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Sorry team for missing all of the weekly questions so far, I will be better from Sunday onwards!

To make up for it, here are some of my thoughts on the ones that have come up so far...

What's the best advice you've ever received?
This is such a hard question! Instead of the “best” advice I will answer on good advice that I have received, otherwise I will be here all day!

“You make your own priorities - saying you don’t have time for something means you just aren’t prioritising it”
During a training cycle, I try to keep this in mind when I start making excuses for missing a workout, eating off diet or not blogging. Forcing myself to consider what my priorities are generally keeps me on track.

If you could change one part of your body, what would it be?
Mid-section definitely. I just feel so flabby in the stomach area.

What activity makes you lose track of time?
There are a few things that I think put me into a flow state... yoga, swimming, walking outdoors, cooking, baking and of course just spending time with people I love.
I should be able to get a few of those things in this weekend, so looking forward to it!

Day 25 was compliant. Day 26 is on track so far but I know that afternoons are always hard for me!

KB3 Day 25 - Hunger pangs

Week 4 has been going pretty well so far - Monday and Tuesday were perfect despite serious hunger in the afternoon. Yesterday I was working at the office late so ate some of the food leftover from a networking event - I picked mostly the healthy stuff (carrot sticks, red pepper slices, chicken/ salmon skewers, omelette type things ) but I did have a bit of hummus, two breaded prawns and one fish finger. And mostly I just ate too much.

Today is on track so far - working from home so avoided my office’s “treaty thursdays” which are always tempting!

Loving to hate the full body workouts (particularly the 3rd minute of speed rope!) but sticking with them.

KB3 Day 17 - Wild Camping

Sorry team for the radio silence the last few days. Over the UK long weekend I went wild camping in Devon with my boyfriendso no access to internet!

The weekend was great - I enjoyed the walking, being outdoors and disconnecting from the world. This did mean that I was not Kenzai compliant over the weekend - I got my workout done on saturday morning but missed Monday. The food was definitely not compliant as veggies are way to heavy to carry in a backpack.

I am now in Barcelona for work so need to stay vigilant and avoid all the Spanish food temptations!

I’m off to do my workout, will need to catch up on the team’s blogs later today.

Hope everyone is having a good week 3!

Day 10 - Small struggles

Not my strongest day so far... I was lazy this morning so didn't do my workout which means I will have to do it when I get home later tonight. That was a stupid decision - I know that evening workouts are always higher risk.

I have eaten clean (except for a spoonful of houmous with my chicken salad) but have had to fight hard to resist temptation. Just need to stay focused on diet for a few more hours, get my workout done then I can retreat to the safety of my bed and call it a perfect day!

I had a great day today - ate well, spent a lot of time being active and outdoors and saw friends!

I have to admit that I didn’t get real cross-training in though - I stuck to ‘boring’ cardio. I went for a 2km swim with a friend then for a 5km run with my boyfriend.

Not my best run but I still enjoyed it because it’s the first time I’ve ever run with my boyfriend. Until now he has always resisted running with me by giving excuses like ‘I don’t have the right shoes’ or ‘I’m not made for endurance sports’ but he has finally come around!

Have my kenzai-compliant breakfast and lunch ready for tomorrow so I’m ready to get the diet started.

KB3 Day 1 - Take two

The first part of the year has been intense with work - I started KB3 in January at the same time as a new project with work and had under-estimated how crazy it would get. I followed the first month of the program well but, from around day 40, KB3 got side-lined.

So now I am back! Work is still busy but I am no longer interested in giving it so much attention. I have some events and weekends away in the coming months so this won’t be a perfect program but I will stay focused and dedicated through out. (Feel free to remind me of this later on!)

A bit about me...
- I live in London with my boyfriend and my brother
- I work in healthcare consultancy/ research
- I was introduced to Kenzai through my father several years ago and have been loving the programs and the community ever since
My fitness has really taken a back seat since dropping out of KB3 earlier this year so I want to get back to a fitter, slimmer, more toned self!

Looking forward to getting to know the team 😊

Being nearly at the end of the program, it seems weird to drop out this late but my team will know that I have been in and out since around day 45. When I signed up for this program, I thought that I would be able to dedicate my time and energy to being my fittest self. Work got very busy and I shifted priorities. I thought it would be temporary and I could re-focus on KB3 in the second half of the program but I haven’t. I guess it has paid off from a work stand point as I got the promotion I was hoping for. On the health, fitness and body front, I am not where I want to be.

The KB3 program is awesome, the variety in exercises, the lessons and the results the team is getting are amazing. I apologise for not being the active member of the community that I usually am while on program - it is definitely part of my downfall.

All of this explains why, I am asking the Kenzai trainers to take me off the KB3 roster. I want to do the program again the right way (later this year). I know that to make my next run a success, I need to change my priorities and my head space.

Thank you all so much for the support until now. I can’t wait to see the team’s final photos 😊

KB3 Day 64 - break

Sorry team for the radio silence these last few weeks. I know I have been a really poor team mate.

The last few weeks have gone by in a flash - I was working crazy hours at work and for the past week or so I have been on holiday in Hong Kong and China. The holiday has been awesome and much needed. It definitely has not been Kenzai compliant in terms of food (I love dim sum a little too much for that) but the mental break from work craziness has done me a world of good. Workout have actually been pretty decent this week - I missed a few workouts but got 6 workouts in and did a lot of walking.

Heading back to London tonight so will be back on track and back to a tight diet Tuesday.

Attaching some photos to my post to hopefully make up for being a bad teammate!
Will catch up on the team’s blogs this evening at the airport.

So yesterday was not perfect but I give it 90%+ as I am some carbs in the afternoon. Feeling a lot more motivated and tuned into Kenzai so that’s a good thing!

The workouts are taking me ages at the moment - just the negatives take 10 mins! Is everyone else finding this? Or am I just not being efficient enough?

I had missed a few lessons last week so did some catch up yesterday. I found the day 37 lesson on focusing on the positives and how they make you feel was really useful. I need to focus on how eating clean makes me feel long term rather than the short term boost from sweet/ salty/ fatty food. Now I just need to remember this when the treats are in front of me...

Right - last week was, once again, less that stellar - I missed 2 workouts and had off diet food several times. This just won't do. I know that if I hope to have the results I am looking for then I need to stick to the program. So, as we get closer to the halfway mark, I am resolving to having 1 perfect day. Then I will aim for 3 perfect days. Then 5 perfect days. If I get to 5, I will be well on my way!
(tomorrow is my birthday and I will be going out for dinner but I will make the rest of the day compliant!)

I had to work early this morning so have yet to do my workout but I did cycle to work so if I am short on workout time, I can always trim down the skipping to a 5 min warm up. Food is fully prepped and weighed out for the day. So now I just need to eat all of it and not let myself be tempted by other things around the office... Sounds so simple!

Will post a blog tomorrow to keep me accountable and motivated from the team's blogs!

Sorry team for the radio silence - between the work travel to Chicago last week, a heavier than usual workload and a long weekend with my boyfriend's family I haven't spent any time on the Kenzai blogs!

Chicago was hectic but my client meeting went well and I flew business for the first time so all in all a pretty good business trip! I had my indulgence in the American Airlines lounge with a glass of champagne and a couple appetizers :)
The long weekend in France was great - I did my workouts, went skiing, was mostly diet-compliant, caught up with my sleep and spent time with people that I enjoy seeing. My weekly photo was taking in my boyfriend's teenage room which explains all of the rugby posters!

This week is off to a hectic start at work again with lots of meetings and deadlines. I just need to remember that diet is key and that stress is bad for my progress (Chalk Talk #8! I am just trying to keep my head down and power through this busy time at work.

Looking forward to catching up on the team's blogs and seeing everyone else's progress :)


I have been thinking about what makes me lose track of time. The first thing that comes to mind is seeing good friends - when I am having tea, a meal or going for a walk with a friend (or my boyfriend), I am always surprised when 2 hours have passed! In terms of individual activities, i would say cooking a new recipe (when I am not pressed for time) or baking. I try to take the time to cook properly on a Sunday - I put on some music and prep a bunch of food for dinner and the rest of the week. My boyfriend is always surprised that I happy to spend a couple hours cooking!

Now to the question of procrastination... i would say that I am pretty proactive at home - I prefer to just get dishes, laundry, clean up done rather than let it sit. Sorting through closets, clothes or stuff is something I definitely put off - thank god it is not a chore I have to do all the time!
At work, I often put off big thinking tasks as long as possible... I blame the delays on meetings, more pressing tasks, emails, etc. but I should just prioritise the difficult tasks early in the day/ week - one of my colleagues calls this “swallowing the frog”. Especially as, once I get started, they are never as difficult as I had expected!


The last week has been crazy with work so I have been tresses and lacking sleep. I have missed a couple workouts, and went totally off track on Friday - I was in the office super late, there were snacks left over and I just kept eating them. Obviously I felt gross after and this morning.

Today was a much better day - ate clean (photo of my lunch), did some cardio and most importantly got some rest. Looking forward to cross-training tomorrow and will make up one of the workouts.

Need to really focus in the next few days as work will continue to be nuts - I will blog tomorrow with some strategies!

Hope everyone else had a better week!

PS: will catch up with the team’s blogs tomorrow :)

Worked very late last night and up early again this morning so was feeling pretty exhausted. I guess my body was craving the sugar so I ate not one but several non-compliant snacks. They were all natural - dates, some nuts, cacao nibs, natural peanut butter, break - but definitely not in the diet. I think that the bingey nature of the snacks was the real issue, I was not being mindful and truly enjoying them, just eating sugar while stressed. Not good!

Will have a light lunch and brush my teeth to get my back on track.

I must be cautious about snacks when working long hours, I am definitely less resilient at those times. Rest of the week will be busy too so will need to keep reminding myself that the diet helps me to run clean which is the best way to focus. Sugar just makes me groggy if I have too much.


I had a great weekend - yoga on Friday evening, workout followed by train to Wales on Saturday morning then spent the rest of the weekend hanging out & walking in Brecon Beacons with my friend. Photo of our walk in the VERY cloudy Welsh weather. The photo where you can see the edge of the cloud was the clearest section of the walk!

The food was not 100% Kompliant - I made mostly good choices apart from a brownie. I actually only had 2 bites of it because it wasn’t that tasty so definitely not worth the nasties!

Which body part would I change? I think it would have to be my love handles/ stomach. My legs are strong and toned but the mid section is just not great.
My hip tightness is also frustrating but I am working on that.




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