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Alexis W.

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And generally feel pretty gross. Didn’t do my exercise, didn’t stick to the diet and did have some drinks. But it was a big party that won’t be repeated again. Was certainly fun to get all dressed up.


Today was big day at work, 5am to 10pm. Big project going on. Didn’t realize I hadn’t had breakfast which really caught up with me. But I did take a colleague for bday lunch and had a work dinner. Didn’t save a quarter didn’t make the healthiest choices. Being stressed, great platform for making crap food choices.

But I did do my work out. And I liked today’s lesson, slow and steady is new but makes sense. Coz I went hard core last year and was just exhausted eating badly all the time.

Must not get so ravenous that I throw it all away eating what not.


Found a great space on the roof of my condo. I live in Singapore so the sun doesn’t rise until 7am but when it does, shade is essential. These work outs are only taking 12 mins this week - is that what everyone is clocking?


Tonight I got all glammed up for an event. I didn’t drink, or eat the canapés... so when I got home early... I decided to go for another workout! Rather than be tempted by snacking 😬🤭😏 yup working out in full face of make-up 😂