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Alex H.

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off the wagon

I fell off the wagon the last couple of days. I’ve been solo parenting and travelling and need to get back on the band wagon tomorrow when things settle back to normal. It’s annoying that a change in geography and routine messes things up, but bare with me and I’ll get back to it!

20 minutes

20 minutes of sitting cross legged in one place felt like a great landmark. Thoughts come and go, but mostly those thoughts seem to be productive now that I have the quiet time to let my mind relax. Obviously trying to let those thoughts go is the challenge, and when they are productive thoughts that is sometimes quite frustrating when you think you are on a good thought chain! Anyway - delighted to sit for 20 minutes uninterrupted and for my hips to allow me to do it. feels like i need some oil to loosen up afterwards though!

5 Stone Meta

I did the 5 stone meta a couple of days late. I was on the go and i really wanted to do it properly. To be honest, i didn't really enjoy it. My mind was wandering and whilst I selected people for each session, my mind then jumped to other people who i thought i could also put in the love/hate buckets! I didn't really like ending on a bad note. Whilst i tried to wish love and happiness on past foes, it is no easy feat, and I'm not sure i was sincere in my projections! Anyway, interesting experiment, but not for me. Id rather focus on people i love and like!

best session yet

This morning was my best session yet. The first time that the alarm went off before I started wondering when it would! On the timer, does anyone know how to change the beep beep to something less abrupt! It seems annoying to be startled out of the meditation with an alarm!

week 2

Checking in after week 2. I’m still going strong on the meditation, albeit I missed 1 session this week and will try to get 2 meditating moments in today to make up for it.

Exercise has been pretty good, but nutrition has been a little wayward with work.

Still enjoying the discipline and the journey. Hips are improving, I still find that I’m waiting for the timer to beep, but I’m working on it.

This week should be cleaner as I’m not travelling and looking forward to it!


Yesterday I did an evening meditation for the first time. I kind of got to the end of the day and crammed it in before bed. It was surprisingly relaxing. Perhaps because I followed the guided meditation (Sonima) - it felt like 10 minutes flew but...

unlike this morning when 10 minutes with just my thoughts felt like eternity. By the end i was trying to bring my attention back to my breath and posture but my thought chain was "i wonder if the clock is still on" ...deep breath in ... "Jeez, 10 minutes is a long time"...deep breath out "did i accidentally set the timer for 1 hour"...deep breath in "am i slouching? yes".... sit up straight..."i must be in the final minute"... and on it went!

Once it is over, i do feel a good sense of accomplishment, but it is hard work and needs real self control!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

So the cushion was a genius move! Definitely helped with the posture. Amazing.

Now the hips. I know I’m a bit tight, but after time my hips start to ache and are becoming a distraction. I’m really keen to try and work with the floor pose. Are there any good stretches to recommend to improve my hip flexibility?

I found today’s 7 minutes really long. To the point that I looked at my timer 30 seconds before the end thinking I had not pressed go! Nope... I was just being impatient! Lots of room for improvement!

Good Morning fellow mindful teammates

I'm really excited about this programme. I have learned a lot about my mind in recent years, from a very low knowledge base to be sure! I am looking forward to having a mindful morning every day for the next 6 weeks.

Where are you?
I live in Vancouver Canada. I moved here from HK almost 5 years ago (hello fellow HKers!). Originally from London, UK and never thought I would become a world traveller, but work has given me wonderful opportunities to travel and I think we are in Vancouver for the foreseeable future - lucky us!

How do you spend your time?
I have a 21 month old son, and another baby on the way and so if I am not at work, much of my time is taken up with my son, which is unbeatable (most of the time!). For work, i travel fairly extensively in N America, and for personal travel we ususally find ourselves routing back to Europe to see family.

Why Kenzai Mind?
I have had somewhat of a mindful enlightenment over the last, 5 years. When I first moved to Vancouver, i landed off the plane and in the taxi on the way to my hotel, i had a panic attack - ended up in hospital and went on a journey to learn how it happened. It turned out to be stress related (moving job, country etc...) and i sought some help to get to the bottom of it. Many of the tools i learned were around mindfulness, being present and accepting of the thought chains. But, it is hard to find the time to work on mindfulness and I thought this course looked like a good booster!

How do you get here? Who introduced you to Kenzai?
I was introduced to Kenzai when i was in HK several years ago. I needed a re-set and Kenzai was awesome. I then did Kenzai 2 at the beginning of this year and have been trying to keep up with it since. I have done Beach Ready and now Kenzai Mind.

Are you facing obstacles to this training cycle? This might be injury, travel, or even some cosmic dissonance of some nature. If so, let the team know or contact me 1 to 1.
For me, it is always going to be the travel, social engagements and temptation. I will be travelling extensively in the next 6 weeks with work and for holiday, and i know that i have weak willpower in social situations not to have a beer or a glass of wine. Those are my weaknesses which i need to be aware of!

Looking forward to the journey with you all!


back muscles

So today my overwhelming thought which I kept trying to unthink was that my muscles in my upper back were working to keep my posture up. I’ve been doing the cross legged sitting on a mat with my forearms on my knees pose.

I guess this is a signing poor posture, or is it this pose? Should I be sitting on a chair, or is this muscle isolation a good thing?!


As I said all along, this was really a maintenance programme for me and I really enjoyed it. Not being too hard on myself, but having the niggling guilt in the background that I was on a programme. I’d definitely do it again and be more strict about my diet.


Been sent a ticking off for not blogging! Sorry! I went a little wayward whilst away on a stag week, but came back on Tuesday and have been back at it. Amazing to see how much condition you can lose in one week off! I’ve taken a fairly relaxed approach to this programme, but it has kept me mindful of what I eat and I’ve been doing the exercise about 70% which I’m content with. Later in the year I may do another programme to keep on the straight and narrow, but am most keen to try and live a balanced lifestyle and to use Kenzai as the basis for that.

week 2

Well I’m back on track with the exercise. Full marks on that front. Diet has been B- I would say. Breakfast has been compliant, lunch has been healthy choices but a lot of restaurant eating, dinner has been not bad, but a couple of glasses of wine here and there.

To be honest, I’m at peace with that. I had an intensive Jan-Mar doing Kenzai 2 and am doing beach fit to try and maintain/keep some discipline. I feel like that is happening, although I’m not being too harsh on myself. If I can turn up for the work outs and be mindful with the diet then I’m ok with that.

This week - more travel and a stag weekend. I’m not expecting to nail it, but I’ll be “Kenzai Konscious” as much as possible! Have a good week all!!

day 6

Hi Team,
I was very pleased to see the two tickets offered yesterday for the programme. The problem is that this week, was on of those weeks where with flights and time zones I just couldn’t find the time (or energy) to get all of the work outs done. So here I am at the end of week 1 having burned my two tickets already! That’s fine!

So these work outs... they are brutal! I thought I was I. Pretty good nick having come off of Kenzai 2 in March, but I am literally in a pool of sweat and dead beat after each session! I know this is an intense programme and boy is it!!

Hope everyone else had a good first week!

Day 1

I’m excited to do this new programme. I just completed Kenzai 2 and really enjoyed it... but feel like things are slipping fast and this looked like a good motivator for a month to keep me honest! My goal this year was to complete AND MAINTAIN a fitness programme. Phase 1 complete, phase 2 a work in progress.

I’m definitely someone who needs motivation and looking forward to training with you all.

Day 1: a tough day to start ... 3 flights in 24 hours... no idea how I will get the work out in, but will hopefully find some time this evening!!

Graduation Post 

So, 90 days complete! I am so pleased to be 100% on the exercise. There have been mornings where I have honestly thought that I wouldnt get through the work out, but after the skipping was over, i just ploughed on through and somehow got to the finish line. If I am honest, i think the diet was about 85%. There were work and social events that got in the way occasionally, but generally i tried to be mindful and to minimise the odd cheeky glass of wine or beer.

However, all in all, i am really pleased with the outcome. Honestly, looking back at before and after, i didn't realise how out of shape I truly was. But now i look at the pictures, i can see. I think i have learned that i seem to carry excess fat quite evenly and so i disguise how out of shape I am. The hard place to lose the weight is around my waistline where it seemed to hang around until the last couple of weeks.

Now, looking forward... i really want to try and maintain fitness. All intentions are there. I know that my weakness is a social glass or wine or beer. I really need to try and keep drinking to social occasions and to keep things healthy when at home. I have grown to love my morning routine, which whilst tough at 5am to get up, is a lovely 2 hours of peace and quiet to keep fit, to meditate and eat a healthy breakfast... all before anyone has even woken up. That feels like a great achievement to start the day. I will try to keep this going.

On reflection if there was one area of improvement, i could have been more present on the blogs. For whatever reason, this time i used the app mostly, and getting into the blog is less intuitive for whatever reason than on the computer. Just a bit of feedback.

I will definitely look for another course in a couple of months and in the meantime will try to do well in maintenance mode.

Thanks to everyone on the journey and best of luck to you all!


Oct 20th, 2014





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