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Just concluded what I knew would be my busiest couple of weeks this year! Surfacing today and will ramp up the effort starting now.

Exercise last week took the biggest hit with me plugged into work nonstop (not much sleep!). Food has been OK and intend to get that back to 100% compliance.

Good to get the busy weeks done and focus 100% on the plan!

(Sorry trainers for late pictures and posts...)

Week 2

Crunch time at work. Many missed workouts, in fact haven't even opened the detailed workouts page because if I get time, I just get some cardio in. Diet has been 100% on point and I can already feel a difference. Work will be manic for another week or so, was entirely expected, and the plan is to remain super focused on =diet till work hours normalise.

Sorry for not commenting on blogs - hope all well with others!!!

Also guilty of not putting up picture - it will come soon!

Starting line

1 year post baby and I needed to do something desperately! Reboot helped me to get back into some sort of rhythm and aiming to get back to better shape in these 90 days. Good luck everyone!


I really needed this program to get me back to training mode. Very pleased that I was able to get most workouts in.

Where I need to do better is the diet, particularly the veggies.

Signed up to Kenzai Body 2 starting on 9-Sep!

Feeling great!

So far so good. I can’t remember the last time I exercised so regularly - feeling really good and motivated to continue. There were a couple of food deviations and missed workouts on account of being on holiday. Despite that, feeling strong! Photo will be a bit late, travelling!


In gorgeous Koh Samui for the next week - the food is super fresh and yummy and the views fantastic!

Catching up on exercises after a couple of days hiatus wrapping up work and travelling with little one. Well our dash through HK airport to catch our flight after a check in kerfuffle may count as cardio :)

Weekly challenge

Had breakfast with a client and here’s what my plate looked like! Also had some berries on the side

Some fudging

Busy busy work day yesterday - I had a short training window so managed to get the cardio in, but not the rest of the exercises. Food was OK - didn't get as many veggies in.

However I managed to get workout done in the morning today. I find that post exercise I am more motivated to stick to the diet, does anyone else feel that way?

Where I jump

Sometimes the most unglamorous spots are the best - no distractions, in the building and the best part - no one around :)

Still need to get the hang of waking up early to get workouts done and over with before the day starts.

I chuckled when I read the lesson about why exercises aren’t that tough. Can I just put my hand up to say I find them quite difficult! ;)

I skip in the building parking lot so need to think about my week 1 challenge picture...

Have a good week end everyone

Hi folks! First blog post here.

Kenzai Body seems like such a long time ago! Life has changed with little one arriving 11 months ago.

I was active during my pregnancy and training regularly in the weeks after while on maternity leave. And then I came back to work 5 months ago and BAM the weight just piled on. Just makes me realise how much more effort is required those with desk jobs!

My biggest challenge has always been routine. When to fit in the exercises and find time to plan meals. If anything, time is a lot more scarce with a small child! Working to find that balance.

Good luck to everyone!

Day 15

Emerging from a super busy week at work! Catching up on lessons today, only managed 2 workouts last week. Managed to keep more or less to the diet so happy about that.

Will pick back up on the running from today! Good news is that work won't be as manic this week and HK weather seems to be getting better!

I'll put up my photo today (sorry!)


Crunch week at work. Missed a couple of sessions but determined to pick back up when hours improve.

I need to get 5k done!!

The elusive 5k

5k is THE big distance hurdle for me.

So perhaps wasn't a good idea to head to Bowen Road at NOON in peak Hong Kong heat :/

Halfway in I felt like I was in a microwave! Walked in parts on the way back. So clicked on "I did it" but the 5k barrier technically still left to cross...

At the starting line

Back to 10K program after a few false starts earlier this year. I have done the 10k program once before and loved it, so figured giving it another go would be the best way to get back into shape.

Work is going to be manic through the program though, so I am conscious there will be missed training - I really need to not let that stress me out. Will try and mitigate that as much by training in the mornings, and staying super focused on diet.

Here goes - good luck team!

Starting Photo





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