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Week 2 has been a bit crazy at work but I have managed to stay on track with the exercises and the diet.

On the diet front, I am happy to say that I grappled my way back from a few near-snacking occasions. When I am tired and stressed and there are chocolates treats that Iike, it is very tempting... But, I did not falter. I have a new pair of workout leggings that I am excited to use but I have decided that I need 21 days of near-perfect diet to use them. I am at 5 days so I need to persevere!

Pretty exhausted by the work week so looking forward to spending the weekend outdoors in Wales!

KB3 Day 9 - Intro

Despite blogging a few time already, I haven't introduced myself to team Wolverine and the rest of the KB3 program, so here it is!

I am Canadian and French but have been living in London for most of my life. I completed Kenzai Body in 2014, despite having completed a number of Kenzai programs, I was always a bit scared to tackle KB3... I decided after Christmas that it was time to try.

The hardest thing for me on program is always avoiding food/ snacks at office. I don't get snacky on weekends but during working days it's a real struggle. I am often jealous of the trainees that feel like there is too much food on program, I never have that issue! Of course, the social aspect of not drinking is always challenging but "Dry January" gives me a month before people start noticing that it is more than a post-Christmas clean-up!

The key to success for is community - I do a few things to keep me on track:
1. Tell people around me that I am on program so that I am forced to eat clean (otherwise they will know that I am succumbing to cravings)
2. Blog a few times a week to remind me of my Kenzai goals (anything less than that is a red flag!)
3. Sign up to programs with family or friends
Since my father is in team Wolverine too, I am trying to tick all of the community boxes for KB3 :)

As we start week 2, I am going to dial in my beginners mindset to be very diligent with my diet (weighing all my grams) and the workouts (focusing on every rep).

This weekend was good on the diet and exercise front. I cooked several Kenzai compliant homemade meals - dry vegetable curries with daal and cauliflower rice (photo below), pulled chicked, roast vegetables - and went to the farmers market to stock up on veg for the week. On the exercise front - I went to yoga classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, did the Kenzai workouts and cycled 2x40 mins yesterday. So overall a good weekend :)

The workout this morning went well. After Chisel in the fall, 10 mins of skipping seemed VERY long - but I'm sure I will get used to it in no time.

Have a great week 2 everyone!

When I am on program or making an effort to eat clean, I really notice how many snacks and unhealthy treats there are around the office. I also notice that I think about food a lot! To get over my snacking thoughts, I usually drink tea/water, go on the Kenzai website or do something else to remind myself that I am not really hungry.

I feel jealous of people who don't think about snacking or food when they are at work. For me it happens all the time. Maybe because I consider food to be a good reason to have a break (and procrastinate).
I think this would happen less if I felt more focused. In recent times, I have found myself very distracted at work. The problem is, I don't know how to get my focus back... Any tips?

Looking forward to another 90 day program, I mean I know it will be hard but it is what I need right now!

Day 1 workout completed this morning - tire run, shuffle plank and pass-off were all slightly harder than I remember... Now need to focus on the diet. Did so meal prep last night so should be sorted for the next couple days at least :)

Closing out 2018 with a VERY late Chisel grad post 

As I have said in previous posts, Chisel is a great program. It pushes you hard with super sweaty workouts, new lessons and a tight diet but is also approachable for a HIIT based program.

I have still not managed to fully nail a Chisel program - finishing midway through December just did not fit with the Christmas social calendar! With a less than perfect diet in the last 2 weeks, I did not drop the body fat I was hoping to but it did get me ready for a great week of skiing. Where my pretty fit boyfriend was complaining of sore legs on day 2, I did not feel it until day 4! Awesome!

To round out 2018, I am proud of the progress I have made with my overall health. Throughout the year, I have eaten cleaner and exercised more than ever before. I definitely have better habits and more muscle than a year ago.

I am looking forward to the 2019 Kenzai programs where I would like to engrain my health habits further, get rid of a few bad habits and drop my body fat!

Happy New Year Kenzai friends 😊

PS: photos of family ski holiday with 3 other Kenzai trainees!


I was pretty excited when I saw the Day 30 mark on my workout this morning, I feel like that is quite an accomplishment for all of us!

Beginning of week 5 has been good. I got my workouts done in the morning, I cycled to work yesterday and I am managing to mostly ignore my thoughts of food. Definitely feeling sore though - I feel like the soreness is just never ending at this stage...

As you will notice from the points below, this weekend was not compliant. We were in Munich for the weekend visiting my boyfriend's older brother and his fiancée. It was a lovely weekend, Munich is pretty and so festive this time of year! However, typical Bavarian food is a nightmare for Kenzai! Thankfully we did a lot of walking around and not too much eating so I didn't consume copious amounts of food but I did have a bit of gluhwein, beer and a variety of typical german sausages... I also managed to squeeze in a few side orders of vegetable with all the meat

Back in London now so having home-made food as much as possible.

D25 - 7 (not enough sleep + 1 biscuit)
D26 - 9.5 (extra protein at lunch)
D27 - 3 (cardio only, gluhwein, beer, curry wurst)
D28 - 5 (missed workout, 1 beer, not enough veg, no egg whites)
D29 - 10 :)

Chiz D25 - Still at it

I feel like this week has been going pretty slowly - I have felt tired and fairly sore most days so that probably doesn't help. Work is also pretty busy and I am juggling lots of different things which means I don't feel focused.

Tuesday night, I got home fairly late but luckily my Kenzai fairies had prepared the perfect lunch for me (photo attached). It was so nice to know that lunch the next day was sorted!

Workouts have been going well, I felt a little more floating going on in my day 23 double HTs which was exciting :) I also went to a yoga class last night which really focus on mindful movement and being careful with your joints so it fit in perfectly with yesterday's lesson.

Hope everyone in team Camalus is nailing week 4!

PS: Where is the rest of the group? I haven't seen many blogs :(

D24 - 10

Chiz D23 - really sore!

Really sore legs today! I guess the chisel workouts + cycling to work both days + barre class last night is a bit much. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight to get that magic muscle repair going!

On the diet front, pretty much perfect yesterday, I even planned to bring dinner for before my 8-9pm barre class. I missed my dairy allowance though. Today, all my grams + 2 square dark chocolate...

Tomorrow aiming for a perfect day.

D22-8.5 (missed dairy + not enough sleep)
D23 - 8

The third cycle of Chisel workouts definitely stepped it up a notch. I then proceeded to cycle to work for ~45 mins without eating anything... I was feeling very weak mid-way through the bike ride!

For the days when I cycle to work, is it OK it I eat my morning fruit snack+egg white before breakfast? I would be eating the fruit around 7am then breakfast around 9am.

I spent the weekend away with my boyfriend Hugo as it was our anniversary on Friday. It was a great weekend - we went for walks, got massages, ate good food, went the spa, got great deals at an outlet mall and just generally spent a lot of quality time together!

On the Chisel front, I got all of my workouts done, got some good sleep and spent a lot of time in "flow" state. The diet was mostly compliant except for Saturday night where we went out for an awesome meal and I had wine and dessert.

Generally week 3 was not very successful in terms of diet. Need to tune back in next week to make sure I get the results I am looking for!

D16-7.5 (overate+1 sneaky biscuit)
D17-5 (not enough sleep + two non compliant foods)
D18-3 (networking event, lots of non kompliant food)
D19-8(glass of wine)
D20-4(several glasses of wine + dessert)
D21-9(extra dairy + extra carbs for breakfast)

So despite my last blog post where I showed surprise at my stable diet since last week, I have been so hungry the last few days! Trying to keep it under control by drinking water and eating extra kenzai-compliant foods but it's definitely not easy... I had never realised quite how distracted I get when I am hungry!
Is anyone else struggling with this?

Apart from the constant thoughts of food, things have been going well. Met a friend last night but stuck to non-alcoholic drinks, did my workout this morning and mostly on track for diet.

I look forward to cycle A days as I find them shorter and easier than the other workouts so it will be easier to get out of bed tomorrow!

Hope everyone else is nailing week 3 :)

Exercise all good today - strong Chisel workout and cycled to and from work (50mins each way). It was raining on the way home so not the most pleasant trip!

Diet was on point today, hurray! Was surprised to see that my carbs have not been cut and I got extra veggies for breakfast...

D15 - 10

As usual, the weekend went way to quickly. I got all my workouts done - good arms and shoulder session yesterday & 1.5km swim + 100 push-ups today. There were a lot of breaks in the push-ups! I want to get better at them which is why I picked the challenge but it definitely made me feel weak.

Food wise, yesterday was perfect until 6pm... Then I met a friend to go for dinner and a concert. She picked a burger place for dinner - there were no healthy options so I indulged burger with 1/2 portion fries + a beer at the concert. Delicious but ruined my 2 perfect day streak - need to get at least 3 perfect days this week!
Today food was better but still went off track a little at dinner. We had friends over for Sunday roast and I had a portion of cauliflower cheese and a small piece of the cake I had for dessert.

Muscles are still sore but bring on week 3!

Points for the last few days:
D11- 10, D12 - 10, D13 - 3 (no points for food due to beer + fries + cheese etc ), D14 - 6 (cheese + cake)


Working from home today which is a nice treat... Was able to wake up at 7am to do the workout instead of my usual 6am. Felt luxurious staying in bed so late :)

Was very sore during the workout this morning - legs hurt, lower back was sensitive, shoulders hurt. Going to yoga tonight to try and stretch it out.

Noticed today that I find it much easier to stay kompliant at home than at the office. Maybe it has something to do with the box of treats that come out every Thursday afternoon (see today's "Treaty Thursday" email from our admin team)!

Points: D10 - 9.5 (overate at dinner)




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