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This training cycle seems to have a long string of issues - personal motivation, external factors, back issues, cold etc.. not the most ideal but I’m definitely not throwing in the towel.. just gets a bit tiring to get hit by all these curve balls.. definitely wasn’t the training cycle I envisioned when I signed up..

But this is exactly life isn’t it? New year - cleaning up my diet again - no sad lonely chocolate episodes on my couch as yet.. and back is significantly better.. need to celebrate the small wins.. big loss this week is that I caught a cold.. did a crazy bout of traveling where I spent more time in flights than on the ground at my destination.. the body just broke down (or rather shut down)..

Will need to take it slow the next couple of days.. still plan to get my 6km run in this evening.. hopefully the weather will cooperate since it’s been raining in Shanghai..

Hope you’re all well and having a smooth and fun first 2 weeks of the year!


Aching everywhere from yoga and workouts, and in the blink of an eye 8 days has past since my last post! Sorry for being absent here on posts - been slightly more diligent this week keeping up with team folks!

Laughed at Fish’s comment on what a real burpee should be - i.e with a push up and a jump at the end.. #aroo.. I’m aching as it is just with a 3/4 burpee!

Saturday diet was poor as E & I headed to Hangzhou to celebrate a friend’s birthday! I’ve known this said friend for 23 years and counting! Carted all my kitchenware to Hangzhou, rented an Airbnb and cooked up a storm for V and friends! Was fun bringing pupperitos out of town and just catching up in general but I was soooo pooped by the time my head hit the sack!

More travels coming up this week - to Paris - the land of croissants and macarons! ◡̈ I will endeavor to be good!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


Is it already day 6? Signed up late (mainly inspired by E else I may not have signed up) and been playing catch up since!

Chisel will see me traveling every week just as Reboot did in January.. I reckon this is a trend that will go on for a bit so I might as well settle in for the ride and learn how to eat clean on the road, taking inspiration from K-warrior/legend/traveler Janet ◡̈ I still remember reading the article she wrote wayyyy back when I was a newbie in KB1 and thinking to myself - wow Kenzai is really for anyone, anywhere and anytime - no excuses. If you haven’t read it, here it is -

So that’s the mentality I’m going to bring into week 2 and beyond (which didn’t at all happen for week 1).. no excuses coz life’s really too short for excuses ain’t it? Either do it or don’t! Sharing some quotes here that got me off the couch and into my workout today!

All-star team and super star Trainer on Chizz this time around.. gotta make it count!

So here’s what Thomas asked us:
1. What do you want to get out of Chisel?
Get ripping fit!
2. What do you need to make it happen?
Get rid of my excuses, especially the traveling/on the road for business one!

Reboot Grad!  

I’ve been struggling with a bad toothache and family commitments over the lunar new year the past week and didn’t get round to writing this grad post for reboot.

That is absolutely not a reflection of how much I have gained from this program, my fellow teammates and most importantly Jenny! Thank you all for your support and interactions throughout the 4 weeks.

This wasn’t my first round of reboot and most definitely isn’t my last! But it is the first time in a year that I was able to stay strict on program - save for the final week which was a little wonky - and it was such a huge boost for me. I really thought I had lost the motivation and discipline. I’m glad I still had it in me to have yae dinners and complete workouts even when I ran out of time.

Now to fix the toothache quickly and hopefully jump on a new program!

Reboot Day 24 - Oofph!

Read the teleanticipation lesson today and thought to myself that I am feeling the exact opposite!

Diet still tight and clean, but getting round to doing my workouts is much harder as I hit the road on business trips again this week, and I’ve got a shoulder impingement pain (old injury, right shoulder) that will not go away, making push ups, chest dips, da vincis etc hurt :( Maybe that’s where the inertia is coming from..

I also have a mad couple of days work wise.. long days and long nights..

Nuff’ with the complaining! Gonna read me a few blog posts to get me up and running and motivated! Let’s do this team!

My strictest and most successful program was KB1 from March - June 2016. Everything was new, I was committed and the results came quickly and visibly. Ever since then, I always kick off a program with the best of intentions. I want to stay committed, I want to stick to the grams, but somewhere along the way, I always fudged one area or another - blogging, commenting, grams, workouts etc. etc. It became a bad habit for me and along with it came a flurry of excuses. I'm too busy, I'm travelling, I didn't have a choice, I I I...

As the lessons frequently remind us, as a seasoned trainee, you kinda know where and how to cut corners, but cut too many corners, and the square becomes round (as did my silhouette). This attitude is so bad for me and so ridiculous if you ask me - why do it in the first place? Still it's easier said than done. As I shared in an earlier post, 2018 was a tough year for me, probably the toughest of my life yet, and it showed in all aspects. I let all areas slip and go and just didn't care enough about anything because everything just seemed so pointless. The thing about not caring is that it is a vicious cycle. The less you care, the more _____ (fill in the blank) you become, the less of yourself you are, the further you slip, the less you bother, and the cycle repeats until you lose the energy to be even a decent human being.

Over the past 2+ weeks on reboot, I asked myself a lot of "whys?" Why do I want to eat clean and workout? Why do I want to do well at work? Why do I go for yoga classes? Why do I text my friends? Why do I spend so much time on Instagram scrolling through posts after posts? Why do I read? Why do I feed a digital chicken and water a digital tree on the alipay app? (I feel silly typing this) Truth be told, I don't have all (or any) of the answers.. not yet anyway. Some things I just do mindlessly, some I am interested in, some I care about and some I do because others are doing it.

I'm not sure what the point of writing this all here is. I guess I am trying to figure out the difference between December 31st 2018 (or even January 6th 2019) and January 7th 2019 so that I can hopefully repeat it. Because since reboot started, I have bewildered and surprised myself (and also those who know me around me). I started off the program KNOWING it was going to be another sub par program of fudging about - because why would it be any different if the programs of the past year showed me that? But now that I'm on day 18 looking back, I know I know I haven't fudged it. I kept to the grams exactly (when I'm not travelling) and estimated it to the best of my ability and honesty (when I was). I haven't eaten or drank anything from the forbidden list even though I cook dinners/lunches for E while preparing YAE dinners myself. While I have been tempted at times, it hasn't been so bad I cannot say "no" with minimal effort. I've not been chased by the blog police yet. And I have been actively commenting on teammates' blogs. I haven't even seen any physical changes to my body worth a mention (not even gimme weight) to keep me motivated as I was in KB1. What is going on?

Perhaps it is as Watson says - "none is better than one". Don't cave to temptations or slip and the cravings go away. Maybe my body has had enough of rubbish etc. over the past year it just needs a bit of spring cleaning. Maybe I miss my abs. Or maybe I miss the clarity of mind and spirit that eating clean gives and that's what I need at the moment to give answers to my whys. Regardless the reason, I am thankful for an 18-days clean streak, for Kommunity here with inspiring posts and stories to keep me going, because God knows this girl just needs some proof that she's still got it in her to stick it out when she puts her mind to it.

Hope everyone's doing well and going strong!


Here's my travel report for the week!

Surprising wins:
1. Workout 12 for 12 - many at dark o'clock (used jet lag to my advantage), but none at the airport yet! (I'd say a pretty strong win!)
2. Time of month, but kept chocolate and junk food cravings all at bay!
3. Carbless after lunch streak for 12 days!
4. Typical conference junk food galore (chips, popcorn, chocolate on tap) untouched!

Unsurprising Losses:
1. Missed grams at all meals - sometimes I couldn't get enough veg or even eggs are breakfast, sometimes I didn't get protein at lunch, or enough veg at dinner, or fruit snacks.
2. YAE dinners - did not happen - didn't even come close (except on flight back where I packed it). Stuck to Janet's awesome tip instead - getting the veg and protein grams right (kind of). I used week 1's diet grams (eyeballed).
3. Blogs - haven't been a supportive teammate all week - going to correct it now after posting this!

It wasn't a perfect week by any measure, but after more than 52 weeks of falling flat on my face on all programs, becoming addicted to sugar to lift my moods and feeling heavy and unfit, these past 12 days are a miracle by my standard.

Each time I wanted to pick up a forbidden food, I thought of all the blog posts and all the comments that all of you have left on my blogs so far, the tips that have been given, that I have to report it on here afterwards, or I just stood up to get a cuppa hot tea and somehow the craving passed. Some of it took all of my iron will not to cave because I really just wanted to have a piece of chocolate.

I will continue to work hard at saying no, but to add a new challenge this coming week. I managed to get out of travelling due to work permit renewal requirements, so I'm fully committed to hitting every gram and reducing the "fudging" to zero.

I hope everyone's having a strong week! Have a great weekend!


Almost forgot about the assignment of the week!

I live in Shanghai and unfortunately it’s been a dreary polluted rainy wet awful week.. there’s a meme going around on wechat that Shanghai is going through a ghost story where we haven’t yet seen sunlight since the start of the year.. welcome to the depths of winter!

I started Reboot travelling and will be travelling every week till the end of the program.. Joy! Not.. This past week in Hk wasn’t too bad as we had 3 days to clean up our diet and then on day 4 I was back in Shanghai with my weighing scale so the rest of the week went quite well!

YAE dinners this week will be tough as I’m in Amsterdam all week for work with work dinners every night.. not ideal but will try to work out an early dinner of YAE and then have vegetables at “dinner” as my evening snack..

On location is in my apartment with the cutest puppies in the world (to me at least)! I’m always half scared to death skipping when they are up and about for fear of whipping them unknowingly! Side note: have to work on flattening my bum out when doing planks (or lose some booty!)

Have a great week 2 everyone!


Kenzai IRL! With my first ever trainer on KB1! And she is every bit as fabulous and legendary in real life as she is on the blogosphere! Thank you for making time Cecilia and for being so game to go to the ghettos of ghetto to fulfil my cravings ◡̈ It was really so awesome to finally get a hug and to speak to you in PERSON! ◡̈ Here’s to many more shenanigans IRL now that you’re in my hood (kind of!)

Reboot - mucho necessarito given the excesses of the past weeks/months/year. I’ve lost control of my junk/sweet tooth and inner grokess and now she’s gone amok to reproduce into a city of teeth and grokesses.

Today’s lesson rang home for me - “The farther you've drifted from your Kenzai style eating, the stronger the cravings will be and the more willpower you'll need to expend to stay on track. Be realistic about the amount of mental energy you'll need to get things back in order.... Just getting back on diet will drain your willpower reserves quite a bit, make time and space for that process.”

Here’s to making time and space in my life for good pure wholesome food (and things) by ridding the bad. 6 for 6 on the grams and meals on day 1 of the real diet. Let’s do this!

Chisel v.2 Grad and 2018 Thoughts  

I seem to have started most of my 2018 blog posts with apologies. This one is no exception. Didn’t do life so well in 2018 and while I did my final workout for chisel, I didn’t write my graduation blog post (so sorry Scott!) not because I didn’t want to but because life got in the way. I had it all in my head (not anymore though) and kept saying I will get to it but I didn’t. Every so often it pops back in my head as unfinished business and I’m here coming to the close of 2018 in my attempt to try and finish unfinished businesses.

2018 has been a year of unfinished, half-a**ed everything. Mom’s passing at the start of the year was the single biggest unfinished anything of my life.. didn’t get to say goodbye, didn’t get to say anything, didn’t get to do the list of things I wanted to do with her, go to the places I wanted to take her to, eat the foods I thought she’d like.. I’m not using this as an excuse but losing mom and the grief kicked me completely off balance.. Suddenly it’s not important to cross the Ts and dot the Is of life anymore.. everything seemed meaningless and in the midst of trying to recover, I left a whole series of unfinished businesses..

Chisel was an attempt at finishing an earlier unfinished business.. Chisel v.1 was not a good run.. didn’t do half the workouts, barely blogged, hardly ate cleanly - a right mess.. and yet I wrote a graduation blog and “graduated”.. Chisel v.2 was supposed to give the program justice.. I did ever so slightly better - 80% of workouts completed, ate more cleanly, blogged and commented slightly more and then failed by not writing a graduation blog.. saw physical benefits of sticking closer to program and felt strong but somehow not the same elation from putting in good effort into a program..

Nevertheless I learnt the following in round 2:
1. Chisel workouts are very very good - I really enjoyed them and the short time it takes to get a cycle workout done made for higher motivation to get them done..
2. The physical exertion of 3 cycles greatly differs from 2 cycles..
3. I can push myself a lot harder than I think I can..
4. I’m not a big fan of double hang time - I think I hung a little longer towards the end but I’m not sure I fully executed the difference between a burpee and a hang time even though I know the differences theoretically in my head - I can also see why Ward fears double hang times (refer to his earlier blog)
5. I have Kommunity around the world that support and support and give and give despite me not returning anything.. I keep your words in my heart, they kept me going and gave me strength.. Even though I am so undeserving, thank you for your love and support and for taking time to drop in to say a few words.. I hope to one day be able to repay your kindness or in the very least pay it forward..

Thank you Scott for your enthusiasm and guidance throughout the 6 weeks and for my teammates for training alongside.. I will come back to Kenzai and Chisel very soon.. I just have some other unfinished business to settle, one at a time, as I’m doing here..

Much love to all this holiday season.. Cherish your loved ones and give them extra tight hugs..

Sorry for the radio silence team Chimera! It's budget season for me and I've been travelling like a maniac. I haven't spent a single week at home since chisel started, only a couple of days in between trips for puppy cuddles and laundry change.

Just a quick note here to say workouts are on track. So tough but interesting to see how double hangtimes are ever so slightly feeling more floaty (could be just my imagination), bands going heavier during focused muscle sections and overall loving the sweaty messes at the end of each workout! Learning how to wear as little as possible and handwash in the shower. The bummer about chisel is that it's impossible to reuse workout clothes the next morning when travelling!

Diet has been on and off. Conscious about portions, about vegetables, about egg whites, about no carbs at night. But not successful with exact grams, fruit snacks and sauces.

Blogging and being a supportive teammate has been so off :( sorry for not being present with you! Will catch up this weekend.

Let's do this guys! Not long now!

Chisel v.2 Day 20 - Sick

Whoops. Spoke too soon after my last blog post. Fell sick almost immediately after. Started with razors in my throat and escalated to typhoons in my head/nose/chest.

Let my body rest on the 1st day but felt strong enough to let it sweat the 2nd day. Felt a lot better afterwards! 19/20 on the workout front now and will find a way to make up the missed workout! Gotta cross my Ts and dot my Is! ◡̈

Didn’t nail the grams as didn’t have much appetite - most days preferring fruit snacks over main meals.

The good thing about falling sick is enforced puppy cuddles! ◡̈

Almost recovered now and looking forward to the 2nd half of this program! Mid point guys!

In Tokyo this weekend for work and continued work travels next week! Didn’t get a travel scale yet and lots of temptation (Ramen! Sushi! Mochi!) Will do my best with food choices and portions!


How did a week just fly by like that?

13/13 on the workout front! Which is much more consistent than my first go around! Super proud of this seeing my travel schedule hasn’t slowed down at all. Was on the road this week with super early flights (4am wake up calls) and full day meetings!

Diet wise has been good in the sense of no sweets (except for a super belated birthday celebration from the team with cake that I had a small sliver of because I’m chinese and felt bad that they bought cake for me specially with candles and all!) Gotta say it was strange blowing the candles out in September when my birthday’s in August! Been on the road loads and haven’t seen the team in their entirety for a while.

The no sweets thing has been a big win on my part as was sitting in front of candy/chocolates/pastries all week in conference meetings! Took a photo of what I DID NOT eat just to prove a point! Would have consumed an entire bowl pre chisel!

Diet wise has been bad in the sense of missed fruit snacks and not being able to weight anything. No carbs at dinner but needed to eyeball veg and protein (which is not ideal on a program like chisel) and lots of sauce things coz at work lunches and dinners.. sigh.. want to tighten that up this week. Anyone knows a good travel scale to recommend?

On the workouts front, I’ve noticed on cycle workouts that the order SO matters.. having yahoo jumps at the end of a cycle before a 1 Min break ala week 1 and having yahoo jumps in the MIDDLE of a cycle sandwiched by mountain climbers and east west squat jumps was NOT the same and NOT funny!! Heart in my mouth and blood draining from my face and feeling faint!

So my question is - does it negate the benefits of a HIIT workout if I’m not able to do all the exercises and reps back to back? Between yahoo jumps and east west squat jumps for example, I needed to hold a wall for like 15secs or so just so I wouldn’t pass out! ◡̈

V.2 of Chisel is already wayyyy better as I’m ever so slightly fitter than V.1 but still there are some bits I just cannot push anymore without standing still for a bit..

Would love your thoughts!

Lastly am wishing for the visual progress to come on quicker! It’s tough to be on a tough program and be a woman - while I know women show results slower than men, I need to see some results for motivation!

Thank God I have all you awesome Chimeras who are doing it like champs! Let’s go team!


I’ve forgotten how much these workouts hurt! I feel a cramp coming under my armpits when I do the crab walk! Still I prefer the cycle to band workouts! 5 sets of any exercise in week 1 tells us that we’re in serious business!

Managed 3 intense yoga sessions over the past 5 days of Chisel.. don’t think I’ll be able to keep this up the next 37 days but will get as much in as I can to keep up the flexibility work!

Here’s my baby cookie for some downward dog action coupled with a cute morning yawn! Not the most flattering photo of her but I love the candid shot!

Bring on the weekend!


I have missed you.. andddd I’m so glad to be back!

Took some time off everything the past couple of months, and went back to connect with my triathlon roots because E wanted to do a half Ironman in her birthday! We signed up and started training but it didn’t work out due to sudden last minute business travels that fall on the same dates! (My bad!)

It didn’t take us long to jump back onto the K-wagon because boy did we miss the simplicity of Kenzai and it was a huge relief not to have 12 hour training weeks in addition to crazy work travels and schedules. That was most definitely a huge load off my back.

So why Chisel? Well here’s my intro! It’s my 2nd go around on Chisel this year. The first time I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement and my head wasn’t in the right space. Workouts were painful and diet was off rails. I really like the short sharpness of it so promised I’d wanna come back and do it properly, and do the program justice!

What do you want to get out of the program?
I wanna get ripping fit! And challenge the anaerobic side of my fitness (I’ve always engaged in long slow aerobic sports, so it’s always good to find out what’s on the other side!)

Who are you? Where are you? What are you?
I’m Adelyn, based in Shanghai, and am still recovering from what has felt like a horrific year. I find keeping the body well amidst the storms of life gives the mind and heart a surety to rely on even when they are hurting and ready to throw in the towel.

What one thing is hardest for you when on a Kenzai program?
Cake and chocolate! More so now since I’ve given in to comfort eating the past months.

What would you do with $1,000,000 USD?
Buy a home big enough for the whole family to live in, sponsor the full education of the orphans at Rosie May Home in Sri Lanka and travel for a year and get my yoga teacher certification in the midst of it!

@Scott - soooo excited you’re our trainer! Gonna give this 2nd go around my best shot! ◡̈

Can’t wait to get to know the rest of you Chimeras!

Chisel on!




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