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...another workout done. Jumps were hard, couldn’t keep my mind from wandering to the day ahead. The rest of it, included an added 8MA, was solid. Planning on a good diet day...looking forward to the weekend.


Lots of ‘not the end of the world’ food choices yesterday, more to come the next two days. Had a few amazing beers and will have a few more before this confernece is over.

Workout went well yesterday...I am quite sore though. I am going to get the workout in the AM as well...on way or another.

Day 10 KB2: ugly

Worst jumping so far...don’t recall doing more than 10 in a row! Mind just wasn’t connected to it. I did manage to get my workout in in the AM, but the timing was off, so that I am sure played into the jumping issues.

On a positive note, that pic is my new home setup. Funny that today I did need to really use it, but that will come:)

The other pic is where I used to mount my band...can’t believe I didn’t break that glass door.

Day 60: 2/3 the way!

To be honest I am more psyched that we still have 1/3 left! So exciting what that might mean, considering how far we have come so far.

Late morning workout today, that took 1.5 hours...felt super strong and pushed stuff a bit further that usual, but also too longer breaks. Legs were sore after Monday and will be sore again after today!

Jumps started off ugly, but were my best yet. 251 straight at one point and many other times over 100. Julie's posts are pushing me. 475 in 4 mins twice and the last set was 498. I thought 500 was totally out of reach a week ago... I now love the feeling at that pace and my heartrate tracker loves it too.

Day 49: jumps, hmm

So odd...after a late workout yesterday, I expected this AM to be rough...not so.

I guess I liked the 3 min interval...averaged somewhere between 330-350 jumps per (sorry counting really helps me), 2050 total to finish, which is way better than before in 2 min(~220, ~1500). Many times I hit 100+ straight jumps...even twice in the last set!

I know I can do this ^^^^ why won’t my head let it happen consistently? 🤪

Have a nice Sunday all!

Off to drive many hours...


So this last week this has meant LESS than what I was eating before....I had gotten so sick of a limited set of veggies...

A trip to the farmers market today hopefully will change that!

Work interrupted my morning routine...but I did just get the workout that’s good.

Yesterday’s meals were all rock solid, including lunch now that I have stuff prepped.

Today folks were in from out of town, yup couldn’t hold off the lobster roll and a few fries (held off the beer though)...still had my veggies and more protein when I got back to the office. All I keep telling myself is at least they do it right and it wasn’t all drenched in mayo... In this case I really did leave the office with no real plan as to how I would avoid indulging.

Lunches are the key for me...gotta be strong...

Rs9wmhow7anwno2f2jvu the bands.

This morning’s workout was great. Feeling good.

Yesterday my diet was off the rails a bit, but it was on my mind and I came through it well...learned from it too.

First, leaving my house thinking I will buy part of my lunch on the way, with no plan of’s not going to happen! So I only had half my scheduled lunch portion...did have some later, because my limited dinner portion wouldn’t hold up by itself. In the end probably was close to my weights for the day and it was still clean...

I also went to a colleague’s going away...indulged with a single sour beer...which was far more delightful than I expected. Sour beer is my favorite, but after several they give me a headache...what a concept...having just ONE and really appreciating it.

It’s recital weekend...long day of kids shows today. Trying to figure out how to be outside as much as possible on this gorgeous weekend:) The pic is my youngest...6yo, rockin tap!

Day 32: Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses...perfect workout music!!!

Jump rope was on a better track today. The turning 90 degrees per 100 and looking way up work well for me. I am sure I had my first 100+ straight in there somewhere...only know because it messed up my turning:)

Chair dips...toes down is helping me get started for sure. I did more and deeper dips today. Even lifted the toes for a few...getting there!

Metronomes....enough said! But really something else that’s help me is doing some with my legs curled, BUT pulling my knees to my chest as they cross my body. Having done that for some before now makes it so when I do the full legs out, I can now lift my legs way higher:)

Had lunch with my team and a Kenzai week 1er...I just ate before I went and hung out. Interesting how we chatted about the program a bunch.

On to another great day!

Day 31: onward

I could easily continue ranting like yesterday, but I won’t.

Great day being a chaperone for 5th graders learning about the Boston Tea Party...

Got some Ultimate frisbee in this evening and then did my workout! Felt incredible, a month ago I would NOT have even laced up the cleats...

And I plan on getting back on my workout schedule tomorrow AM.

Some positive thoughts on tonight’s workout.

Looking up more, even above the horizon helped my jumps a lot. Testing more was noticeable for me. Crossing fingers.

Chair dips are tough and I need to find chairs that don’t hurt my hands...BUT starting with my toes touching behind me is helping me at least be able to do them. Betting a lot of folks are trying to figure these out:)

Keep crushing it all!

Day 29: double the ouch

Double the legs and abs...ouch. Pushed through it feeling good.

I also did something like stepping on a lego last night, bit 10x as bad. Nice bruise on the ball of my foot. Surprisingly with shoes this morning’s jumps were fine...guess I need to find some indoor shoes for the week...

On to the diet change! Have a great day all!

Also, today a new group of Kenzai Body kicks off so a friend is starting, yeah!


Came into the house tonight to these just sitting here....being good and moving them out of my daily view.

Day 17: powering up

The last few lessons have fully sunk in. I upped the ante this morning. I increased my band load on everything, made sure I was really going to fatigue...and focused on not letting the lines slack. Ouch!

Day 14: cardio day done

I was surprised at how well the jump rope went... I think I picked up the pace slightly and that made quite a difference.

Laps in the hotel pool made for some nice extra cardio last night and this morning...I can’t really ever remember doing laps before...

Diet’s going well. I’ll need to get creative for the next three meals (until we get home), but I’m confident it won’t go too far off the rails!

Day 12: on the road

In route to Toronto for the weekend...

I have my equipment packed and the hotel gym looks really worried about that front.

I am a bit anxious about handling food, but this will be a good experiment. A complication being the hotel not having refrigerators...




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