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Amanda Elliston

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Fighting the trends

As the school year ends, my threshold for strict diet weakens. The stress eating, the negative self-talk, all impede my ability to reach and open up. I am following the morning stretches easily, and I like the suns salutations when I can fit them in. I can barely hold the long minutes in evenings. Hoping by next Wednesday, I'll be opening up to new possibilities--


I am enjoying the three intervals of stretches, but I'll admit it's been tough to push through the longer minutes in the evening. As a teacher we call May "The Thousand Days of May, " and this year is no different, except my husband fell on a slippery floor in a Boba Tea shop while getting my son his favorite drink, and he ended up needing surgery on a completely torn quad! He is grateful for all the yoga he did to keep himself limber enough to put on his socks and shoes with a knee brace on. It's been motivational for me, for sure. Over the years I have been rejecting all the yoga talk and opting to run, run, run! But Reach has helped me add to my daily routine, and forced me to sit with my tightness for longer. While I don't feel much looser, my achilles is feeling a bit better, and I am so grateful for my body. I want to be a strong support for my husband while he heals. Happy Day 19!

Hi I'm Amanda, Kenzai member for 18 months, living in Bay Area, CA where you can run pretty much everyday of year if you have the right clothing. That's what I love to do. I found Kenzai after watching a colleague get lean and strong, and I knew that if I wanted to reach my half-century milestone while crushing new PRs, I needed to try it. It was an amazing experience to feel my body get stronger and faster. So, I've been doing all the programs, and I realized that I have neglected flexibility in all these ways. I'm strong but to maintain my running I need to be more pliable and loose. That's why I'm Reach-ing. I also think I am a bit stuck in a rut at home and work, so I'm hopeful the increased pliability will open me up to new possibilities in life, as well.
I love Queer Eye show on Netflix, Russian Doll blew my mind, and so many podcasts: The Daily, Still Processing, Here's the Thing, Wait Wait, WTF, The Sporkfull, so many...
Here's to reaching for the stars!

The body assessment was a wake-up call for sure! I'm a runner; and while I attempt a stretch or two post-run, I often opt for more strength training. I hate yoga, too, but the dynamic stretches I love!
So, I hope to grow pliable in both body and mind as I near half-century status.

Ranger r (Over)!

Sorry for delay. I was camping out with 42 8th graders last week, so while I got altitude training in, my pull up progress was, shall we say, weak?
Here are my stats:

Baseline 2mins: Pull-ups (none) but Pull Down 122 --End: 11/2 pull-ups Conclusion: I need my own bar to practice
Push-ups 38 End: 47
Sit ups--92 End: 95
40 min run: 5.2 miles End: 5.1 miles in 40 mins.

So, I think I could have improved more if I had really pulled up instead of substituted exercise. My running is affected by rest days, and I ran this final one after a long run, so not idea. I can run faster, I know I can.
Now, on to REACH because I need to stretch those tight muscles!

Ranger Report

I need to find a pull up bar to test my progress--getting to all the exercises, throwing in a few 8min Abs or 9min Abs to keep the run days interesting. Hoping to crush an upcoming friendly competition against rival school teachers....;-) Hope everyone is enjoying a great week!

What a week! It was nice to have a plan, but it wasn't always pretty this week. My fartlek runs fizzled and working to failure came quicker than usual. But today's last distance run felt good, so I added an 8min ab workout. Here's hoping there's more pep in my step next week! Onward!

Ranger Day 10

Thanks to Matt for inspiration, I'm going to try this after distance run

Ranger On!

Ranger Day 5

Those push ups to failure--whoa! It was a good day overall. Added a run instead of skipping.

Ranger Days 3&4

Day 2 was a ski day--awesome to ski with kiddos again. I think it all adds up to 3k ;-)
Day 3 resistance--awesome to get all those resistance in after a day on slopes--very tired arms. Question: will I ever manage a pull- up?
Day 4 Fartlek run was awesome ran 11 kms!
Onward my friends!

This isn't a joke! Wow--blast off:
Baseline 2mins: Pull-ups (none) but Pull Down 122
Push-ups 38
Sit ups--92
40 min run: 5.2 miles

KB2 bagged! 

There is an expression about "bagging Fourteeners", and in Kenzai-land there should be an expression for ending the almighty KB1-KB3 programs. These last ninety days were grueling, exhilarating, and inspiring. I learned so much more about muscles and anatomy, the science behind exercise and nutrition, and about myself, too. I bagged a Boston Qualifying time--a personal goal since I found running to keep me more level and happy, and then I dug right into strict diet and ramped up exercises for last five weeks. The variety really helped me at the end--I want to mix in more cycle workouts in the future, and I hope when new app arrives, we'll be able to tailor exercise plans to individual training needs. I'm signed up for Ranger Challenge just to keep me moving toward bagging my next goal: a couple of real pull-ups! Go Team! See you on the blogs!

KB2 Complete!

So much harder than I imagined, though I was warned. It’s a great program rich with information and tough new exercises—clockface anyone? This time I’m really going to enjoy my fit self without so much fear of backsliding because I know I’ve got you all to push me through valleys and up peaks! Congrats to all!!

I, too, am curious about what to do next. I'm always training, and I am thinking about Reach for flexibility or Sculpt. But maybe I need a break? Looking for inspiration.

Clockface Crazed

I’m feeling strong, but those clockface planks got me today! Ten days to power through! We’ve got this!




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