begins a new chapter.....

All the best to everyone

Adam (from Adamite)

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A major reason for doing PCP was wanting to feel fitter and healthier for my growing our third child (a boy) was born and everyone is doing great.

Day 85

Crazily busy last few days. Diet seems to become second nature and even though I have had a lot of sweet temptation put in front of me, it's been remarkably easy to ignore it or in very selected cases have the smallest of tasters.

On the exercise front it's been more of a struggle with a couple of days completely missed but I'm going to do as much as I can to change that in the final few days.

Happy Easter/Passover!

Day 78

It's been a challenging week as expected. 

Wednesday-Friday was difficult on the food front as lunch was just pre packed sandwiches but I managed to do well with my evening meal...except for Thursday......I had a plan.....

Today is my birthday and therefore the perfect timing for indulgence number 3 however on Thursday night we had a work dinner - set menu - duck spring rolls, chicken satay, pad thai, jasmine rice... it goes on.. therefore my indulgence had to happen immediately. How did it feel? Not good - particularly the fried stuff - I simply felt very lethargic very quickly.

So today to celebrate my birthday I managed to be a lot more controlled (it was no effort) apart from 2 small beers, a tiny slice of cake and going a little heavy on the grilled chicken and some sushi and felt great for it. That combined with the fact that I now weigh what I did 10 years ago has made it a very happy 38th birthday.

Exercise was great some days and non existent on 2 days last week but I'm going for a very strong finish.

Can't believe there's only 12 days to go!

Day 73

Challenging week this week with lots of travelling, conferences and not so complient food on offer.

On the positive side more than ever people are commenting on my changing in body shape which gives me a reall boost to keep things going.

Did my cardio on an exercise bike this evening which was great - a good workout and even better just to mix it up a bit.

As for 90 second planks........

Day 67

Weekend in London, a lot of fun and 80% compliance which bearing in mind I went to a wedding, ate a few times and was generally very busy I was pretty pleased with that.

Weight down to 82.9kg so I have passed the 10 kg point which I'm very pleased about. Enjoying the real focus on different areas every day and am pushing to failure (even though in some exercises failure seems to come very early on!!)

Need to make max effort in the next few days as back in London next weeks for 4 days of meetings which will make compliance and extra challenge.

Finally very pleased to have a little protein back in my evening meal as it means a little normality can return!

Day 60 - Trippin' Hell

This seems to be my real dip week.

On the food front I'm doing well but I'm really having to battle urges to eat non PCP compliant foods.

On the exercise front I seem to have completely forgotten how to skip and the exercises seem really hard.

I'm also struggling to have 2 meals in the evening as otherwise it gets very late and I feel i really need my sleep at the moment.

I'm sure this is just the "patch" that Patrick has described. Off to London for a few days at the weekend so hopefully a different environment will give me a boost.

End of Week 1





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