A G.

A G.

Did it!!!

Finished the London Marathon in sixhours and 46 minutes.

Back on the program ASAP!

Back in the game

Mea Culpa

I’ve been travelling (Cambodia). Kids on holiday and just really really bummed out about the training for my marathon which seems to have been beset with aches and pains and Saturday I had a muscle spasm in my back that felt a lot like a heart attack.

Moan over. I commit to getting back into the core exercises and *doing them before my runs * after which I have been invariably flat out as I’ve had to do my 25kms - hope for last one tomorrow if back holds.

Food wise I find bfast and lunch good - have only managed a couple of egg white suppers to be honest !!! After my runs I’ve nearly cried for a steak.

Maybe this wasn’t optimal timing, but I’m getting back on it. I must I



Things are going pretty well - although fell off the wagon for my birthday lunch on Saturday, Was v careful with food but had some rose .... eeek!

Back on it today and yday, I’ve been having to do pretty long runs for for marathon training - today a 17km and I nearly chewed my ARM off tonight. The drop in the evening carbs is ok but I wAs CRAVING more protein,

Feeling pretty stiff so will do a double exercise day tomorrow and lay off the running, Have to fly from HK to the UK tomorrow night so made sure I had lots of healthy food ordered for delivery when I get back so I don’t eat JUNK!

The highlight of my day is still avocado on toast fot breakfast!!

I’m not being great with the fruits but had a LOVELY MANGO over the weekend in Phuket. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Good luck everyone !

urgh ack etc....

So I did my complete workout today EXCEPT that I hadn’t read the bit about doing my cardio first. Because I’m doing quite a lot of cardio, every time I do my run I end up exhausted and don’t do the exercises.

SO I’m going to do my 5mile (vvvvvvv slow run) now and stretch some more afterwards.

Woke up STARVING but could only manage half my breakfast, I’m saving it and will use my ‘fruit’ portion to put some avocado and tomato on my leftovers as a post run snack.

Found the exercises v challenging!!! I have NO core strength and nearly broke my nose during the push ups. Jeepers. I need to focus on this!!!!!!

Good luck all!!!!


So here’s where I always go wrong. It’s that little voice in my head that says Somehow, Just Maybe I can do things differently to how I’m told and my Outcome will be different from all the times I’ve tried to lose weight before. But I’ve NEVER done a 90 day plan. My diets are always CRASH and then after the two weeks or 5 days or whatever, the Gremlin tells me that I can hoover that plate of nachos today because I’ll just get back on the juice fast again tomorrow....

I’ve never done it this way before. To be honest the amount of food on my plate is making me nervous!!!! My husband, who is a Kenzai fanatic, said the programme completely changed his relationship with food because after 90 days a lightbulb went off and he got a sense of freedom.... the If I just do This then I can look like THAT. Bingo!! But with the caveat that it’s ‘hard work at times’.

I’ve never made it there. I’m 50 and I’ve never liked my body.

I really really want this but the booze bit will be hard !!! Not because I’m a raging alcoholic, but I do love the glass of wine at 6pm that just takes the edges off - ESPECIALLY if I’m with friends.

Luckily I’m feeling so gross right now that I don’t feel like hanging out with my Skinny Glamorous Hong Kong friends. I’m incredibly lucky to have the next 7 week sabbatical to train for the London Marathon and not to have to do too much travelling. My youngest is away at school, my eldest is at University and my middle one is here with me but is a pretty relaxed 16 year old.

I did my 10km today in the hills and the weather is beautiful but my pace is SLOW. Everything aches!!

But the food is plentiful and I’ve got an 8km tomorrow and a rest before a longggggg 20km on Saturday.

I need to get the rest of the exercises done first thing before my training otherwise I lie around exhausted.

Podcasts keep me going!!!! I love Oprah, Mark Hyman, Tim Ferris and Russell Brandt and (I’m such a seeker) TONY ROBBINS!!! Yes!!!! I fire walked and I’m still 12 kilos overweight....

Today food:
Slice whole meal toast
Half avocado smushed on it
Egg and veg omelet

Brown rice
Chicken breast
Loads of veg

Supper will be similar and measured - and NO BOOZE . Ack.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness post!! I WILL do my Kenzai workout (minus the cardio) before bed!!!!!!

Good luck all!


Day 2

Hi All!

I signed up to this after a long dark winter of comfort eating, zero exercise and a few too many glasses of wine!!! I’m also a v late addition to the London Marathon , running for the National Autistic Society (my son is autistic) , so I have my work cut out for me. 8 weeks to go and I did a controlled stagger yday - 10km and it felt like 100!!!! I’ve done a marathon before but when I was much younger!!! I really need to get on top of cross training for my core after 3 kids and my WEIGHT which has always gone up through running alone..... It makes me SO HUNGRY.

Sooiooooo I’m hoping that the focus Kenzai will give me will help with the next 8 weeks. If I could lose 5 kilos .... that’s a lot to carry around for 26.2 miles!!

Today I haven’t done particularly well. Feeling cold and tired and had no food prepared and that ALWAYS leads to bad decisions for me!! So far had a smoked salmon muffin for breakfast and some leftover lasagna for lunch. Not good!!!! I’ll get some salad from M&S and lay off the vino for tonight.

Tomorrow is a long run. Hope it goes better than yesterday’s!!!

Sending everyone strength and best wishes!!!!

I have 12 kilos to shift from a year ago 😖😖😖😖 . Eeekkkkkkkk


Feeling guilty as I haven't posted for two weeks. Feeling good off booze and doing extra cardio. Craving sweet things, which is wierd for me and I got sick yesterday so didn't do my exercises and had a cup of comfort hot cocoa just now. Eeeeek! Having a big lunch tomorrow, but peeps will get salad and brown rice and roast chicken....

End of Week 1