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Alex H.

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starting week 3

Wow! Work outs certainly turned up the heat this morning!!!!!

Had a good rest day - skiing.

Feeling good. Diet has been 95% last week with a leaving dinner and a work lunch out. But I made health choices and so hope I can be forgiven!

Good luck everyone on week 3!

day 11

Ticking along well. 2 work meals have required me to ball park weights, but generally I think I’m on track... lunch today was salad, chicken breast and mashed potato. I left the mash, and focused on the chicken (half the breast) and the salad and veggies I think were about 200g. Only thing was the carbs. I had a bread roll.

2 questions: 1. What is a potato classified as... carb or veg? 2. For breakfast, is it OK to put veg and carbs (oats), yoghurt and raw egg in a blender and drink as smoothie?

week 1 - done

With the first weekend of my belt, I’m feeling good… I know, however that we’ve been eased into a nice start! 12 weeks to go!

For my cardio today I went on a jog with my son in his stroller, which was great fun.

My fridge is looking full and tomorrow I’m doing a mass roasted veggies session for the week. I always am amazed how many veggies we get through on the Kenzai program!

I know I have one problem this week which is a leaving dinner on Friday of a close friend. I’m going to try and keep right on track all week, knowing that I have to eat in a restaurant on Friday... any tips on what I should do other than pick healthy from the menu...

Day 5

Friday of week 1. It has been a good start to the program… Minus the dark mornings, and skipping in the rain! The diet has been a pleasant surprise to be able to just be mindful about what were eating. Sadly I think next week we will really get down to business! Already feeling a little less wobbly skipping and looking forward to toning up more and more! Looking forward supporting everyone along the journey!


Wow - i certainly don't feel like things have started at all well! I feel like we have been thrown into the deep end big time! Really struggling to get all the reps done, but having finished, i can certainly feel it which must be good! i remember the Kenzai programme being a little more gradual, but i guess for us alumni's it is straight out of the starting blocks!

Back again

So, six months after having completed the Kenzai challenge I am back for the end of year challenge. It is a little depressing to take a look at my complete photo back in April and to see how I have slipped back! If I, honest, I think a lot of old habits have crept back and so this 42 day refreshed should hopefully get me back on track!

Since April, I have moved from Hong Kong to Vancouver. I think Vancouver living is a whole lot healthier than the expat scene in Asia and there are certainly less distractions! I also haven't slept properly for a while and I'm looking forward to getting those Kenzai zzzzz in!! Still - I'll need to be disciplined since I am trying to make new connections which invariable occur over a meal or a beer.

I'm looking forward to getting back on track with all the fellow alumni!



i have conquered the Kenzai challenge! I would have blogged yesterday, but I have been in Japan, and not had the best internet coverage.

It has been the most enoyBle and challenging experience I have undertaken I a very long time. I have loved the discipline, the blogs, the structure and the lifestyle changes that come with the program!

Thank you to all my fellow team mates for their support, and to ward for his ongoing support (and tickings off!).

The last two weeks prooved the hardest and senioritis did set In a little. I am looking forward toma life ongoing with Kenzai as a cornerstone to health and happiness! Thank you Kenzai!!

day 83

Senioritis. This is exactly the voice i have in my head. The lesson couldnt have come at a better time. must. keep. going.

day 82

I am now really looking forward to the end of the program. Yes, I like the structure, yes i am pleased with the results, and yes i feel 10 times better about life. However, the exercises are tough and i'm tired of constantly thinking about the diet. It is hard to feel so motivated with the end in sight - so tempting to just fall off the wagon!

I have found the last week especially difficult and to be honest have probably been 80% compliant. The week of travelling really threw me off course and whilst i am still working out, and doing my best to be diet compliant, i have been out for two meals in the last week which, whilst i ordered healthily, were certainly over indulgent. On Friday, i was treated to a 2 star Michelin dinner which I couldn't refuse.

Nevertheless, I am still going, I am still eating in line with the program (bar the blips), I am still getting stronger and I am still off the booze. I just want the last week to fly by!

day 80

I am pleased to say that I am back in HK and the routine should be a bit more consistent without all the travel. I definately got out of sink over the last few days which frustrated me, but it was an enevitable thing given the wedding, the traveling and the skiing all squeezed into 5 days.

I am currently back eating my Kenzai breakfast of scrambled egg whites, leeks, avocado, asparagus and home made toast washed down with raspberry yoghurt.

Counting down the final days now and looking forward to the end!

weekly images

Hi, Just noticed that my weekly images have gone a bit wonky. I think it is a technical glitch.

Just to let you know!

Day 75 -

Sorry - a bit quiet for a couple of days (see below!)

Indulgence went to plan!

The plane journey was OK. I had made a salad and managed to gluten free food on the plane and stocked up on a lot of fruit in the lounge. I landed at 9am at heathrow (after a stop off in qatar where I ate more fruit and salad) and was collected by some friends where I was driven to a pub for a pre-wedding lunch with the groom and some others. Egg, ham and chips was on the menu - not too indulgent (except for the chips). Then the wedding and the reception where i let the hand break off! Champagne (several glasses), canapes - didn't say no to many - they were fairly free flow and i enjoyed being able to graze guilt free. Then the dinner. I was lucky enough to be sitting next to the bride - chicken breast with some sort of tomato sauce - delicious. needless to say that several glasses of wine were drunk and i cant actually remember what pudding was!! Then dancing and several more drinks. From there, my brother drove me straight to the airport (after leaving at 3am) and we got to the airport for our 7am flight to Geneva to ski. Phew - it was all a bit of a roller coaster - and i felt pretty whacked after it all. No sleep for 2 days + indulgence + a hangover!

I have no guilt about the indulgences. It was one of my closest friends weddings and I was always going to enjoy it. What i did have guilt about was not being able to do my exercise for 2 days - both were full days of travel and by the time i arrived at the ski resort i was on my last legs and so after supper I went straight to bed.

I can see that it will be difficult these two days to comply. I am relieved that the diet is AMAYW mostly now and so i can be quite flexible with the food within reason. Breakfast was compliant. Lunch Salad (veg -tick), entrecote (protien -tick), bread (carbs-tick), Chips (cross - oops). Still I hope with all the skiing (+exercise) i may have burnt off the excesses from the last couple of days. Supper - i can see the chalet girl cooking supper as we speak and i will certainly have to be selective to stick to the program. Still - it is only 2 days.

Back onto a plane on Wednesday and so again the exercise will be tough. I will not take my rest day tomorrow and will try and catch up for the missed 2 days - any tips on how to squeeze in exercise when travelling for 20 hours (emergency work-out in a lounge just doesn't seem feasible!)

day 73

The next few days are going to be very difficult.

I leave tonight to fly to london via doha. i arrive and go straight to a wedding. from the wedding i go straight to the airport to fly to geneva. from there i ski for 2 days before i return to HK.

I can already see that over the next 48 hours, it is going to be hard to get my excercises in (unless i skip in the lounge!) - i may have to opt for emergency workout for the first time this program.

I have allowed myself to have my indulgence on the wedding day, and so that is covered, but 5 flights in 5 days is going to mean that eating could be tough. i will stock up on Kenzai compliant food where possible, and be selective where i cannot, but this will be the biggest test.

The problem is that with the end in sight, it is very tempting to slack off - very keen to stay on track, and so it will be interesting to see how I fare.

Have a good weekend all.

P.S. at least i am avoiding the temptation of the HK 7s!


it feels good to have got into the teens, although something in the back of my mind tells me that there is a still a way to go!

Feeling like I have plateaued a bit of late - the exercises are becoming a bit of a chore although the diet now is a lot more flexible without the obligatory scales at every step.

The indulgence couldnt have come at a better time. I fly to the UK on Friday for a wedding on Saturday. I will enjoy a glass or two of champagne then with all the canapés and trimmings guilt free. Looking forward to that. I am then going to sneak in a couple of days skiing in Europe whilst I am there and I suspect the diet will be tough - but fingers crossed we will get through it!

Da 67

Twice this week, people have told me that I look tired. This was very infuriating! The second said i looked tired and then said "no - actually you look thin - completely different in fact, i cant stop staring at you... its too wierd"

I have always had dark bags under my eyes - no idea why - but perhaps to be thinner in the face makes them more pronounced! I certainly feel more energised than i have in a long, long time - so why do people think i look tired!!!??

Oct 20th, 2014





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