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busy and forgetful old day today! Forgot my fruit in packed lunch and so felt pretty peckish by supper time! Just got home and forgot to buy more eggs and yoghurt- blast! One egg left,but will forgo on my first egg white requirement unless I pop home mid morning to cook one!! - a bit unlikely since I am sneaking out of work early to catch my flight to sri Lanka. Milk will suffice instead of yoghurt.

I have made a packed supper for the plane, but not sure if I will get it through security. Has anyone tried this yet?

Day 13

Still going strong. Today was easier being back in the 9-5 routine, without the temptations creeping in!

Bit of a boring day food wise to be honest. Steamed brown rice for lunch and supper with chicken and fish. I just didn't have time/energy to be more creative!

Next week's diet looks pretty manageable - not much change for me except for some egg whites (not my favourite!) and less carbs for supper. There is no excuse not to comply!

day 12

Today was the hardest so far. A day sailing with some friends to a delicious fish restaurant. Beers and wine free flow. I managed to resist and took my Kenzai lunch with me. A few comments, but mostly people were supportive and very impressed with what I was doing which was a surprise really!

My biggest craving was for some chocolate oddly on the way home when there was some Toblerone being offered. Again, resisted!

Next week is a new week and i am looking forward to getting into it. I have a trip to Sri Lanka for Chinese New Year booked and so it should be interesting to see how i get through that. Fortunately, i am staying with my girlfriend's family and so i should be able to get away with cooking my Kenzai meals - hopefully with delicious Sri Lankan fish and delicious veg and carbs!

Day 11

Another weekend. This is where I definitely have the most potential to go off the rails. I have been focusing myself on planning weekends with activities to keep me on the straight and narrow! Today, i did my workout which was good; had my breakfast (as my flatmate returned from a night out!) and then went to the local wet market to sources some fish. Made a cod, rice and ratatouille pack lunch and went on a 3 hour hike with some friends. I told them we had to stop for my lunch - which felt pretty cheeky - as they had no lunch themselves! It wasnt bad, although it would have been better hot! Uploading a photo of the view where i had my lunch!

This evening, i am going to go to a friend's and cook supper at their flat. He has a bread maker and so i am going to try and bake some wholegrain bread for the week! Wish me luck!


Tgi Friday!

I was actually really looking forward to getting home to get cooking this evening. I stopped off to get some whole wheat pasta and then cooked pasta with a chilli, pepper, tomato and garlic sauce, topped with some chicken. Pretty tasty and could have eaten more! Resisted though.

On the rice cooking front, it sort of worked, but I think I need a little more practice. I boiled a pan of water, placed a colander on top and then a bowl of rice that I had soaked for an hour on top of that. Just a little more water than rice. Then, lid on and steamed for 20 mins. not quite as good as my Chinese colleagues, but I am sure with some practice I'll get there! perhaps a rice cooked is the easier solution!

Avoiding a drinks party tonight and staying in. Not sure I have the willpower to say no to a couple yet and so best not go at all! All in good time!

Have a great weekend all!

p.s. Those exercises felt a bit tougher this morning! ESP the leg rotations!

day 9

10% through and feeling good! Getting on top of the diet although so full all day! Surprising how much you notice the taste of food when you have it plain. Chicken fried on its own is very tasty with just plain old brown rice and veg.

Going to go for a fish supper this evening and then try a pasta based dish tomorrow, or perhaps a stir fry?! There are actually quite a few options to eat and not too bored.

My colleague has kindly taught me the art of steaming rice at home without a steamer or rice cooker. I'll give it a go and share with the team tomorrow with the results!

Considering giving a Kenzai dinner party to see if my friends can tell, but will have to experiment with some recipes first!

day 8

Cooked up some spinach, eggs and brown toast for breakfast + yoghurt! I have been stuffed all day. Wonder if I am going to get fatter this week! Beginning to think about supper, but not hungry at all!

Enjoyed the work out this morning. Tweaked a bit of muscle in my shoulder i think doing the davinci's which were tough work. I think the crunches seemed a bit better today.

Definitely feeling sharper and more alert. Energy levels have felt good today from all that food!

day 7

Week 1 was good.

I went out for a steak this evening as my "last supper". Took 1/3 home in a doggy bag for later! Just been preparing my food for tomorrow - it seems like a lot to eat and i can see that the preparation time is going to be quite full on, but good to be cooking and not just taking out. Gone for brown rice, some green beans, some asparagus and chicken for lunch. Breakfast will be whole grain bread with an egg and some spinach.

Exercises look like they are ramping up for tomorrow and so looking forward to seeing how they go.

day 6

Woke up feeling pretty good today. exercises done OK - but felt a bit stiff all morning and it feels like the muscles are working. Really feeling like I am not eating much, but today was a good day food wise. A boiled egg for breakfast with a cereal bar; tuna salad for lunch (3/4s!) - small mixed bean salad for supper + another cereal bar. Oddly, less of the hunger pangs today and feeling OK for it although was starving by supper time and wolfed it down! Going to spoil myself with half a steak or something tomorrow to get myself teed up for the more structured diet.

Felt noticeably more sharp at work too today - the hazy feeling seems to be passing... I hope!

day 5

Felt delighted to wake up this morning feeling sprightly. Did my exercises fine. Crunches are the worst! Went on a hike with friends which was nice, and then had half a caesar salad with chicken whilst the friend i was with (a girl) devoured a burger and chips. I felt rather emasculated!

Looking forward to the week ahead with slight trepidation. I think the hardest thing for me will be the diet and saying no to eating out with friends.

Very happy to have the first weekend out of the way drink free!

day 4

Hi Team Aquila. I look forward to the next 86 days together. Exercises are gong OK. The food is tricky. i went on a hike with some friends and was famished at the restaurant. i ordered a starter as a main course as I thought that would amount to around half a main. i couldn't resist a slice of pizza though too! A light supper and then went to the cinema to watch The Butler - not a bad movie! Does a small popcorn count as half my usual intake??!!

Feeling better this evening than last and so hope to feel sharper in the head once my body gets used to the new regime!

day 3

The hunger pangs are astonishing! I am really noticing my food and longing for meal times. Feeling pretty foggy most of the day. I wonder if that is something to do with lack of food and the detox. I wonder if anyone else feels the same? I have heard that sometimes this is something that happens when you detoxify your body - that you have headaches. I don't have a headache as such, more feel a bit foggy and spaced out.

Anyway, day 3 complete!

I lay in bed this morning wondering if I should put off my work out until after work. I delayed, but reading emails and then finally hauled myself out of bed to carry out the second day's exercise routines. Once i was up, it wasn't too bad, but I think going forward I need to go to bed earlier so that it is less of a chore.

I think best to get it out of the way in the morning to start off the day on a positive note. Also, it means that if distractions take over in the evening, I don't feel guilty!



Looking forward to getting going. Was anxious as I didnt receive the diet plan when i woke up this morning, and so pleased that i just have to eat half the usual! I expect it will get harder!


Oct 20th, 2014





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