Al L.

Al L.

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Kenzai Body
Program progress:

Al here. Another Hong Konger, and joining the Cult of Kensai to see what kind of shape I can get into with 3mths of work. I’m not a massive fan of the gym so like the idea of a regime you can do anywhere/anytime, and if I can walk away from this skipping like Rocky and with something that resembles a six-pack I’ll be a happy man! Let’s see how we go...

I’m doing this with my wife, who has done Kensai before with great results. We have 3 kids, and they are already imitating our daily workout routine which has been pretty funny to watch, but also very cool and inspiring - let’s see if they last the 3mths!

Nice to see such a global group, and good luck to everyone from Asia, to the US and Africa. Anyone from Europe and South America to complete the set?

Up and running

We’re off. Squats slight harder than I expected though!