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My “don’t graduate me” post 

Firstly congratulations to everyone who managed to go the full 90 days on KB2 - it’s an impressive effort. I did this on KB1 and I know that really great feeling on day 90.

Unfortunately KB2 has posed a number of challenges for me, and as time went on I started to feel quite negative about missed workouts, a slowly deteriorating diet (still better than pre-KB2) and injuries. Up to day 45, things were going well, but then I got tendinitis in my wrist, work got busier and busier and to cap it all I did something to my lower back. This meant even more missed workouts and a reluctance to post blogs as I started to feel I was letting the team down.

So to be honest I don’t feel it would be right to be graduated for KB2 when I only really did half of it.

My plan now is to get into a maintenance programme and quietly work out what went wrong. Injuries aside, it is constantly my work-life balance that I battle with, and it is this I am going to have a concerted effort to fix, starting with the maintenance programme. I want that day 90 feeling again. So when I say well done to all of you that stuck it all the way through, I really mean WELL DONE !

I’ll be back. 🙂

Time flies

Sorry guys, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since I last blogged. The last three weeks have posed a few challenges balancing work and Kenzai, but I’ve been doing what I can. I’ve been happy that exercises like the wall sit and plank get slowly ‘easier’ which gives me confidence that the workouts I am managing to fit in are certainly improving things. The half burpee and stand exercise remains incredibly tiring - this wipes me out in no time. I’m still having to be really cautious with a weak wrist, but so far so good. I’m really looking forward to the summer though - I’ve noticed it makes KB much easier to fit into my schedule as a lot of it I like to do outside.

A snowy week 8

Well this week so far I have spent more time clearing snow than doing workouts!

The exercise has been going ok, but some very late night working has meant that the diet and sleep tends to suffer. But I always make sure I avoid the sugar whatever happens.

Still here

Not managed to blog much lately. I’ve noticed a trend that when I’m really busy at work, and when the to-do list is so long, my mindset is always to put work first. One of the reasons I joined Kenzai was to beat this cycle and find time for myself. That’s sometimes easier said than done when you run your own business, but also the fact that I run my own business means that I can take time whenever I want to do work outs. In theory no excuses.

However, during this last two weeks I’ve been in this battle with my work-self. I’m hanging in there but finding things challenging. I’ve not been helped by the re-emergence of tendinitis in my wrist. This is nothing new for me as it’s a situation that I have managed for years, but it means I have to be really careful with any exercises that put stress on my wrist. The good news is that with careful management it seems to have subsided in this last week.

So I’m still here, fighting, reading and trying to perfect the deceptively difficult ‘butt up’ exercise!

Made a discovery today - Michael Jackson’s “man in the mirror” is great for mini squats, Foreigner “I wanna know what love is” works perfectly for any abs set and don’t even get me started on Grandmaster Flash ...

Can’t beat a good 80’s workout! 🕺

Checking in

Hi all,

Just checking in quickly to say I’m still here cranking through the workouts. Travel and work are proving a big stretch on my time, but I’m doing whatever I can to fit KB2 into the schedule. Been a bit depressed about things lately as I don’t feel that I am in control of my own time with things being so busy. I just have to fight one day at a time to do the best I can. I won’t for a second say that things are running perfectly on this programme, but I’m darned determined to see it through.

Well that went quickly - with so much going on last week, slotting Kenzai into my itinerary was a real challenge, but I was determined to keep things going. This resulted in some very late, and very cold workouts. I’ve definitely got into the workout routine, but haven’t quite got the diet sorted yet, but it is still much much better than before I started the programme.

Checking in

A quick post, a little late, to say all is good and I’m cranking my way through the exercises. This early stage is about settling into the rhythm of Kenzai again, so while I’m a little nervous about getting everything in order with this week’s diet, I know I’ve already been here with KB1 so I’m telling myself that there should be no issue. This is the toughest week for me.

Reboot graduation 👨‍🎓  

An interesting four weeks. Week one and two was just fine, then the dreaded issue of finding time and late working made week three flakey at best. Week 4 has been a battle to get things back on track. But overall I achieved my goals, which was to stop the rot setting back in. This was always a stepping stone towards KB2 in January. My intention is to keep things going strong up to the holidays. Then I may just have a week off. Or two..

So in the meantime, wishing you all a happy Christmas, happy holidays, or whatever it is you choose to celebrate.


Loving the exercises in ‘cycles’ - this is what I’d really like for the maintenance period workouts

Week 4 challenge

I’m sneaking in a quick pre-graduation post here to register my new rules. This last two weeks have seen my work life become very busy (again) and consequently the exercise regime and blogging has suffered, albeit never stopped altogether.

I’ve tried to keep the diet going as best as possible. However, this has all made me think a lot about some new simple rules. The key things for me are to make sure I get at least 3 Kenzai exercise sessions in per week, continuing to cut out comfort eating of sugar at work, not eating late in the evenings and getting more sleep.

I’m trying to look forwards at what I’m going to do rather than looking backwards at what I’ve failed to do.

Eye of the tiger

Is there any better track to get your workout really moving than Survivor’s ‘Eye of the tiger’? I know it’s a bit of an obvious choice but if I ever need motivation for exercise this is the track I’ll choose. I’m interested to know what tracks others use to get in the mood for working out.

Week 2 in the bag

Reflecting back on week 2, despite being very busy with work I’ve managed to cling on to the workout schedule courtesy of some late and cold evening workout sessions. The diet is improving, but I do find this the most difficult aspect. Nonetheless, last week meant ‘Beaujolais Day’ when there’s simply no options but to enjoy the Beaujolais Nouveau - we’ll just one glass anyway!


Ok, not totally sure if this is exactly what the weekly challenge was meant to address, but on day 8 I find myself back in the UK at the airport buying a much needed coffee and looking for some form of healthy snack. But this is what I’m presented with! However, I resist the urge for sugar and head for the fruit tray and buy a rather tired looking banana for the journey home. Challenge navigated.


Day seven sees me travelling to Dublin, Ireland☘️. My day included quite a lot of brisk walking around airports and I had already decided to use that as the free cardio. Waiting for my flight I managed to avoid all the food outlets other than purchasing a banana. However, arrived in Dublin starving and had some tricky choices to make on the room service menu. I can’t honestly say that I stuck rigidly to the diet plan at that point, but the less said about that the better.... 😳




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