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Went to bed fairly late last night as I went to the theater (to see Hamilton which was awesome!) which meant I had to employ A LOT of will power to get myself out of bed for my workout. I managed though :)

Dinner out before the theater meant that my diet was not kompliant. It was a turkish meal which meant that I mostly stuck to chicken and salad but let pastry, falafel and a few dips/ salads with nuts and pulses slide... Not a huge issue but I also ate more than I should have on Monday so I definitely need to tighten things up!

It was a great night though so no regrets, just a renewed focus. Going to try to get a few perfect days!

Points for week 1: 56.5 + 2 (blogging bonus points) = 58.5 --> 84%
D8 - 9; D9 - 6

So yesterday was a total disaster. I was attending a 30th birthday brunch and had full intentions of staying on diet - I even told the table that I wasn't drinking. But the birthday girl wanted to do "bottomless" brunch which meant mimosas and wine ensued... Thank god I did the workout before brunch!

Today was all good - stayed on diet, went for a brisk walk and to a yoga class and did lots of meal prep for the week.

Looking forward to focusing on the diet in week 2 - it will make it much easier to be strict with my points!

D6: 3, no point for food yesterday - total diet disaster
D7: 9, had to get some work done tonight so just will just miss the 7 hours of sleep

Have a great start to week 2!

Chiz D6 -

Feeling pretty sore from the last five days of workouts, I am looking forward to some free cardio (probably swimming) tomorrow not give me knees and back a break! Before that I still need to do the day 6 workout...

I work in a consulting team and this is the time of year when we need to provide feedback to everyone we have worked with over the year. We also are asked to review our own performance. I think this is a grear idea but writing feedback for everyone is SO LONG! I still have a few more reviews to do over the weekend and I am dreading it.

Scores for the last couple days:
D4: 6 (ate two off-Kenzai snacks)
D5: 9.5 (portion of chicken for my evening meal was definitely too big)

Chiz D3 - Points system

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been struggling with motivation in the last month or so. To give myself extra motivation, I am using a points system for sticking to the program. This is inspired from Kim's (who is also on chisel) system earlier in the year.

Each day is worth 10 points:
- Workout: 2 points for completing the Chisel workout. If I complete part of the chisel workout or a different workout, 1 point
- Sleep: 1 point for sleeping 7 hours or more
- Food: 6 points as starting point. -2 points/serving for any off diet food, -0.5 points/ serving for any extra on diet food or missed portions

Bonus 0.5 points for each blog post up to 2 points per week

I will log my points everyday and figure out how well I did at the end of the program. There will be rewards (e.g full body massage) for different levels of success at the end of the program but I still need to figure out what those will be.

Points so far:
D1 -10, D2 - 10, D3 - 9

Today's workout went well, definitely got some good burns in the triceps. I also went to a yoga class this evening which really fired up my glutes... we'll see how they feel tomorrow!

Hope everyone else is have a good week 1 :)

Chiz D1 - Take two

After finishing Chisel a week ago, I am giving it another shot. My last round of Chisel had it's ups and downs but I didn't feel proud of my results; I am determined to make this round different!

Like many of the other blogs say, I am signing up to Chisel again as I want to feel stronger and fitter for the end of 2018. Also, I have felt a bit unmotivated (at work and outside) and blah in the last couple months. Chisel is a key part of the changes I am making to snap myself out of this funk.

Day 1 workout went well, looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

Chisel round 1 graduation - Fizzle not Sizzle :( 

Would love to say that I rocked this program but that is not quite the case! I did not stick to the diet very well, I missed quite a few workouts and I don't feel like I got everything out of Chisel that I wanted to.
But, there are definitely some good things:
- I am definitely better at HIT-style workouts than I was at the start of the program
- Push-up burpees are no longer dread inducing, I actually quite enjoy them! The same cannot be sadi for double hang times...
- But I am definitely getting closer to double hang times!
- My strength has increased, I got through a pretty intense flow yoga class with much better form than I would have been capable of 6 weeks ago.
- I was reminded that when I eat crap I feel crap so even more incentive to eat clean
Also on a positive note, at least some of my deviations from Kompliance were for fun events like a weekend in Paris with my family and one of my best friend's birthday (rather than everything being linked to stress and work)

Overall, I enjoyed Chisel. The workouts were super sweaty but awesome, the lessons were super interesting, my teammates were really supportive and I the diet was actually less strict than I expected!
So I will definitely do it again and next time I will try harder to do it justice.

I went to a yoga festival on Sunday which was fun but exhausting - 2.5 hours of yoga + being on your feet all day will do that to you!
Yesterday was my first taste of cycling to work, it was about -45 mins each way so a nice bit of cardio to add to the day!

Week 5 of Chisel went pretty OK. I did all the workouts but had a few social events so diet was not 100% on point. Overall, I am frustrated by how un-Kompliant I have been this program. Completely my fault but a learning for me: I need to prioritise my next program more to avoid frustration!

Anyway, the plan now is to finish week 6 off strong :) Good luck fellow Chisellers!

The lesson on joints and ninja workouts was a good reminder to protect our joints as much as possible. During the last two workouts I have focused on landing lightly but I am a long way away from a "ninja workout" - my jumps feel a lot more like elephants than ninjas!

I will keep working at it. Hopefully by end of week 6, I will be a little quieter!

Really sorry for being MIA the last week. I was travelling for work and running a big meeting at work last Thursday and Friday so work just took over my life - a lot of hours in meetings & in front of my computer, very few hours sleeping and no hours working out. It was a bit of a disaster. I had completely underestimated how stressed I would be and how much prep this meeting would require. To add insult to injury, being in full day meetings meant that I was eating office catering which was far from being Kenzai compliant.

On Friday night I was completely dead so spent the weekend sleeping, cleaning up my diet and getting back into exercise. This is definitely not what I wanted for week 3 of Chisel... all I can do now is be awesome in week 4!

Fully kompliant day so far - the 3 cycles this morning were a sweaty affair but I am sure that the hang time circuit tomorrow will be even more brutal!

Hope everyone else is having a good start to week 4!

Chisel D12 - Konfession

I thought about not writing about my transgressions... I guess I feel annoyed at myself for letting myself eat non-Kompliant food so early into Chisel.

Anyway, here they are:
- yesterday I ate (natural) peanut butter with some jam and 2 slices of bread in the evening (while other food was cooking)
- Today, I had a small slice of pizza and 3 squares of milk chocolate.
There’s really no excuse for it apart from stress, tiredness, pressure at work, bla bla

So all I can say is that I will do better next time temptation comes up. I’m sure that there will be a lot of opportunities this weekend as I am on a girls trip in Lisbon!

Sorry to bring the Hang Time topic up again but I just can't get the hang of them! My 10 hang times are pretty much just exaggerated half burpees.

Any tips on how to do them? Or how they should feel?
I like the idea of trying with one leg but I don't quite understand how I would get from a crouched position to one leg in the air! Anyway... any ideas would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)

Chisel D7 - Good weekend

Had a good weekend seeing friends, family and staying pretty close to kompliant (1 square dark chocolate & half glass of red wine were the transgressions!)

Today’s free cardio was fun. I went to a yoga class and went for a run with my friend. Not our fastest run but we chatted for the full 6km so I think that is pretty good!

Good luck for week 2 everyone 😊

Chisel D5 - Late Intro

Apologies for the late intro but here it is...

- Why Chisel? What do you want to get out of the program?
Seems a bit obvious but I want to burn fat! I have done a few programs this year but haven't got my body fat to where I want it to be so I thought I would give Chisel a try. Also, I enjoy cycle/ circuit based workouts so I am looking forward to getting to do more of them

- Who are you? Where are you? What are you?
Who am I... that's a good question. Up until a few years ago, I guess I would usually have been labelled as "sensible, ambitious and friendly" but now sporty/ healthy often gets added to that list. Now for the more concrete things: I live in London and work in healthcare consulting

- What one thing is hardest for you when on a Kenzai program?
When on program, the hardest things are staying away from sweet treats when I am low on energy or motivation. And saying no to drinks when out with friends.

- What would you do with $1,000,000 USD?
Great question! Buy a property, go travelling to volunteer all over the world

I am loving all of the activity on the blogs so far this week. Let's keep it going :)

I have been really looking forward to Chisel ever since I finished Iron in April. Happy that it is finally underway!
Unluckily, I developed a rather nasty head cold yesterday which meant that I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a pounding headache. Not a nice feeling to kick off a program! I still got myself out of bed and pushed through the workout. Now I am kind of hoping that the workout felt extra hard because I was under the weather... if day 1 is so sweaty what will day 42 be!

Have a great day 1 fellow Chiselers!

Kettlebells - Out with a fizzle 

My second round of kettlebells was definitely not the strong program I was hoping for. My fault completely of course - I let social activities, work and vacation get in the way.

I really enjoyed the kettlebell workouts and am looking forward to using them again. The circuits are the perfect length to get you super sweaty and the perfect amount of sore!

Thanks to the Kenzai team for designing a great program.




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