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No workouts?

I have to admit that I’ve really struggled with the new platform and have ended up virtually giving up. I don’t understand why I don’t see any workouts at all, even the maintenance program?

While in lockdown Kenzai would be really useful just now, but right now it’s unusable 😢

Update - I signed into the alumni section which took me to another site which has more on it - however even though I now see Kenzai life program titles for the next three weeks (see image), none of them open up when I tap them.

Reboot over - onto next Reboot! 

This is a graduation post (of sorts) for my recent tricky attempt to complete the Reboot programme. For a couple of reasons, I really only managed 50% of the programme, so I’ve already registered to do the next available one.

Due to various factors, this reboot hasn’t been perfectly executed from my perspective, but it has served the purpose I needed, which was to reintroduce me to Kenzai, and for sure that has happened. I do find that other parts of my life so easily get in my way of making time to exercise, and I know this is the story of my life, but I feel it’s better to be doing something rather than nothing when it comes to looking after myself.


Really need this reboot as I’ve been out of Kenzai for a few months, but always knew I’d be starting the programme a little late as I’ve been on a week long yoga retreat in the English Lake District. As a yoga beginner, this has been a fantastic education for me, trying different types of yoga and learning the basics of breathing and tuning into your body. The week included a macrobiotic diet so it’s been a very healthy week in an idyllic location.

This next three weeks on Kenzai reboot is just what I need however to get me back into practice. After the yoga, those stretches take on a whole new meaning.

Cardio replacement

For the last three months I’ve been dealing with a recurring knee injury which, after some physiotherapy sessions, we worked out got worse through jumping exercises. The advice from the physio - replace the skipping. Although I have tried to mix it up, I needed something simple I could turn to indoors with reduced impact on the knee. So welcome to my new attack bike. When I’ve been in gyms I’ve always ignored this machine, but this thing is great for getting the heart rate up.

So far this is working out well.

And so it starts again

Hi everyone,

I live with my environmental scientist wife, Zoe, in northern England. These days our daughters live away at University so the house is a lot quieter. Just us and the cats.

I run my own company, designing airports around the world which keeps me very busy with long hours and lots of travel. This is always my biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining a diet and exercise routine. Frankly, I work hard and eat hard, and spend far too much time staring at a screen.

KB2 is basically unfinished business for me. Last time around I struggled with the diet. So I’ve been working out some ‘survival’ techniques which should help keep me on the straight and narrow this time around.

When it comes to playlists for a tough workout, I just tune into one of the 80’s radio stations - can’t beat it!

New book

I bought this new book on how to tackle procrastination. It looks great. Just waiting for the right moment to read it...

Still here

Not managed to blog much lately. But I’m still here plugging away. Usual problems of balancing work and my Company. Great to be busy with work, but I struggle to carve out time for myself.

Workouts are going ok. I continually have to exchange certain exercises to avoid stress on my wrist but this seems to work out ok. Travelling at the weekend so having to plan workout and diet in advance.

My new foe

I seem to have inherited a new foe called ‘Procrastination’ lately. Putting off the workout until the last possible moment, and sometimes until it is too late in the day. This loss in motivation is turning out to be a real challenge, but progress thus far has seen me lose two notches on my belt and I can see the workouts making a difference.

But as work gets busier it becomes easier for me to convince myself that I need to stay at work later. However, in part I think I do this to put off the workout!

That doesn’t mean I don’t do the workout, but each time I have to force myself to do it and for some reason I’m just not motivated about the programme. But I’m determined to complete it and grind through each workout one at a time. I need to find the secret to motivation however, and shake off this whole procrastination business.

Halfway and time to refocus

Can’t quite believe we’re halfway already. So far the diet has been good, but some old habits just starting to creep in (or trying to tempt me). Here are my main diet challenges:

(i) fruit juice - love it, but too much - managed to cut this out until recently where I’ve had a few ‘treats’ - so time to go back to cutting it out completely;

(ii) mayonnaise - this is one of the biggest things I have to try to avoid - if we have it in the house then i’ll soon find myself adding it to things - there are no half measures here for me - from today I have a zero mayonnaise policy;

(iii) chocolate and puddings - ok, in fact this isn’t a failure, it’s a success as I don’t really crave this stuff and find it easy to cut out of the diet. However, in the supermarket the other evening I found myself seriously considering buying cheesecake - I had to remind myself how bad that would be and managed to walk away from the cheesecake and head back to the fruit aisle;

(iv) cheese - what can I say - I just need to avoid it 😢

Great successes include changing my whole snacking habits at work - I now take fruit into work for snacks when before KB2 I was just eating far too much sugary and carby rubbish. And the great news is that I’ve not missed all that rubbish at all.

So all in all the diet has been pretty good, but could do better - I’m on the lookout for old habits creeping back in and ready to nip them in the bud and clean things up as we head into the second half of KB2.


Now this blog is definitely not me looking for sympathy - it’s just an update on what’s been a real challenge so far.

The first five weeks have been a real health rollercoaster for me. I’m not someone who is usually ill, but week 2 saw my tendinitis flare slightly so I managed my way through that by occasionally substituting certain exercises but within the same muscle group. Good news is that’s all fine now but I always have to be careful with my wrist and I know the exercises that are risky. Ironically, sometimes it’s the stretches that can be the worst for this.

Then week 3 was the week I came down with some sort of flu which made working out difficult but managed to crank through most of them. Week 4 was all good so I hit it hard only to come down with a middle ear infection for pretty much all of week 5. For the most part this hasn’t stopped me exercising, but I had to lighten up on the skipping now and again as it caused a bit of discomfort.

So this last three weeks have felt like a battle. I’ve been determined not to stop though as this means a lot to me to pass through KB2 successfully.

Week 3 not quite to plan

Last week I picked up a virus which wiped me out for four days, two of which I think I slept through for most of the day and the other two spent in a dizzy haze feeling dreadful. Needless to say the workouts suffered. I tried to maintain the diet though, knowing that I was in no state to train.

So I've started week 4 in really determined mood to put things back on track. I know I’m not supposed to, but I also sneaked in one of the missed week 3 workouts.

I’m pleased to be back in the rhythm of regular structured workouts. It feels like I am starting the skipping from scratch all over again, but I’m persevering. Diet wasn’t quite perfect last week, but it was my daughter’s university graduation and I admit we had a bit of a celebration - still tried to choose carefully from the menu, but there may have been a few cocktails ...🍹😬


Hi everyone,

My names Alex and here are three interesting facts about me:

(i) I once rowed competitively against the Great Britain rowing squad;

(ii) I am a member of the Magic Circle; and

(iii) I am a trained Tarot card reader.

Or at least that’s mostly accurate ..... 🤥

My “don’t graduate me” post 

Firstly congratulations to everyone who managed to go the full 90 days on KB2 - it’s an impressive effort. I did this on KB1 and I know that really great feeling on day 90.

Unfortunately KB2 has posed a number of challenges for me, and as time went on I started to feel quite negative about missed workouts, a slowly deteriorating diet (still better than pre-KB2) and injuries. Up to day 45, things were going well, but then I got tendinitis in my wrist, work got busier and busier and to cap it all I did something to my lower back. This meant even more missed workouts and a reluctance to post blogs as I started to feel I was letting the team down.

So to be honest I don’t feel it would be right to be graduated for KB2 when I only really did half of it.

My plan now is to get into a maintenance programme and quietly work out what went wrong. Injuries aside, it is constantly my work-life balance that I battle with, and it is this I am going to have a concerted effort to fix, starting with the maintenance programme. I want that day 90 feeling again. So when I say well done to all of you that stuck it all the way through, I really mean WELL DONE !

I’ll be back. 🙂




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