Adrian K.

Adrian K.

Hitting Pause

Sorry been swamped at work. I'm out.

I am Jeff

Sorry team but next week should be better. I know that is 100% Jeff

Had a fail this weekend as I went wadi walking with the family and could not stay on track Overall I am doing well but disappointed with this weekend.

Egg white suppers which is brilliant.

Pic of my boys climbing the wadi.


Sorry team I have been no existent on the blogs. In the middle of year end and so leaving the house at 5.20, backstroke 7.30 then kids bed time, exercise and food is leavingimited blig time. Should be better next week. Sorry and hope all going well.

Really hitting the diet. First time for a long time that I feel in the groove.


Been busy with year end but managed every exercise and diet getting better.

Need to nil this on e.

First blog

Sorry been absent as started a new job and just swamped.

Loving the exercises but strgugglong to get the diet on track.

Graduation - chisel 

This has been a fantastic program and the best one yet. I love the dynamic HIIT as the buzz of busting your ass gives you a real high.

This program has been difficult with lots of challenges and I missed a week and so felt disconnected from the group

However i am pleased I picked myself back up again and finished the course. I really want to do this course again

Day 36 - i am back

After my last blog I went on a bender with mates, drank too much (way too much), spent 3 days touring the sites of London with the family (which was a joy with full on hangover, heat and shoulder riders!!!!), flew home and zonked out for 3 days and missed 7 days

Diet, exercise and mental state were not in the game and obviously disappointed as i was starting to get some momentum before i went on holiday but one of the key lessons i have to learn is that i just need to jump straight back onto the wagon and keep pushing

So i have missed from day 32 but yesterday i managed some cardio and today i did day 36 and intend to get back on track for the last 7 days.

Still got lots of lessons to catch up on and also read the blogs and hopefully will get to that this afternoon / tomorrow am

Hope all going well into the last week

UK tour.

Back in the UK on a lightening family tour. Hitting the exercises (just) but missing blogs and lessons. Will catch up next week. Plus diet is terrible

I have eaten a lot of rubbish this weekend. The reason is that I had too many social engagements and with back to back late nights I got tied, my willpower dropped and I broke. Then after breaking, I go into a weird place with warped logic.

The key lesson is that I can not manage back to back social commitments - I can stay strong for one night but tiredness causes me all sorts of problems (ask my wife!!!!)

However today is a new day, I had a good nights sleep last night, my food is prepared and I am excited about three cycles and feel ready for the extra effort.

Day 15

I will start with the confession. I was out with the kids early Friday (our weekend) and ended up in a Lebanese restaurant for lunch. I made good choices (salad, rice and grilled meat) but portion size was the problem and kept putting 'just a little' more on my plate until i had overeaten

Apart from that I am largely on track but eating a little too much fruit when I have cravings and will try to migrate to veg but not feeling strong enough yet. I was also out on Thursday night and was very controlled on the food choices and would say 95% compliant

Still loving the cycle exercises although nearly face planted on the double hang time. I had not read the lesson and so was trying to hang time pulling my legs up to my chest, I over kicked and whilst I like to think I tucked and rolled my way out of trouble, the reality is I collapsed in an unattractive heap using my face to break to fall

I am finding that my dodgy hips (tight hip flexors) are getting smashed in the cycle workouts with the squats, burpies, lunges, v sits, scissors claps etc. Also lets not talk about the crescent kicks!!!!

Just had a quick look at Day 15 and looks like alot of pain - love it

roll on week 3 and when do we start 3 cycles of this madness?

Nothing to report

Day 9 and loving the workouts. The cycles work outs are awesome

Day 2 of the real diet and I am pleased to say I am on track. 100%.

Really want to stay on track over this next 5 weeks and get back in shape.

Intro blog

1. Introduce yourself: Who are you? How do you spend your time? What makes you happy?

45 year old Brit living in Abu Dhabi. Father of 3 boys aged 8, 7 and 5 who absorb most of my free time and make me happy (frustrated, angry, tired, etc)

Other than that I enjoy outdoor activities, especially camping and all sports plus cooking and eating.

2. Goals: What do you want to get out of this training cycle? Why Chisel?

Want to get back into shape and drop some serious weight. Just finished reboot and need to lock down a good 6 weeks.

3. Barriers: What obstacles do you anticipate? What injuries do you have? Lady issues? Guy stuff? Work stuff coming up? Family stress? If it is sensitive in nature, you don't need to put it on your blog, you can contact me 1 to 1.

Had lots of injuries in the last couple of years and the last one knocked me a long way off track.

I am also looking for work and that adds some stress which leads to less effective workouts and reduce will power on food (especially in the evenings).

4. Weird stuff: If you were a professional wrestler what would be your entrance theme song?

Weird but this has been in my head recently and so went for primal scream loaded

Good luck everybody.

Chisel Day 1

Wow - that was brilliant. long way to go but i love that sort of workout

Reboot finished 

Pleased I have rebooted and finished 28 days of exercise and exercise

I did not hit my weight loss targets but i have managed to hit the gym every day and cleaned up my eating. I need to keep the momentum going over the next couple of days until i start another program later this month

into the last week

just done day 20 as I had a bad day yesterday and missed the workout. i really struggled last week but today's workout felt good and just want to finish strong - nowhere near the results I want but do feel like I am getting back into the groove

End of Week 4





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