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So nearly there..............

day 80

Grinding it out these last few days. Fatigue setting in...

Week 12

Still 100% on the exercise, but my will power is waining. The diet is on track when i am in control of it, but there remain times with work and social life where the odd drink and appetiser slip in. The weeks are fine, I'm on track and routine and distractions are few and far between - th odd work lunch where i can make a healthy choice, but the diet this last weekend was the worst yet. three events got in the way: after work drinks on friday (i cracked and had a couple of beers) painting a friends house, when they only offered pizza, dinner with my wife on saturday, when for some bizarre reason, i ordered lasagna. Felt immediately guilty and the gratitude that it gave me was very short lived. oh well - i put in an extra 20 mins running on Sunday and hit a 10km run and I'm still delighted to somehow be stubborning out getting up at 5am to do the work out. but this morning was very difficult. I'm looking forward to getting through the final few days, but also anxious that I don't want to lose all the gains I've made through reverting back to where i was before... hoping that there are lessons on that coming up as we close out.

Have a great week all.

Day 71

Weekend skiing with my wife and father in law. I'm sure I burned a few extra calories - which I needed to, as the mountain food choice wasn't great and we went out for dinner where i indulged with escargot in butter to start, steak with mash and spinach, and a couple of glasses of red wine. Really delicious - but i felt very bloated, slept poorly and woke up feeling guilty! Such is life!

I'm feeling really good about this programme. I can't wait til the end, but I am in a good routine of getting up t 5am and having work out and breakfast done before anyone wakes up.

Counting down the days and looking to really lean up for a strong finish!

update on day 65

Hi all, I’m still here, and glad for the gentle nudge to get on the blog. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Still on track with exercise and diet is still mostly there or there about. When I see AMAYW it does change the mindset and makes it easier to snack at an all day work event (this weekend) and then you graze at other naughtiness... is there an indulgence #3? If so, I got ahead of myself!

Beginning to see some definition I’ve not seen in a while which is vet gratifying! I have been receiving complements saying I look younger and oddly more tanned... perhaps I was pastey before ... does the diet change your skin colour?!

I’m looking forward to the finish now... and wondering how I can maintain this fitness and physique with a more normal diet and a little less strict exercise... is that possible???!!! ;)

Have a great week all!

As expected, it was the hardest week yet. I managed to stay 100% on track with exercising, but the diet slipped with travel and work events. Where I could I stayed on track, but there were a number of challenges, where working lunches and dinners were pre ordered, and definitely a couple of drinks along the way. Still, where possible I made the healthy choices - egg white omelettes for breakfast, with extra veg on the side was my go to breakfast. Also, Starbucks have started doing Egg White Sous vide bites which are great if I’m on the move. Now back home and so this week should be much tighter I hope.

Really proud to still be 100% on exercise, and still mentally in the right frame of mind as when “off Kenzai” meals turn up, my heart sinks a little! Onwards and upwards!

5 days of travel this week. Expect it to be a challenge. I think the exercise will be ok but the eating the real challenge. I can take food on flights I think, but catering from hotels is where I expect I’ll fall short... any tips?

Also, on the egg whites, is there an alternative when on the road?

Good luck with week 7 everyone!

indulgence 2

Use my indulgence to take my wife out for a delicious meal! 3 course dinner with wine! Very indulgent! Certainly felt a bit slow the next day but that could have been the later evening, and being woken by my son 3 times!

dried fruit

Can someone remind me on the rules for dried fruit (figs, mango, apricot)?

nearly half way

Well done everyone - nearly half way!

It’s been a patchy week with some travel and work commitments but generally I’m on track. Pleased to see AAMAYW sneak into the diary this week. 100% on track with exercise - about 90% pm diet I would say. Much better than I would be otherwise!!!

Looking forward to being half way through but know that things are going to only get harder and so need to keep focused.

Have a great week all!


Snowy morning this morning!

veggie curry

So I made a delicious veggie curry this evening for my “snack”. Is that compliant? Madras sauce (tomatoes, onion garlic etc) + roof veggies....

On the subject of curry, what is the vibe on coconut milk or daal?

day 30

One third of the way through. Seeing some noticeable changes which is gratifying!

Skipping in the snow yesterday was a novelty!

Found myself walking up this morning at 5am and weirdly excited about getting up to work out! So I got up and got going at 5.30am. People say exercise can be addictive... am I becoming an Addict???!!! I hope so! ;)

week 5 is here!

I gasped when I saw the egg whites creep into my dinner plans this week... eurgh! I’ve baked some veggie and egg white muffins to make it a bit more bearable. Mixed them up with some mushrooms tomatoes onion (and a tiny sprinkle of grated cheese that was going off -shhh! ;))

My wife won’t be too please to share dinner with me!

100% compliant on the work outs! Eating has generally been good and so I’m pleased with that.

I need to do more blogging with you all! I’m sorry - oddly last time I used the webpage (as opposed to app) and was more diligent.

Have a great week 5 all!

P.S. loved my run today with more pumping tunes! Kept going for 7km! Have a 10k run in March and so I was quite chuffed!!

This last week is been a good week. Although I have noticed that the intensity of the workouts are picking up and I was pleased to hit 30 minutes of cardio today without a break.

Where possible I have been totally on the Kenzai diet however there have been some work functions which have made it a little difficult. I just try to make healthy choices on the menu and make sure I get an extra side of vegetables.

If I’m honest, at these work functions the real chink in my armour is a beer or a glass of wine. That takes some serious willpower and I can’t say that I have been 100% compliant on the no alcohol tolerance. There have been two occasions so far where I Have crumbled. The first was at a leaving party where it felt rude not to Join in, and The second was last night, at a work dinner function after a day of skiing. I was with a colleague who flew all the way from London, he suggested an Apri ski beer and I obliged. Sorry! I justified it as having done a full day of skiing plus all my Kenzai exercises and hoped that it somehow cancel each other out. I know it probably doesn’t!

Really good to read the blog today about staying motivated be on three weeks. whilst I feel good, certainly I need to be disciplined at saying no to work lunches and dinners if I can. Sometimes that isn’t possible, but I will have to try and reschedule where I can!

Onward and upwards team!

Oct 20th, 2014





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