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Just back from China and delighted to say that I am staying put in HK for the next few weeks! Things roll on much easier in a daily routine, without having to worry about flights and eating in forigen cities.

The rug has definately been pulled and work outs are picking up. if I think how far we have come - i wonder where we will all end up!?!

The one thing I have really noticed is that my skin has become a lot softer, far less pimples and altogether healthier. About a year ago, i started getting spots on my chest and back for the first time ever. Pleased to say everything has cleared up - which is certainly diet related. Still suffering from a bit of exzcema which is tiresome - think it is washing powder related - not food!

The weather today in Shanghai was miserable. very cold and wet and i had the lowest lethergy i have had in a while. I am sure it was weather related! 

Approaching week 6 already! Time is flying!!



day 30

cor - the workouts and picking up! feeling good about it though and sure that some real progress is being made! Not so fussed about the new supper reigime, i just think i need to go to bed early. Interesting to learn from Ward that it is important to have the vegi snack just before bed to keep the motabalism fired up. 

60 more days and counting... off to the cinema to see Wolf of Wall Street!

day 29

I thought about how long it took me to feel awake this morning. I normally do my skips last and so it was basically once i had done my leg exercises! 5 minutes of work out and i felt pretty good. it is just tough to get out of bed in the cold at the moment!

Had my new supper this evening. Banana yogurt shake - not bad. Egg white omelette with onion - is that allowed!? and an apple. cooked early and so going for an early night to stave off any hunger pangs!

day 28

Great feeling to be at week 4! I celebrated with my indulgence... a chocolate bar! My god it was good. sitting here typing and wondering what the side effects may be...

day 27

Man - today was tough getting out of bed to get skipping. The least motivated I have felt so far. Still on track though!

See my supper is changing quite dramatically away from carbs and protein to more dairy, egg and fruit - will be simpler to prepare!

1000 skips tomorrow - where did that come from!

day 26

nearly got snowed in, but managed to get a car to put some chains on and get me to the airport. now sitting in the lounge waiting for the flight... delayed... such is life with china travel!

my indulgence was going to be bangers and mash, but since i had to leave early to catch the flight due to the snow, i missed lunch! think i am going to go for some chocolate tomorrow... now, which one??!

day 25

Travelled up to Mongshang outside Hangzhou yesterday for the weekend. It is snowing! Last week i was skipping on a beach in Sri Lanka and now I am in the snow!!!!!

My girlfriend kindly went to the shops and stocked up on veggies for me! But because it is Chinese New Year and has only just moved there, she struggled to find a shop that opened. She trekked around for 1 hr looking! When my flight was 2 hours delayed I wasn't flavour of the month! Lets hope the Kenzai body is good payment in the long run!

Indulgence.... mmmm what to chose! Bangers and Mash? Chocolate? Some wine... what an excitement!

day 23

Was pretty tired this morning and it was a bit of a strain getting up to do my exercises. I did though and felt all the better for it although the exercises themselves were quite tough today. i think my late night flying back from Sri Lanka caught up with me.

I have lost the creativity with my food of late, and want to get back into that next week.

Off to Hangzhou for the weekend, and packing my Kenzai food to be sure that i comply!

Hope Katie F feels better soon!

day 22

Good to be back in HK with the structure of the working day to help keep me in line! Extremely full after my lunchtime carbs went up to 150g. Still got 80g in the evening also! I haven't lost any weight, but am beginning to feel a bit more toned for sure which is good. If i tense pretty hard, i can begin to see the start of some muscles i haven't seen for a while!

day 21

3 weeks down. arrived back home at midnight - but got the skips in and made some vegetables for a midnight snack - since i had missed them on the plane. bring on week 4!

day 20

En route back to Hong Kong away from the delicious sri lankan food. Weeving through the airplane food successfully with my scales in my hand luggage and looking forward to being back into the daily diet routine.

day 18

Skipping much improved. I was skipping on grass yesterday which i think really hindered the rope going under my feet. I went for the 650 in one go and managed to just about get there. The press ups were a killer by the last set and double katanas were a killer!

I must confess that I have been eating by sight today rather than weighing things too meticulously. I need to get back to the scales, but with guests staying it is difficult!


day 17

Skipping was abismal today for some reason - but got there in the end!

It is such a great treat to have food all served fresh. It just goes to show how much processed food i have become accustomed to eating. The taste of fresh vegetables cooked with spices is just mindblowing! So tough to stay within the weight limits, but doing my best! If anything I am over doing it on the green stuff and so hopefully that isnt too bad!

day 16

first day in Sri Lanka. I am staying with my girlfriend's family. She sadly missed her connecting flight and so arrived 24 hours behind me. it is only the second time that I have met her family and so it makes things a little awkward staying with and having to admit that you are on a diet plan (especially when Cecily hadn't arrived yet). I have however, come clean and am being very particular about what I eat. Luckily all of the food is very fresh and so i haven't had to ask for too much, although there has been a little deviation. For example, yesterday for lunch was a vegetarian dish and so i was light on protein. Carbs and veg were OK. Breakfast was served with fruit, and no veg, but the eggs, milk and carbs were compliant. Supper was OK with some freshly caught tuna sashimi!

Tomorrow, Cecily arrives and so I can tactfully explain to Nundi, who does the cooking, my predicament and so with some luck I should be back 100% compliant again!

exercises were fine! Skipping on the beach couldn't be better!

day 15

Today, when i woke up early to go skipping, i was pleasantly surprised to find a fellow Kenzai trainee skipping in my block of flats' playground! Nice to meet you James!

I have arrived in Sri Lanka after a long journey. Unfortunately, my girlfriend, got stuck in Shanghai and is a day delayed, which is a terrible pity as we only have 5 days here in total.

I managed to conform with a packed supper on the plane. Now i am here in Sri Lanka, its time to go and see what I can find to eat for breakfast.

I'll post a pic later today.

Oct 20th, 2014





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