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Alexia M.

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I have been a totally MIA and a bad teammate this program. Between work craziness, weddings and holiday I managed to complete the first 3 weeks at 80%, week 4&5 at 25% and now I am trying to complete week 6 strong again.

I am really loving the cycle workouts. It is definitely one of my favourite things about Kenzai Kettlebell. I have also cleaned up my diet again after a few weeks of weddings and travel indulgence.

Good luck with the final week everyone! I will keep working through all my missed workouts in July and August so that I can be Kettlebell fit by the end of the summer!

Sorry team for being MIA, working is kicking my butt right now and I am struggling to get work, sleep, eating, exercise and the occasional social activity into my schedule right now.

Comments on the team's blogs and my own real blog coming tomorrow - I promise.

Apologies for the radio silence team, I don't really know where the last week or so has gone!
Program has been going pretty well so far.
Workouts - really enjoying the pace and sweatiness of the cycle workouts. No time to think about how hard some of the exercises are as we move so quickly on to the next!
Sleep has been OK - work is busy so that usually means sleep suffers slightly but still OK for now.
Food is always the struggle. I have definitely cleaned up my act except for a few unsalted nuts and 1 beer yesterday. I really need to keep the focus for the next 4.5 weeks to nail the diet!

Have a great day everyone!

Fun first workout, focused on quickly moving between exercises so I really zipped through it!
Having bought an 8kg kettlebell when participating in the Kenzai kettlebell beta several years ago, I now realise that 8kg is no longer enough! I will buy a 12kg bell in the next few days and see how I get on.

Had a small piece of cake today but that will need to be my last (at least until a wedding in July). I need to tighten up my diet these next few weeks.

Looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

I had planned on having a full Kenzai diet from day 1 but my brother's birthday + full day meetings meant my diet was off track. Anyway, at least I have been clean today. For the remainder of the program, I am going to (try to) use a points system to track how well I am doing and keep my accountable when I go off diet.

Anyway, to answer Thomas' questions on my goals for this program:
1. I want to use this Reboot to force me to keep my diet tight. Since KIron, I have been exercising regularly (5+ days per week) but I have let the diet slip. The structure of a program and being accountable with my team mates helps keep me on track.
2. What do I need to make this happen? That's a tough one. I need to not let my whims and 5-second desires get in the way of my long term goals. I know that I can eat clean and I know that I don't need sweet treats in my life. I just need to remind myself of those things when they are offered to me, put out in the office or when I get a craving.

Food is always the hardest part for me during the program. Exercise and sleep, I can do. But food requires constant, unwavering focus!

Here is the points system that I will be using (adapted from trainer Kim Benson's scoring during her Chisel program and a challenge run by trainer Ed Center in a previous program) to keep my honest:
Total of 10 points per day: 2 points for workout, 7 points for food and 1 point for sleep
- Workout: Alternative exercise can count as my cardio but not as my strength workout. If I any do an alternative exercise but no Kenzai exercises, - 1 point
- Sleep: 1 point for over 7 hours of sleep
- Food: Any food/drink off diet = -2/serving. Any off portions of "on diet" food or missed portions = -0.5 per serving

Have a day 4 everyone!

Reboot Day 1

Having completed KIron mid-April, I have done a good job at maintaining my fitness but need the structure of a program to help keep my focused on my diet! I really want to use this month to get my diet cleaned up, trim down and generally be healthier. Looking forward to a clean and mean month!

Day 90 - Love Iron 

I can’t believe day 90 has come and gone - I feel like this program has flown by! I have really enjoyed the workouts, learning about a whole new way to work my body and, of course, the great Kenzai community!

Before Iron, I had always felt a little awkward in the weights section of a gym. I can definitely say that I now feel at ease, even when I am the only women surrounded by lots of men!
I love the new muscles and strength that I have developed. I have not trimmed down as much as I had hoped but this might be due to my caution with weights. Since I had never done weightlifting before January, I prioritised form over weight. Maybe if I do Iron again, I will be able to go heavier.

On a personal note, this program was easier on my relationship than KB2 last year. During KB2, I would do my workouts in the evening a few times a week. This time, I found it easier to wake up for early morning workouts which meant my evenings were mostly free for my boyfriend or other social activities.
I actually went to the gym with my boyfriend for my day 90 workout which was nice. It meant that he was able to spot my bench press and we were able to share in the end of the program 😊

In terms of feedback for the program, I will echo other trainees’ comments that the time in the gym in the second half is a bit too long. I was getting close to 1h30 for the entire workout (warm up, skipping and stretching included) in the last few weeks.

So what’s next... Over the next few weeks I want to find my maintenance rythme. I need to make sure that I can stay fit and continue to trim fat even without Kenzai! I would also love to do Chisel but with a holiday planned mid-May, I know that I won’t stick to the diet. Can I request a Chisel starting mid-July (maybe the 16th)?
I am also interested in doing Run, Kettlebells or maybe Iron again so we’ll see how those fit with travel plans.

Thanks to Scott and the rest of the Bones team for the support throughout these 90 days. Hope to see you in future programs 😊

The workout today was so long! It was definitely tough getting it in before work - I was late to the office.

Diet today was perfect until dinner where I went to a friend's house. I steered clear of the alcohol and chips/ snacks but the main was salad with homemade pizza (I didn't tell her about my diet), so I couldn't really get out of it. I did steer clear of dessert though.

Excited for the final workout tomorrow. Definitely happy with my increased strength throughout the program but would have liked to see more fat loss. Now I just need to figure out the perfect maintenance to make that happen!

Day 88 - Diet Fails

How can I let myself slip up so close to the end?!? I honestly don't understand how my brain works sometimes - letting my few minutes of weakness derail a larger goal is so nonsensical.

Anyway, for full disclosure and to make myself remember it, I will blog about it. Yesterday, all perfect until dinner time where I was out for Lebanese with a friend and had off-diet bread and two small baklava. The real fail come today.
Today, treats (chocolates, candy, chips, etc) were brought out at work. I had 1 kinder Bueno, 4 Percy pigs (individual candies) and a handful of chocolate covered cashews. What on earth?!? I was feeling really tired, was having a stressful day but still. So outrageous. Makes me angry thinking about it.

It's in the past now so looking forward to a perfect day 89 and 90.

Side note, hard workout today but definitely loving the burns!

Leg workout yesterday plus a yoga class with lots of lunges and warriors made for very sore quads and hamstrings. When I saw the squat press in the workout today, I died a little. But, I powered through! Very sweaty workout again today. Every time I do assisted pull ups, I dream of the day I will manage to do a full pull-up. I think I will need to practice more often to make that happen.

All good on the diet front. However missed my fruit in the evening as I had dinner late and just wasn't hungry.

4 days to go... Kind of feel like I would like the program to last a few more weeks!

Day 85 - Legs so sore...

Legs workout was tough today. The combs was a killer then the mini squats afterwards - wow! Infinished the workout a sweaty, red-faced mess.

There was a little to much oil on the meat I had at dinner and I had a few too many protein grams. But overall a Kompliant day where I didn’t have cravings for sweet treats - yay!

5 days to go... Eek

The rest day yesterday was nice, my body is still pretty sore this morning so I guess it needed a day’s rest!

I spent most of the day yesterday helping out a friend by modelling for photos. Feels awkward while doing it but I was hanging out with friends so fun overall! However, I was only planning to do photos for an hour or so but as we were taking turns, it took 4 hours. Consequence : no food between 12 and 4.30 and not eating all of my food allowance throughout the day. Hopefully this does not impact my leg day too much.

In the evening I went to a Restorative Yoga class which was lovely - slow stretches & mindful breathing were the perfect way to chill out before bed.

Can’t believe it’s the final week!

Been good the past two days. Not let chocolate or beer slip through despite the temptations.
Went out to dinner yesterday and had to pick goat's cheese out of my salad because I forgot to ask to have it taken out... nevermind
Shoulder day was brutal. That combo was horrible - I hate one type of shoulder press on good day, two types in a row is just torture!

Looking forward to seeing what KIron has in store for week 13 but starting to get the happy/anxious emotional mix at the end of a program. Am I happy to have more flexibility back or nervous about not have a programmed routine and diet to stick to?

I can’t believe we are in the last 10 days. I can’t decide if it feels like we have been doing Iron forever or if we just started...

The past week has been OK. Workouts have been strong but my cravings for chocolate have been crazy and I have been letting small snacks back in. Very frustrating - I feel like I am letting my whims get the better of my resolve and I don’t like it. So, from the last 9 days of the program, I vow to be perfect on the diet front. And I will write a blog (might be really short) to be accountable for my diet.

The workouts are leaving me in a sweaty mess everyday so I guess they must be doing the job! Mostly, I have found the combo exercises OK (except the leg day combo, it was tough motivating myself through that!). My wrists have been tender for the past few weeks and get especially sore after chest and biceps workouts. I’m not sure how to avoid the pain, any advice?

Have a great Friday everyone!

I am not sure how I went so log without blogging... to am still plodding along - enjoying the workouts, a few slip ups on the diet but 90% compliant.
I am in the Lake District for Easter weekend so will be doing lots of walking on top of my Iron workouts.

I will post a more comprehensive blog post about the last week tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure I got something up!




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