Alexander H.

Alexander H.

End of week 2

Week 2 completed! On vacation for the last few days.
Jumping ropes has been frustrating me a bit the last two days, but realised that they were probably too long, so have now adjusted them :)
Jetlag is doing its part on my body but basically every breakfast place are able to serve avocado sandwich and eggs :) And thank god for the availability of fruit!

Intro and day 5

Good morning everyone!
My name is Alexander, 39 Years old and am currently sitting on a train southbound through Sweden (which is the country I’m from) looking at the beautiful autumn colours outside.
I work as a pilot which basically means a not so healthy working environment, you sit down a lot, sleep and eat at irregular times.
I’ve worked out on a non-regular basis over many years (very non-regular), but got angry at myself this summer mainly because of two reasons.
Nr 1: I just felt like my muscles were disappearing and I felt weak, this resulted in among other things back pain.
Nr 2: As I’m in the air most of my working day, I’ve to rely on the food my company load on the aircraft. This food is just....AWFUL (processed, fat....) and I wouldn’t serve my dog it. So when I returned from vacation this summer I decided to stop eating that food and started to bring fruit, egg, some vegetables etc as a replacement. The problem is that I don’t follow a set plan which makes me a bit hungry at the end of the day, so when I’m back on ground I go for a quick fix and eat to much (I guess).

My brother and his wife did Kenzai body a year ago and I was very impressed with their results! Basically I’ve never seen my brother in such a good shape, ever.
So me and my girlfriend felt that maybe this was something that would suit us and after considering Kenzai for a few months we signed up on the 23rd of September :)
My personal goal with this program is to get into a rhythm of training, where a daily workout just becomes as natural as waking up in the morning. I also would like to get into the habit of eating healthy and in a “constructive” way.
Me and my girlfriend share the same goals and I’m very lucky to have her by my side when doing this program. We motivate and help each other out!

As with some of my teammates here in our Atlas group, I’m a bit worried about managing my diet when at work (being in the air several hours a day and spending many nights in hotels). But am determined to find a “work” diet that is easy to bring a long and then I can alternate when off work and have more ingredients to choose from. Well, that’s my initial strategy at least :)

My wrestling entrance song, I choose Doin’ it right with Daft Punk. It’s just a good song that give me this good feeling.

Finally, day 5 is completed and jumping ropes and resistance band is now a days mandatory items in my work-suitcase.

Have a great day!


Day 3 complete!

Woke up this morning feeling VERY sore in my calfs and on the back of my thighs. Guess those step lunge did the trick, haha!
Technique with jumping ropes is getting better, but have realised that my abs are non existent and am struggling with the crunch exercise, but I am pushing through and looking forward to the day when I do these without breaking sweat :)
Day 4 here I come!




Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body