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KMind Graduation - Still a lot of work to do 

I did not complete Kenzai Mind with level of dedication that I was hoping for but the daily meditation for the first 4 weeks then every other day for the last 2 weeks was quite a revelation. It was hard but it really helped me to re-focus.

My dedication to daily practice was not what I wanted but it definitely showed me the benefits of it. It will part of my resolutions for 2020.

Sorry to the group for not being as engaged as I should have been. Engagement took over!

Sorry team for the radio silence, I must say that engagement/ wedding stuff has taken up a lot more time than I would have expected!
I have missed a few meditations (especially in recent days) so I know that I need to re-focus. I don’t want to be one of the people who drops out after 4 weeks!

I have really noticed how much the time of day has an impact on my meditation. I most sit in the morning or the evening and find morning to be a lot easier - I am more still and calm.

I hope the rest of the team is doing well! I will check in on team blogs today at work :)


Minders apologies for the radio silence last week. I have some news to share but wanted to make sure everyone important knew before posting it on my Kenzai blog!

I have been sticking to the daily meditations but have been finding my mind hyper-active in the last week. This is because I got engaged last Tuesday and my mind now is excited, overwhelmed and full of logistical questions all at once! So I am having to work extra hard in meditations to stop the thought chains!

Had a great week of holiday full of sunshine and sporty activities (hiking, surfing, swimming, etc). Now just need to stay as happy and active while back in London!

I am still struggling to find a good sitting position. I would prefer to sit on the floor as this indicates meditation to my mind but I need to find the right type of meditation cushion for me. Will try to order a zafu or crescent this week.

I am a couple days behind on the meditations as work was insane last week. I am on holiday now in Tenerife so will do two meditations for the next few days.
I am still struggling with stopping thought chains before they spiral and finding a comfortable seat where I don’t need to adjust too much. Will keep persevering though!

I have been using the app Insight Timer for my meditation timer and I must say that I enjoy the gong sound at the end of the allotted time! (Much more than an iPhone sound!)

Questions for the group: do you have music or anything on in the background while meditating? I was wondering if a nature sound track would be pleasant.

Kenzai Mind Intro

Hello to my fellow Minders!

Apologies for the delayed intro blog, I am already one day behind in my meditations as I wasn't able to access the content on the first day but I will make it up next week when I am on holiday!

I'm excited to be doing this program, I have been wanting to do it for a while but have prioritized physical goals until now. This felt like the right time to focus on my mind as I have been feeling unfocused and slightly all over the place in recent months.

To give you a little bit about me - I live in London. I was introduced to Kenzai by my dad in 2014 and have done a multitude of programs since then. The structure, trainers and community are awesome. Kenzai has really changed my life and the way I think about health, movement, sleep and everything! I now ensure that I move my body in some way every day and generally eat clean but I feel that my mind has been left a bit behind.

I have been wanting to develop a regular meditation practice for a while but can never seem to stick to it for more that 2 weeks. After hearing rave reviews of Mind (and of trainer Cece) from my dad, I had to sign up! I am worried about setting aside time for meditation everyday as I don't yet have a slot for it. Mornings are my exercise time and I am usually sleepy before bed. I will need to test a few times of day to find the right one.

Looking forward to sharing this inward journey with all of you.

That was a sweaty workout! I guess there is no ramp up is blast programs. Got all of the strength work and blast done this morning and even after a cold shower I was still sweating! Will need to do the cardio this evening.

I was hesitating between doing Chisel again and beach blast but happy I chose this. Doing a new program is always exciting :)

Now I just need to focus on the difficult bit (for me) - the diet

KB3 - Does this even count as a graduation post? 

I "finished" KB3 almost 2 months ago. I was on vacation, attended several weddings and did not finish KB3 correctly. It was a great program (despite missing the last 2 weeks) - the workouts were varied, the diet was as expected and the team was supportive.

I have almost completed KB3 twice now and I have not quite managed to make it stick. I am not sure why. Maybe I will try it again next year and have better luck!

On a positive note, I did my first triathlon last weekend. It was awesome! I would never have been able to complete a full triathlon before Kenzai so I will keep at it. These programs and this community are a huge part of the "sporty" person I am today :)

Sorry team for being MIA for pretty much the last month. I don’t have a good excuse, I just haven’t made Kenzai as much of a priority as I was planning to.

To be honest, I can’t quite put my finger on why this program hasn’t «clicked ». I was disciplined the first few weeks but that resolve petered quickly and I never really got it back, I just had lots of ups and downs.
My relationship with food the past few weeks has been bad. I think this is something I really need to work on as I am struggling, I don’t feel in control like my cravings control me. Then I feel horrible about it but still let the cycle repeat itself. The other week I ever cried about it - I hardly ever cry and yet here I was so upset and disappointed with myself for having eaten things I know are bad for me - why?

On the exercise front things have been smoother, I have missed one workout each of the past few weeks but have exercised every day. I have been doing quite a lot of outdoor cardio - running, cycling, open water swimming - which I am really enjoying.

Will knuckle down to finish the last two weeks strong with the team. I won’t get the results I wanted (my own fault) but at least I can be there for others!

Hi team, sorry for the radio silence the past week. I have had a bad few days.

Last week I missed a few workouts, I planned it on my bad fingers but it that was not the real reason - I just let myself go.

Monday was a particularly bad day - I was at the office late and ate loads of snacks. It was an outrageous binge, I don’t know what happened mentally that I let it go so far.
On the way home from the office, i felt horrible. And when I got home from the office I was so disappointed, angry and ashamed with that I started crying and just sat sadly in silence thinking about why I did it.

Anyway, Tuesday and Wednesday were much better - I got my workouts done, stuck to my grams and am feeling slightly less down.

Now off to bed for a strong day 60


This weekend I am on a surf and yoga weekend with two friends in Cornwall. I had never been surfing in my life beforehand so it’s been a very fun experience. Trying a new activity + being outdoors at the beach is such a great way to spend the weekend!

It also made for a good workout location - photo taken during my workout when I was appreciating the awesome view.

On the downside, someone surfboard smashed into my left pinky finger so I have a minor fracture. No ideal... i think it may get in the way of certain Kenzai exercises so I will just need to be sensible in the next few weeks.

I wouldn’t say that I have a clear motto for my life but I don’t try to have motivational quotes around me to keep me on track during programs. I do this by regularly changing my phone lock screen with a new quote. I change regularly so that I keep noticing the quote. My current one is « Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow » - it’s a good reminder of my priorities when temptations and Grok comes out!

I got back home from holiday on Tuesday afternoon and I finally managed a perfect Kenzai day yesterday. Yay! Now I just need to stay focused and get a second perfect day.

Workouts are going well but they are so long! I know that negatives are supposed to be difficult but it is mostly staying focused for all of the reps that I find challenging. It takes forever!
A few other exercises are also causing me more grief that they should. In particular: antisocial - my hipflexors always get involved and they get sore really fast in this exercise & chest dips - I used to be able to do these OK but can't seem to get through all the reps without having my toe on the floor for most of it... Very annoying.


I am on holiday in Montenegro (and Dubrovnik) at the moment which has not been ideal for exercise or diet.
I have been trying to stick mostly to fish and veggies but have let the odd beer or Montenegrin speciality slip in.
On the workout front, I have struggled to find places to do it and since there has been a lot of rain I haven’t even been able to use the great outdoors! I have been doing a lot of walking though and am off to do a workout now.

As we move towards the half way point of the program, I really need to focus on tightening everything up. It will be hard while I am away from home but I will try to be as clean as possible. And I will buckle down when I am back in London.

Hope every is have a good week 6!

I have been feeling pretty tired and sore the last few days. But the weather in London has been great so it makes me look forward to my workouts in the garden and my cycle to work :)

Diet-wise the last few days have been better, not quite perfect but I am getting there.

I am going to a family wedding this weekend so the diet will not be perfect but I will make sure to get my workouts done and not go too crazy with food!

KB3 Day 29 - Confession

I was stressed at work, there was snacks around and I binge ate. It was completely ridiculous, I felt both physically and mentally horrible afterwards. Definitely a dispersive craving which I should have been able to fight but I let it control me.

I know that these types of binges are a huge set back and I need to get better at controlling them.

There are definitely a few things that I put off despite knowing that they are important or that I would feel much better after doing them. The two things that I have been putting off recently are sorting through closets to de-clutter my wardrobe/ bedroom and studying/sorting out the paperwork for British citizenship.

Both are things that are not particularly difficult but there are so many other things that I prefer doing! To stop procrastinating, here is my strategy: book my Life in the UK test so that I am forced to study and set outside a Saturday/Sunday in June (I am away the next few weekend) to sort through my stuff!

Yesterday was nice, I did a 5km parkrun with my friend and boyfriend in the morning, did an afternoon workout then went to friend's for dinner. The dinner was not compliant... there wasn't even any option for me to make it more healthy :( But I was careful not to overeat.
I went to a yoga class this morning before hosting brunch for a large group. Now winding down and getting some life admin done!

Looking forward to a good week 5!




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