Agni A.

Agni A.

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I was Kenzai program member , but got into some bad habits with diet and exercise over the last few months. I am ready to reboot and be committed.

Good first day. Good to get in the swing of things.

It's been more than 4 weeks since I finished KB1. With a shoulder injury limiting my workouts since then, some bad habits have crept in. I am excited to get back into the Kenzai program with Sculpt.
I am looking forward to connecting with everyone on the program and using your energy and motivation to get to that next level!


I am at the airport at the end of a long day waiting for my connection. I am hungry but resisted the fresh made pasta , macdonalds ( fries smell so good) , fresh sandwiches with loads of cheese and beer of course. I am forgoing the timeless tradition of getting that beer before boarding my flight.
In the end , I ordered bland tuna salad, stuffed with what can only be 3 day refrigerated lettuce.
The sacrifices we make......

I have been terrible about blogging with the early starts and late nights. I'll summarize week 6 leading up to day 45

First the bad news : Last week, we had an all company meeting and I had a few drinks too many. It just got away from me.. all vodka sodas.. at least it wasn't cocktails and I had a late night burger from in and out. It cost me two days of working out and I am still playing catch up I suppose the post today about indulgences was timely, and I will not be partaking this week.

The good news : I hated not working out and the bad eating those 2 days and got back to it as soon as I possibly could. I have to take the positives from this as building a habit.

About the workouts :
1. Pistol Squat : It continues to be an issue keeping one the leg straight and squatting. My balance is awful and I also feel a bit of pain in my knees. In fact, with the emphasis on leg workouts, I have been feeling it in the knees.
2. leg Circle : I had complained about the cramping earlier. It looks like it is getting better now and the legs are becoming more flexible.
3. The ab workouts : My core still feels pretty weak, but I think its improving. I couldn't do the captains chair and replaced it with the "in and out " workout, but I keep losing balance. Overall, I feel the burn when I do my abs, but it still feels so weak and out of balance.

Diet : I still feel bloated at times. Keeping the 6 meals a day is challenging. My schedule varies everyday. I'll do my best, but this one area to improve on. I feel like my days go into preparing meals.

I expected some downs, but generally its been positive experience.

Day 17 Summary

A whole day of flying and airports , not to mention missed connection got me in very late. It was too late and I was too exhausted to do my workouts, plus I need to get in at least 6 hours of sleep. I missed by Day 17 workout.
On the plus side, I stuck to the eating program. I carried snacks and stuck to water. Dinner was a spicy tuna bowl with all greens.

I should be back to a more normal routine today.

Day 15

I have started using myfitnesspal to start tracking my food and water intake. I will be traveling a bit and its the best way to keep track of what I am eating.
I caved in a bit on Saturday and had a little white wine. I needed it , but I did a few extra reps on Sunday and Monday to make up for it. I am still eating at home , which is great news. I do have travel for work coming up soon. I will be carrying my digital scale with me and try to eat measured portions. I'll have to eyeball any portions at restaurants. Should be easy... I hope. Stick to protein and veggies.. no oils, and pretend my water is a nice white.

It's probably early , but I feel a bit more trim with the workouts, although I don't think it is visible.

Day 11 & 12 summary

Yesterday, when I was doing the Davinci exercise for the shoulder, I felt what sounded like a popping or cracking on the right shoulder. It wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable. So I stopped it. It happens when I raise my right arm. My left shoulder seems fine. I am wondering if there are alternative workouts. I might have to get it checked out by a doctor ?

Day 8 Summary - Week 2

Good start to the second week
Workout - The rope skipping continues to be a challenge for me. Doing 400 really got my heart beating. I struggled a bit with the workout in general but managed to complete every rep.

Diet - I felt really really full with the diet. I couldn't really eat any fruit between breakfast and dinner and after dinner. I kind of felt bloated. I don't know if anyone else thinks it might feel like a lot of food. I wasn't able to get all the gms of protein as stated, but I didn't exceed my carb intake either. I'll keep monitoring.

Day 5 summary

My blue box package continues to be delayed. I am not sure what's going on with USPS. They keep telling me that the package delivery is delayed. In the meantime, I will have to work on alternatives.

Nothing new to report from yesterday. I am continuing with my workouts and being conscious of my eating. I love tennis and I am going to supplement my workouts by joining my local tennis club for lessons and play.

Day 4 summary

I just completed my workout for day 4.
The lunges were tough. I have been working the legs for the last 3 days , so it felt heavy. I am still waiting for my box , so I couldn't use the bands on the chest. I did 30 pushups instead to work on chest instead.
It's a good challenge to work out everyday. It establishes a habit and forces me to complete the daily challenges and makes me accountable to my team.

I hope you are all getting in your workouts !

Day 3 Summary

This is for yesterday.I am writing blog post a day late.
Workout - I struggled with skipping , but managed to complete the other workout. I raised a mild sweat. My legs did ache a bit in the muscles doing the squats ( from the past 3 days).
Food - Its hit and miss on leaving 25%. I am forgetting about leaving portions. The good news is that I am eating less portions and not snacking on junk.

Day 2 summary

Day 2 was a bit harder. I spent from 12 hours on airports and planes. I forgot about the 25% rule once at lunch. I did manage to get my workout done when I got home, but I was very tired and struggled to complete the routines.

Day 1 summary

Pretty good first day...
I didn't have my blue box because i am on vacation this week. I jogged across the beach instead of jump rope and left 25% of my food portions.

End of Week 4





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