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Adam D.

Kenzai Marathon | Day 53
Kenzai Marathon
Day 53
Program progress:
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In Singapore for the last days of this program and have again brought all my supplies and hotel by a grocery store. Food and exercise sorted. Up at 5 to do the workout and feeling a bit lethargic. The app is off on its plank section. The timer goes for 10 seconds then to the 1 minute of rest time, this is frustrating especially on the last major workout of the program. A small thing but when you want it to be perfect and it’s not it’s annoyjng. Anyways. See you tomorrow for the final day! (Which has been posted for a few days, so no big secret🙃)

day 60

Only 30 days left,the countdown is on! Feeling good and the harder workouts are a welcome push. The weather in HK is perfect now and makes the morning routine very enjoyable. Pic is from our roof top this morning for jump rope sunrise.


After yesterday’s low, today again feels great. The ups and downs are real for sure. Did remaining of yesterday’s workout last night and even chucked in a hilly hike over HK island late afternoon to catch up with an old colleague. As for today’s lesson, quinoa is definitely my slow drip carb. I feel great all day with it and have dropped bread of any sort at the moment. Also dropped meat and have gone back to vege. Having flax seeds in my yogurt, chia seeds in my water and almonds at my lunch and TONS of green leafy high protein vege and feeling the best yet. Enjoy everyone!

wiped out

Caught a brutal flu the past day and a half. Tried the workouts but was very week but pushed through very slowly. Maintained the diet and feel much better now. Sucks to feel so good then get knocked out by illness. Good rest tonight and back at it tomorrow.

today’s lesson

Nice to read today’s lesson as I do all my workouts before any food first thing in the morn. I feel great all morning afterwards but do hit super energy lows if I don’t have the rest of the daily meals regularly.

week 3

Another week dusted. All workouts done and feeling fairly good, no major changes in mind or body yet, although I am sleeping great and straight through the night. I put that down to no booze and clean food, food has been almost 100% have weighed all meals to the gram but have failed in the evening a couple times with the odd carrot to kill a craving ;). Bring on week 4! Good luck everyone

day 15

What is the easiest part?

I guess I am finding the exercises fairly easy, in part due to the weather cooling in HK and Fall coming, it makes getting outside for sunrise very enjoyable and my favorite part of the day.

Signed a new lease on a flat over the weekend and moving within the next 3 weeks, hopefully it will not disrupt the program, going to be slightly tricky.


Kenzai Marathon
Kenzai Marathon


Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body