Adil V.

Adil V.

REBOOT - Day 13

It's been a challenging week, my foot hasn't healed so having to do alternative cardio. Amazing that 16mins of jump rope equates to 40mins on the elliptical, needless to say that is really a drag on my evenings. Had to miss a couple of days of exercise due to working late but made up for it today with a hike to the peak and a jumbo workout. doing well on the diet and in a weird way enjoying the egg white and apple dinners. Feeling better and still motivated despite the challenges.

Enjoyed hangtimes reminded me of much fitter days where I could really get some air!

Hope everyone else is on track, I need to find some time to read the blogs !


It's been a difficult week, work has been super stressful and our daughter hasn't been sleeping too well and to top it off I have this awful pain in the arch of my foot. Despite all this my food choices have been excellent, I have hit all the exercises although I had to double up on one of the days. I also managed to hike up to the peak this morning with my wife and daughter after the work out on our way up we walked past the waterfall which is usually just a dribble but given the recent typhoons has become a little more substantial.

Need to figure out a way to fix my foot as its really messing with my jumprope maybe I need to substitute the rope for something else for a couple of days.

Hope everyone had a good week - stay strong it's 25% complete!

REBOOT - Day 2

The poor choices over the last year are really shining through, in someways that's a good thing as it's really making me feel like I need to complete this month with an A+. Looking forward to receiving my diet plan.

Hope everyone is feeling good 2 down and 26 to go!

REBOOT - Day 1

Hello Again, it's been a while! Quite a few poor choices since my last program and enough is enough. It's time to get the mind and body back into good place ...

13km - Done! 

Have been AWOL the last couple weeks with a bunch of stuff going on however I managed to complete the 13km run in 1hr22mins. I didn't feel great about the the run, my poor choices and lack of workouts in the final week came through, despite this I am happy that what seemed like an impossible task just six weeks ago has been accomplished.

I plan to continue my running and have signed up for the UNICEF 10k in November.

This week I plan to try the 13k again and improve my pace and my form.

I have one eye on a half marathon in Feb next year ...

Well done everyone! See you on the streets.

Day 30 - Messy week ahead

A very busy week ahead at work and then flying to the UK on Friday for a short trip. I didn't want to lose my momentum so decided to lock in this weeks distance run today. I am proud to say 11km completed in 62mins - the unacheivable has been achieved.

Good luck for the week team!

Day 27 - Progressing

All runs completed this week didn't get round to the strength exercise on Thursday but will be sure to do tomorrow. Diet has been a bit haphazard - sometimes life just a gets in the way.

Today's 9.5km run was done on a treadmill, overall I was pleased with how it went. The first 5km were a cruise but I knew mentally I would struggle between 5-7km so I turned up the music and kept myself distracted by giving myself small goals to reach during this bit. Once I hit 7km I felt like I was on the home stretch and the idea of completing 9.5km motivated me to the end. I completed in 54:53.

This is the furthest I have run in about four years. When we started this program the prospect of 9.5km felt unacheivable but here we are.

I missed last weeks task so I will use the slogan on my tshirt in this weeks location photograph to make up for it ... Definitely felt like the man of steel stepping off that treadmill after today's run despite the bleeding nipple, oops!

Day 22 - sore

Hit all the runs last week but again was a little lazy with the strength workouts. A leaving do and a birthday party both got in the way. The crowning achievement of the week was the 8km run which I did on Sunday the time was 46mins 20secs during which I spent a few mins walking. Feeling the effects of the run today with a sore neck and shoulders combined with a knee that twinges. Think I will take a rest today and hit the free run tomorrow.

Hope everyone is feeling strong !

Day 14 - Endorphin Rush

A decent week, managed to hit all my runs and they felt great. Pleased with my time 35:36 for the 6.5km this weekend. A little lazy on the strength workouts in that I missed Thursday's and haven't done Sunday's yet. Need to make sure I get on top of those. Diet has been about 70% a few dinners out have meant the odd glass of wine has crept in and portions haven't been controlled. Feeling good about starting week 3 with renewed enjoyment for running. Oh and I also signed up for the unicef 10km at the end of November to keep me motivated.

Hope everyone is having a successful program so far! On to week 3 ...

Day 9 - ups and downs

So the 5km run over the weekend was a real struggle I was very disappointed, my legs felt so heavy like I had concrete blocks on my feet took me 32mins.

Remembering some of the past lessons about listening to your body I took a rest day on Sunday. Wow what a difference a day makes, last night's 30mins run felt great, I managed to clock up 5.5km and still felt like I had juice in the tank.

Looking forward to keeping the diet tight this week although the diary seems to be getting full for the weekend already eeks!

Runs and strength training going well so far about to get my 5km on. Diet has been loose but haven't strayed too far off course will need to tighten that up for week 2. Need to keep reminding myself it's not about going as fast as you can; clock up the mins and the km, speed will come with practice

Third time lucky I hope! Was super wet out so I decided to get my 25mins on the treadmill today. Managed to clock up just over 4.5km and injury free.


Hello team after a failed attempt starting a do-over. I am in California this week the climate is so much better for outdoor running compared to Hong Kong. Day 1 under the belt but I seem to have picked up some painful runners heel, hoping it goes away before day 3

Kenzai Run - Day 16

Last week started really well a couple of good runs, a spin class and a strength workout and then I took a flight and things fell apart. Disappointed in myself but I think I just have to pick things up in the morning and get back on the wagon. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Kenzai Run - Day 8

Yahoo!! Achieved my first goal of the week!

Decided to go on the treadmill today since it's really hot and humid outside. Managed to run for a constant 30mins at 10.5k/hr and still felt like I had some juice in the tank.

I learnt that my choice of music is a big motivational tool. Also running on the treadmill in the air conditioning seems much easier than Bowen road

Feeling good.

End of Week 1





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