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day 65

read today's lesson with some dread. push to failure! I feel like i am on the verge of failure already - but to go one step more is going to take major will power - so much easier to just stop!!!

I am really glad to be into the last 25 days - looking at the team's photos, people are beginning to look really good and healthy! Keep it up team!

day 63

A bit humid this morning, and made me realise how glad i am to be doing kenzai in the HK winter. In the summer, the heat would be unbearable outside for the skipping!

I really enjoyed my skipping this morning. Found 4 songs which were over 5 mins and off i went! It was great.

Having a fairly tiresome time at work recently and so the Kenzai is a great way to start the day in a positive light and really helps with the mood. Without it, i think i could have resigned! Perhaps that tells me something anyway!

I am sorry to read for some others that they have lost the carbs in the morning. Now that i have my newfound breadmaker, i look forward to my toast every morning. I hope I keep on the carbs next week!

day 61

oops - 6 days - my longest stint without a blog post - sorry

I am finding with the new found freedom of AMAYW , that i am paranoid i am now over eating. I am certainly eating a lot, but this seems this is what i was doing before with the scales and so perhaps i am just being overly worried. The nice thing is that i have been able to go to some restaurants for a change to eat and just be selective on the menu. Buffet bars are the best, so that i can really go for it on the salad!

The exercises are have felt like a bit of a chore these last few days - perhaps i am losing enthusiasm a bit, or just having an off week, but i am delighted to still be on track with them and determined to complete the program without missing a single rep (well - more or less!).

I think i am beginning to see the rise of a couple of abs that i have never seen before... that is pretty rewarding - i keep checking to see if i am right! I hope that in a couple of weeks they'll be a bit more pronounced. if i can get a 4 or 6 pack then i will be pretty chuffed! Well beyond my expectations!

Day 56

There goes another week. I am feeling like I am crawling out of the valley. The good thing is that I seem to be getting some flexibility back on the diet front which is very exciting! Skipping was a joy this morning and once i had hauled myself out of bed (tough) it was good to get jumping to the music.

Not long now til the 30 day count down.

Bring it on!!!

P.S. New loaf of bread baked this morning - best yet!


went to the rolling stones last night! Bloody brilliant! If i can run around the stage like Jagger in my 70s i'll be delighted!

A bit of a wobbly week last week - kicked off by indulgence and then topped off by bread baking! Fresh start on Monday and pleased to back on the 9-5 routine which should bring some stability back!

Have a good week all!

day 53

roasted veg and roasted chicken on the menu for the last few days - delicious.

the bread-making is very satisfying - too satisfying not to have had a slice or two at supper i am afraid.

My first real slip up. My indulgence day became two accidentally...

Day 1 indulgence was totally planned. We went to a bar for a glass of wine - delicious. shared a starter there - the SALTYEST wagyu beef salad I have ever tasted - nearly in-edible! Is that my taste buds becoming sensitive to salt or was it extra salty?! On we went to a restaurant called Yard Bird. Basically everything that you can eat from a chicken (and other bits). It was really very good. Another glass of wine. Chicken Balls, Pork Belly, Risotto, all finished off with a carrot cake and another glass of red. I felt pretty bloated having gone for gold on the ordering. I slept very poorly although didnt feel too bad the following day. Must have been a reaction. Lessons learnt: 1. Feeling super full isnt that nice-a-feeling. 2. I have become a lot more sensitive to salt. 3. I enjoyed every sip of wine. 4. i still have a sweet tooth for pudding! 5. over eating affects sleep.

Day 2 - not so totally planned. I had been invited racing with work. I arrived and there was a buffett and wine with everything that you could possibly wish for. I grazed to my hearts content - trying to keep healthy but not really succeeding. Sushi, meat platter, salad, steak, and then there was a delicious bottle of wine on offer and i couldn't resist a glass (with the excuse that I would cause offence if i didn't have one!). Just to make it all worse, i had 3 chocolates with my coffee just to wash it all down.

I now feel rather guilty, although confident that I should have gotten the indulgence out of my system for now! Lets hope so.

On the up side - all exercise, breakfast and lunch on track. Just baked a loaf of bread and it is delicious for my carb intake. Why have I never done that before!!!

Back in focus mode after a minor rebellion off track!

day 48

I dont normally blog first thing, but today i woke up at 6.15am, found it relatively easy to get up (more easy than usual!), and just blitzed the work outs. It felt great and after the last few days of struggle this was a welcome relief.

Then to read the cancer prevention lesson and that has teed me up for a good Monday! (oh - and Cecily (the gf) arrives today!)

Happy Kenzai Monday team!


Another weekend gone. I took great pleasure in having some friends over for a kenzai breakfast today - it was well received. Had lunch with some friends, and to my delight (without asking) it was Kenzai complaint - with the exception of any carbs (and an apple pudding which had some sugar in it i am sure!) - i had some bread when i got back to top up on the carb allowance!

My knees are beginning to ache a bit and so on Wednesday I shall take a day off skipping and do a brisk walk.

definitely starting to struggle on the exercises - the valley is here. must....keep....going.... certainly starting to wain a bit.

Saving my credit for an off knezai meal for when my girlfriend arrives in HK this week. Any tips for a superb HK restaurant?! Food and atmosphere? Ill blog the photo when it happens!!


I have just met up with a PCP alumni. She was so complementary about the program and really supported me to keep it up which was positive.

I went to a leaving drinks of a really good friend - lime and soda for me. A few remarks that I was looking well were well received.

Now moved into new flat fully thank goodness and pleased to have that all done!

tomorrow is a big milestone. Bring it on!

day 42

gnocchi... may have cheated - is this carbs for lunch? i went for it with a simple tomato sauce in a restaurant with a huge array of salad from the buffet. Hope OK.

! In the words of Winston Churchill "keep buggering on!" - I will not fall victim to THE VALLEY!!!

day 41

The Valley..... I hope I don't fall down it! Feeling good. I had a work lunch today - stuck to the salad buffet bar. Wasn't able to weigh, but i compensated with more green on my plate and probably under did the carbs.

Moving into new flat this week i dug out a whole load of old spices and am inspired to do some vegie curries this week for my evening snack.

Loving my avocados for breakfast, and going to be disciplined with my early bed times to be sure i am more sprightly in the mornings.

BTW - is anyone else getting mouth ulcers? I have had several over the last few days - ouch.

day 40

day 30 seems a long time ago. the 1/3rd mark seemed to arrive really quickly. the half way point is taking an age!!

when we started, i thought it was odd to start on a wednesday. i think i have realised why. the routine actually works quite well. the weekend is a bit more leisurely as you can have a lie in and take your time preparing the food etc. it doesnt seem too bad. the week is then broken up with the rest day and the novelty of the new diet and exercise routine. it seems to make the weeks pass by fairly seamlessly with something always round the corner to keep you motivated.

I think my shoulder exercises are the worst. They are the real killer for me.

Yesterday i managed to get in a hike on top of the normal which was good and today am moving house and so a bit more muscle power needed than the usual desk job!

Bring on day 45!

day 37

Today it occured to me that I hadnt had a steak in a while. steak on brown bread with peppers was an absolute joy! I even have another one left over for lunch tomorrow! Until now i have been having rice and pasta for lunch - why did i forget about the brown bread - a true revelation! I just hope my lunchtime carbs dont disappear next week!!!!! Sandwiches are going to be my new lunch for the week with salad in/on the side.

Also. Now very concious of when i have highs and lows. i felt very low this morning at around 11.30 - and realised that i hadnt had my snack, since i had been out at meetings all morning. came back and had an apple and by lunch, things had improved noticably!



My breakfast is shrinking! down to one slice of brown bread and 50ml less yoghurt. - lost my banana too for supper! 

1,200 skipps this morning was OK - now trying to do some hopping, running and criss crossing to make it a little less dull - although i keep tripping up which leads to frustration!!! I guess I am getting cocky and being too ambitious - but I just like to try and mix it up to relieve the monotomy - the skipping is certainly not getting any less!

Motiviation is definately waneing - and getting up is harder - i need earlier nights. But I always feel great after the workout and breakfast, going in to work having already achieved something with my day. Even if I have a bad day (last week i fell out with my boss - unusual... perhaps kenzai related hormones?!)  i still have a good feeling about having done some excersise and eaten well. A bad, healthy day is 100% better than a bad unhealthy day with 6 pints and a kabab!!!

Approaching half way and certainly seeing a change in my weekly photo which is encouraging!


Oct 20th, 2014





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