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Amanda C.

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back on my own turf

today it was nice to be back home & able to feel like i was on somewhat of a "normal" routine.

i got up, did my workout & went to continue the process of getting my current home ready to be put on the market, and was able to eat a normal diet.

i must say, travel week was tough - getting workouts in at odd hours (still got each one completed!) & trying to find the right quantities of food at the right meals was a little more complex then i would have liked, but i realized that i am able to at least stay as close as possible while on the road.

i will be home for a week, then it will be back to the heat and humidity of florida for 3 weeks.

i know i haven't been the best "commentor" this week, but have really valued everyones support & eill focus on being a support to others this week.

the new diet looks like it will be interesting & i am sure we will all need a little extra push this week!

i really needed to read those uplifting messages!! thank you all. i really am working on this program - changing my mental outlook, not just going through the motions.

i am eating every meal out this week so no scale, so this is my biggest challenge, but i am focused on keeping the choices clean, lean & hoping that i stay on track that way.

tomorrow i move to a new location for work, so, multiple flights, therefore i will be up earlier again then i really am accustomed or like. but i know i can do it - monday was a success & i am determined!!

getting faster

feeling like i am getting better at completing the assigned jumps for each day. i am able to get more done in a consistent pattern and while i start to feel the burn in my legs & miss a jump and must re-start, i actually am enjoying this daily routine.

not sure how i feel about 800, or 850...and then 1000! but i am sure as the days go by i will be ready for the challenge.

keep moving forward

i am struggling a little with the diet - as i mentioned, i had several work obligations & and the batteries on my food scale died! i think i am not eating enough - actually i know i haven't had enough carbs.

but i am determined new batteries will be purchased today & i am sure i will do better as we move forward.

i can string together 40-50 jumps, but i know i need to get better. also, as i said, my back is causing pain when i am jumping rope, so for now i know i am moving at the pace that is right for me.

i think that is the key to this program. you must move at your own pace, complete the exercises & follow the diet program, mentally and physically will get there in your own time with the support of your team.


i was ready to start when i woke up this morning, but decided to wait until this afternoon to do my workout and take my photo, because i wanted to make sure i had my "blue box" so i could complete the official workout scheduled.

i realized how out of shape i have become and how difficult push-ups of my own body weight is. i am ready for this program even the "easy" workouts to kick me back in to the shape i want to be in.

i am ready to be confident again.




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