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Alex H.

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  • Apr 7th, 2019 at 1:53AM


So, 90 days complete! I am so pleased to be 100% on the exercise. There have been mornings where I have honestly thought that I wouldnt get through the work out, but after the skipping was over, i just ploughed on through and somehow got to the finish line. If I am honest, i think the diet was about 85%. There were work and social events that got in the way occasionally, but generally i tried to be mindful and to minimise the odd cheeky glass of wine or beer.

However, all in all, i am really pleased with the outcome. Honestly, looking back at before and after, i didn't realise how out of shape I truly was. But now i look at the pictures, i can see. I think i have learned that i seem to carry excess fat quite evenly and so i disguise how out of shape I am. The hard place to lose the weight is around my waistline where it seemed to hang around until the last couple of weeks.

Now, looking forward... i really want to try and maintain fitness. All intentions are there. I know that my weakness is a social glass or wine or beer. I really need to try and keep drinking to social occasions and to keep things healthy when at home. I have grown to love my morning routine, which whilst tough at 5am to get up, is a lovely 2 hours of peace and quiet to keep fit, to meditate and eat a healthy breakfast... all before anyone has even woken up. That feels like a great achievement to start the day. I will try to keep this going.

On reflection if there was one area of improvement, i could have been more present on the blogs. For whatever reason, this time i used the app mostly, and getting into the blog is less intuitive for whatever reason than on the computer. Just a bit of feedback.

I will definitely look for another course in a couple of months and in the meantime will try to do well in maintenance mode.

Thanks to everyone on the journey and best of luck to you all!


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Jumana N.Jumana N.Alumni
about 1 year ago

Great outcome Alex. Notable difference in the photos and well done on being 100% on workouts.

    Nandkumar S.Nandkumar S.Kenzai Member
    about 1 year ago

    That picture says it all Alex. Fantastic results. Congrats !!!

      Sara PittmanSara PittmanKenzai Member
      Assistant Trainerabout 1 year ago

      Alex- amazing progress and what a programme you’ve had. You can see the discipline and determination in every hard won muscle! It’s been great having you on the team. Enjoy the rest abs we look forward to seeing you on another programme soon.

        Nate Belle IsleNate Belle IsleKenzai Member
        Trainerabout 1 year ago

        Excellent outcome Alex! You worked super hard and it shows! Here's to everything beyond day 90! Congrats and COMPLETE!

          Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
          Head Trainerabout 1 year ago

          App feedback heard loud and clear, Alex. We're working like heck to bring a new app to our dedicated users. When we do, it'll blow your doors off. Just like you blew the doors off of this training cycle. Looking lean, strong, and happy. Few things are better. That's 180 days of body training in the books. Can't wait to see what you line up for the encore!

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