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Kenzai Marathon | Day 32 (Member)
Kenzai Marathon
Day 32
Program progress:

In Vietnam for a business trip (did my 6.5km in the hotel gym), flying back to HK tomorrow.

But then off to St Tropez on Thursday night for an intense long weekend of revelry followed by a few days of work in Milan next week. I may have to do my 19km run on Monday morning instead of Saturday, but I’ve never run in Milan (hopefully concierge can help me find a 19km route!)

Crazy travel and running routines don’t easily mix!

Long haul

I was in Chicago for a few days to drop off #2 who is starting college. Lots of shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Ikea. Did a few runs along Lake Michigan. A bit humid but beautiful. Back in HK now


Partly inspire by Malia’s paddling, I woke up at 5:30 this morning to join the crew of Outrigger Paddlers at the Victoria Recreation Club on Deep Water Bay this morning. We were in the water by 6am and got back in about 75 minutes later. I was on a six man boat (hence OC6 - outrigger canoe 6). This was the first time I did this other than canoeing solo once in Hawaii this summer.

It was amazing to be out on the water at the crack of dawn, rowing in synch with the team... but my crew were really good (one guy paddled for the UK national team!) and I had to give it my all just to barely keep up.

I think this will be my Active Recovery for today. Feel good so far, but expecting to feel pretty sore in my upper body and back over next 24 hours.

I ran today’s 16km in 1:37 (just under 6min pace per km). Felt good.

The experiment was that since last night around 9pm, I didn’t eat or drink anything but water and black coffee, until 1pm today (16 hour fast).

1 hour before the run, I ate a small portion (120grams) of grilled chicken. I didn’t want to feel hungry while running.

I ran at 2pm. I assume my body didn’t yet have enough time to break down the chicken and use it for energy. Interestingly, I didn’t feel low on energy at all.


Apologies for the radio silence. My wife threw the mother of all parties for me last weekend to celebrate me turning 50. We had friends from around the world, plus our HK friends join us for a few days of craziness. I attach a picture of myself (dressed as Axl Rose) and my wife from Saturday night 80s costume party...

Which means I missed quite a few runs over the last week. I am now recovered and back in the saddle! About to go do my long run for today. Let’s see if the body can keep up!

I’ve found that there is a pretty strong correlation in my case between my weight and my running (both performance and ability to avoid injury). Also, my ability to tolerate heat.

Hence over the last few weeks, in preparation for the coming increased mileage, I’ve been working hard to shed the weight. Just in the last two weeks, I’ve dropped 4 kgs through a combination of intermittent fasting (16/8 hours), two meals a day, and not eating any carbs. Super restrictive diets are not sustainable for me, and they are not great once I need to run longer distances but I can maintain it for a few weeks to reach a certain weight. I’ve now taken my weight down to 77 kgs (170 lbs) which is in the right zone for my running. Hopefully the Kenzai diet will keep me in that zip code (or lower) in the coming weeks!


I’ve liked to run since childhood and ran cross-country and track in HS. In my mid 30s I ran 2 marathons but did not train well and got disappointing times. As I was getting closer to turning 50, I was determined to run a sub 4 hour. I ran three marathons in the last 3 years and finally managed a 3:46 in NY last Nov.

Having achieved my main goal last year (sub 4 before I turn 50), I thought I was done with marathons.

In 2007, I raised nearly $20k to build an elementary school building in Cambodia. With each marathon, I’ve raised money (usually in the $3-5k range) for various causes which is a nice to have for me but not my main motivator.

So I’m not entirely sure what my ‘why’ is. I think it’s that I just love running. I enjoy the discipline of training and I find the thrill of race day exhilarating.

My goal this year is to get to marathon day injury-free, run another sub 4. Not necessarily a PB because I think the heat of Hawaii will be tough for me.

Apologies for the stream of consciousness style!

Great Bear kick off

Hi team

Excited to be part of the inaugural launch of the Kenzai Marathon! I’m signed up for the Honolulu Marathon on Dec 8. Any of you running the Honolulu?

By way of introduction, I live in HK, just turned 50 (😱) and have run 5 marathons in my life. Three of them in the last few years, the other two long, long ago. Running is my main form of exercise and typically run 3-4 times a week for about 30-40 minutes.

My aim is to beat my previous PB which is from last year (NYC), but as importantly to get to the marathon injury-free.

Looking forward to connecting.


Beach Ready not completed 

Actually, I didn’t complete Beach Ready. I ended up getting very distracted by work and travel. So sorry! Since then, I’ve been working on my running to get ready for a marathon in December.

Blast Day 1

That was unbelievably hard! I barely made it through today’s work out... but somehow I managed to finish (with very poor form on the Salamander). I can see why it’s called blast.

Kenzai Run Half 

This is an awesome program and happy to say this is the 3rd time I complete it.

An amazing way to ramp up for marathon prep. My one criticism is that it ramps fast, so best to do it off a solid base or right after Kenzai 10k, otherwise real risk of injury or burn out.

When are you launching Kenzai Marathon? I’m signed up for the Honolulu Marathon this year (8 Dec) so have over six months to get ready.

Thank you for the enthusiastic support from the small, but vocal team! And thanks to Ward keeping me in the straight and narrow when I lagged behind in my posts!


I’ve been travelling quite a bit lately - both work and leisure - taking me to Barcelona, Paris, Seoul and Vietnam. Not complaining, but it does make it harder to plan for long runs.

Easter weekend gave me plenty of time to get the distance run done.l which was good


Managed to get through the HK 7s with only 1 beer... Otherwise, runs are on track.


Superb run along the Barcelona marina and beaches. 6k at 5:33

Timed mile

Ran it in 8 min 6 secs. Used a treadmill (unfortunately). Set it at 12 k/hr but lost a few secs ramping up and ramping down.

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