Alexandra E.

Alexandra E.

Bad week

I have family over from Holland which is great fun and combined with the festive season activities, I am trying very hard to stick to the diet. This week has been bad for putting in the miles but am ready to go once they leave this week end!
With hindsight I should have started the run programm in the new year but then again its an ongoing thing and I enjoy doing the running so am comfortable to just continue once its finished.

Slow but steady!

I am a week behind in my the distance runs due to aches and strains but intend to keep on going . At times I wonder why I am doing this and have big admiration for people that start doing marathons from scratch!
The diet this week is suiting me well, no endless amounts of egg whites and enjoying the AMAYW vegetables.
Hope you are all getting on ok!

First distance run.

Spend the last 4/5 days traveling in the UK , catching up with my son and watching his Rugby match. I managed to stay in hotels that had some kind of gym facility (to cold for me to run outside). I finally managed to do my first distance run as last week my heel was still sore and decided to give it a rest. Managed to do 5.5K and could have continued but decided not to push it. The diet went ok, no alcohol and loads of water. Back in HK now and ready for week 3!

Not easy!

Having completed KB1 in the spring I managed to maintain the momentum till the end of summer after which it was down hill in a big way.
Having started KB running I am slowly getting back on track and enjoying the structure in the excercising, the diet and the inspiring community. However I wonder whether I should have done reboot first as my fitness and strength has suffered but also besides the muscle pain, I am struggeling with stiff achilles tendons and pain in my heel the day after the run. The actual running is ok, its just the aftermath and time to recover. Not helped by the extra kilo's and running technique.
I am staying on the treadmill for now as I think it is more gentle on the feet and when needed have dropped runs in order to allow time for recovery of the heel.

I can't believe I made it to 90 days! 

I can't believe I made it to 90 days!

I joined Kenzai to support my husband as he really wanted to do it. I had mixed feelings, worried that I could not keep up with the fitness and would hurt my back as I normally do when I start a new fitness program. As I counted through the days, part of it with a sore ankle, I noticed that I really did want to continue progressing and find away around the injury to keep the momentum going. I loved the Rigel support network that we created with continual encouragement taking place as well as the continuous support of Brett and Ed, showing knowledge, compassion and tough love when needed with inspiring results. I even got used to writing a blog but more importantly was really motivated by other peoples blogs and photo's!
For me there is still a bit to go but I am feeling so much better without the belly/ muffin top and am enjoying the increased energy and strength as well as the benefits and taste of good nutrition. I will hopefully continue together with my husband Jonathan who did amazingly well and even our kids seem to be on the ball telling us what we can and can not eat!
These 3 days I am going to do a few Pilates classes to stretch my tight leg muscles and treat myself to a massage so I am ready to start with Kebzai Life.
I look forward to seeing you all at Kenzai Life and following your ongoing progress!
Thank you for all your support! and good luck!

Snap said the band!

I survived the HK Sevens this weekend with a very modest amount of alcohol and one disgusting KFC chicken leg! Pleased my fellow spectators with boiled egg whites, carrots and fruit! Great event with great rugby, these guys are super fast / fit and have to say that is a great motivator to keep exercising!
Anyway back in the gym this morning to do my workout when my band snapped mid Davinci, I like to think it's my increased strength that caused it but maybe it's time to go one band strength up!

Another gentle reminder to blog and the realisation that it will probably be the last time...
I met a lady in my gym who has just started on KB 2 and she has been sharing her experiences with me re KB1 as well as encouraging me.
She mentioned that one of the things she missed the most when she finished KB1 was not having to blog anymore even though at the time it was the thing she liked the least. I am going to miss you all!

Diet structure

Just had a look at my new diet and discovered that it is the same as this week with lots of bits of food everywhere!

I know this is a 'first world' problem but just can't seem to find the time to eat it all! Not complaining about quantity as I can manage that and more but if I try to first do my workout and then have breakfast (after the kids and dog have been sorted etc), my breakfast merges into my post workout snack and morning snack closely followed by lunch then some yoghurt here and there and then diner which is the disappointing bit as its one egg white plus vegetables!
Anyway yesterday I bought some nice fruit to cheer me up as my after diner snack and that did the trick!
Looking on the bright side I have my bread back in the morning and diet seems to be working on getting some of the fat down!
Have a good week all!


As the kids broke up from school, we decided to take them to Singapore for a few days and visited Universal Studios today. As I tried to keep the kids out of the souvenir shops (just too many!!) I needed to find some Kenzai friendly lunch (not easy in Singapore, famous for lovely food, noodles, sate etc). I ended up with some roasted chicken with what turned out to be fried rice and pickled vegetables. Quite tasty but as the MSG kicked in I ended up eating a Magnum ice cream and have been on a down ward spiral ever since (eating the kids left over food and other bits! I am hoping that the excercise which I managed to maintain as well as all the walking will today will let me get away with it 😁😁


I received a gentle nudge that I have not blogged in a while (where does the time go!) and where I love reading other peoples posts, I am still not a natural blogger!

In general all is well in that I am sticking to the diet (bar spoonful of peanut butter last night!) and noticing the changes with the fit of my clothes. Am nearly there on the skips but find it bloody difficult to skip continiously or get into some kind of zone! I am finding the Tabata App very useful (thank you Brad).

I was reflecting on the journey we have left ahead and in one way sad to finish the program and to move on and in other ways happy to get my life back again. For me in order to follow Kenzai closely and not get distracted I do become less sociable and try to avoid situations that might make it difficult to excercise or stay compliant to the diet.

And what happens once we are done...I feel I still have a way to go in getting my fat% down and want to make sure I continue this process.


I have just returned from a short trip to the UK to see my son and tried to make it work with Kenzai. Not an easy task as I was not able to cook and relied on restaurants and messed up meal routines due to time difference. Upon arrival we stocked up on yoghurts, avocado, fruit, veg so that we could supplement our meals / snacks and that worked really well.
I was traveling with my husband who is also doing Kenzai and have to say that he really does inspire me with his commitment and willingness to go out in the freezing cold to do his skipping ( I do not do cold) as the floor and ceiling height in our B&B did not accomodate this! I decided to focus on the excercises instead and will restart in Hong Kong.

Peckish in the evening

All is going well and starting to notice things fitting better which is great.
The thing I am now struggling with is the evenings where I am feeling peckish/ hungry after diner. Initially it was ok but now I notice that I really crave sweet foods and those carrots do not hit the spot! Drinking loads of water/ tea helps a bit. Having had my indulgence in small sweet tranches seems to have awaken the sugar demons in me!

Skipping again?

The last 2 days my ankle has been ok and today I decided to move from the Cross trainer to the running machine to see how my ankle would feel afterwards and pleased to say that by the end of the day it feels fine and no swelling.
Slightly apprehensive to start skipping again as I don't want to inflame it. Think I will start slowly and combine it with running/ Cross trainer?

Nearly half way there, can't believe we got this far!


Hi all, it has been a while since last post . Our new puppy has been keeping me busy but all good fun.
I weighed myself today and am dissappointed with the minimal weight loss. About 3 Kgs since I started. I do notice stomach area reducing and overal muscle tone and even a bit of definition. Was hoping to have dropped more by now (have stuck to the diet religiously) especially as my husband has dropped loads of weight (he did have more to lose). How are you getting on?
Attach a photo of my 4th child Molly Moo!


Everything is going ok with diet although diner has now become a functional event with the egg whites, on the up side, one less meal to plan!

Have laid off the cardio for now whilst trying to give my ankle a break, focusing on leg muscles that do not put a strain on my ankle and off course the remainder of the excercises.

I need to find a solution for the excercises that require 2 chairs. Would not trust my weight on my Ikea chairs and have not yet found other furniture to use. Today I replaced the chair excercises with push ups and tricep dips on my one sturdy chair!

Anybody else have the same issues?

End of Week 12





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