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Kenzai 3! 

Oh, those 100 diamond push-ups... FIRE baby FIRE

All in all, a great training cycle! I can definitely see the Kenzai magic on the pictures, Kenzai Body 3 definitely does not let you down.

I will go check the team pictures... hahah and hope you all enjoy you well deserved Christmas holidays, I am sure looking forward to mine ^^

By the way, did you see the amazing Kenzai marathoners??? WOW, will I ever be able to do that????


Last days!

Counting down the last days until the end line! I have a business trip next week and that is going to make it a little bit more challenging, but we are ready!!

Let´s do it!!

Third indulgence 😋

Hi there! I love chocolate (that is one of my weaknesses) and soooo this was a great moment for a #brownie

So so so good!

I felt a little bit full but so worth it. I kept on eating as usual afterwards and I soon went back to normal.

It also felt good to share that moment with Victor (my boyfriend), we both love cakes!

Bests! What did you have??

Back to normal workouts!

I have to say that I am one of those people who do not specially love the full body workouts hahah

But they are done! Happy to go back to the usual workouts! 😁

Travel travel

Second week in a row packed with flights and travel! This time on vacation though... 😁 :D

Very happy to say that I’m managing to hit all my workouts (full, early morning) and that I am in an Airbnb. Access to a kitchen and a fridge opens a new window of possibilities!

Regarding workouts, I am doing just the strength part before breakfast. Then we head out and there is lots of walking (like almost 20km walking a day). And I believe that makes my cardio for the day haha

Happy week to you all!


Yoga!!! Cooking!! Listening to music and dancing like crazy

Lately, I am trying to add more variation to my diet, for example, I am trying goat yoghurt. It is better than what expected! But it takes a little to get used to it (flavour is stronger)

And you??


I would loooooove that my hip did not bother me at all. That I could do absolutely any movement without thinking carefully about good technique (which on the other hand is something good I guess).

I mean, right now it rarely bothers me, but there is still that little tension here and there.

When we were 5 years old we did not know how lucky we were hahaha

Cellulite also used to bother me when I was a teen, but I have accepted it pretty much in my life by now. In the end is just aesthetics that does not influence at all your health or performance.

And coffee time!

W2: Best advice ever?

1.- My father when I was around 8 told me: "You do not need many friends, you need a few good ones. I can count with the fingers of my hand the number of truly good friends I have"
I came back home upset because a girl told me no one wanted to be my friend in class. I knew that was not true (One of my best friends today was in that class), but it made me very sad at the moment anyway!

I know it is not very original, but I have that moment still so clear in my mind! Basics-always-work ;)

2.- A university professor told me on my third year that the key to doing your assignment right was to just get it done, no distractions or excuses.

When situations, of course, may vary, I felt this was also so true!

And that is for me :D

(Kali says hi as well, she is a tough Kenzai pup!)

KB3: Introduction!

Who are you? I am Africa Pardavila.

Where are you? I am in Spain, Madrid, at the moment.

How do you spend your time? Outdoors walking with my dog, with friends, partner, family...

If you had a magic egg white what is the one thing you would change about Kenzai? It would be great to be able to post short videos! And sharing on Instagram?

If you were headed to a deserted island...not to be confused with Desert Island...what one book, movie, or album would you bring? Harry Potter (long time fan here)

What stands between you and peak condition? Some hip issues troubled me last year, now is almost almost all right, but I still need to pay special attention and be careful.

Nice to meet you all!!


Hi there! In my case, my option is to go for a new challenge after this short program (possibly KB3). I am very happy to have discovered Reboot, I will likely incorporate it in the future to my yearly fitness schedule!

Thank you all!


Hi there!! Happy with the program so far, happy that it is consistent but not incredibly demanding (specially on the workout side). Feels perfect for this month after Chisel hahah

I’m going to Valencia (Spain) to visit my parents for a couple days to a house on the country side. I hope to make up for the last week photo challenge there!

I’m also planning where to do the “going out for a meal” second challenge.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of the breakfast I had couple hours ago in the train. I forgot to take with me some kind of knife and I spread the avocado with my fingers on the bread. What we do for Kenzai! (And for the avocado) 🥑🥑😋

Next program advice?

Hi Kenzai Community!

What would you do? Reboot in August + Kenzai3 in September oooor Bells1 in August+ Run1 in October?? 👀

Chisel Graduation Post! 

What can I say, I am humbled! I know my body has not changed so much, but for 6 weeks of trainning, I feel more defined, stronger, faster, better coordinated... Chisel is really a great training program (even more so before summer...)

I have always felt that I was better at strength exercises but this programme has shown me that I actually can be quite good and improve a lot in HIIT routines! Definitely going to introduce the skills we have learnt in this training round in the future.

For those of you that like me still fear HIIT... Give it a try, you will not regret it...

Finally, I wanted to give a special shout to the very active, positive and supportive team that I've had the opportunity to train with! Thank you so much!! It's been amazing!!

Best wishes to you all!!!

Chisel last week!

Let’s do this! We are almost done!! Kali cheers us all! 💪🏻💪🏻🐶

Week 5: THE Wall

So I was reading about the infamous “Chisel Wall” last Sunday and thinking: “oh it’s not so bad, just 2 more weeks to go, no such a big wall”

Ok, I was wrong. Hahaha

Today I could feel the accumulated exhaustion during my workout, I made it, but it was hard! Workout are always hard, but it’s clear that the end it is getting closer and that we are getting to the final sprint!

On the plus side, I feel more defined and clothes feel a bit bigger. I also feel that my aerobic capacity has improved since we started and I am so much better jumping up and down haha

Hope you guys are doing well!!




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