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Alex E.

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Blast Day 1

That was unbelievably hard! I barely made it through today’s work out... but somehow I managed to finish (with very poor form on the Salamander). I can see why it’s called blast.

Kenzai Run Half 

This is an awesome program and happy to say this is the 3rd time I complete it.

An amazing way to ramp up for marathon prep. My one criticism is that it ramps fast, so best to do it off a solid base or right after Kenzai 10k, otherwise real risk of injury or burn out.

When are you launching Kenzai Marathon? I’m signed up for the Honolulu Marathon this year (8 Dec) so have over six months to get ready.

Thank you for the enthusiastic support from the small, but vocal team! And thanks to Ward keeping me in the straight and narrow when I lagged behind in my posts!


I’ve been travelling quite a bit lately - both work and leisure - taking me to Barcelona, Paris, Seoul and Vietnam. Not complaining, but it does make it harder to plan for long runs.

Easter weekend gave me plenty of time to get the distance run done.l which was good


Managed to get through the HK 7s with only 1 beer... Otherwise, runs are on track.


Superb run along the Barcelona marina and beaches. 6k at 5:33

Timed mile

Ran it in 8 min 6 secs. Used a treadmill (unfortunately). Set it at 12 k/hr but lost a few secs ramping up and ramping down.

12k done

First long run this year. Felt long, but put my head down and got it done. Ran along the south side ocean promenade between Ocean Park and South Bay. My favourite run in HK.

First Fartlek

That was harder than I expected! Went too fast on the surge and by the 4th one I was running out of gas. Had to jog the rest


Hi team

I’ve been in HK 8 years. Have also lived in Tokyo and London before.

Time spent?
I work with a private equity fund and that takes up a lot of my time. I am married and have 4 kids so that takes up pretty much the rest of my time. I like to run and use running as my main way of staying fit and sane. Also like hiking in HK

Why Run Half?
3rd time I do KRHalf. Love it. Great program. Great to get ready for half or full marathon injury free. I am waiting for Kenzai to develop a FULL marathon option.

What scares/excites you about this course?
That I might not have enough time to follow the course fully and that I might get injured.

Favorite season? Why?
Spring - longer days, flowers, hope, beauty, rebirth....

I travel a lot and occasionally work insane hours.

Looking forward to training with you all.

Kenzai Half

This is actually the 3rd time I do Kenzai half. I think it’s a great way to move up from “maintenance” level runs (typically 5ks in a treadmill a few times a week) to something more substantial.

My goal is to be ready for marathon training by the end of the 6 weeks and to get there injury free!

Good luck to everyone in the group and looking forward to following your progress!

Kenzai Half - complete 

This is the second time I do KR Half and it was definitely harder the second time around. Not the actual running (which was the same) but the fact that it had lost its ‘new-ness’.

Having said that, it’s a great program and in combination with Kr10, a fantastic way to et ready for a half or a marathon.

Thanks to my team-mates for the words of encouragement.

Final push

Sorry for having been MIA lately.

I have been travelling a lot and got to enjoy running in the relatively cooler and less humid weather of London. I especially enjoy the Hyde Park run (about 6km per loop) which I combine with Green Park and St James Park to get it to 10km per loop.

Hope everyone has a strong finish to the program.

Weekend in Italy

I flew to Italy (from HK) to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday. Did the Saturday free run but was not able to get the long run in - which I feel very disappointed about. Thinking of taking the mid week run and turning into a catch up long run.... now back in HK where it’s getting stormy

Too fast

I submitted my time trial (8:15) pretty late (this morning) to Ward so I didn’t have my pace recommendation before my pace run.

Instead I guesstimated it to be 8:40 (the pace which is a 2 hr half.)

I completed my 6km just now on a treadmill, and I now know that is too fast. That felt like a “9”, not a “6-7”.

Joining late

Hi gang! Just started today so joining the party a bit late. But I did KRHalf once already last year, so hopefully I will be able to catch up.

I live in HK, 48 years old. I ran NY and London marathons last year but haven’t run much in last few months so using this program to get back into running shape. Planning on NY marathon again this Nov.

Obstacles for me is the diet. I eat (and drink) too much of the stuff I shouldn’t eat. But I need to drop 5 kgs to lighten the running load.

I love blue - the sky, the ocean...

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