Amber B.

Amber B.

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I enjoyed this program. The pace was steady and the workouts were challenging to my body in a new and different way. And I loved the ballet movements!! My challenge was trying to achieve more balance for myself (integrating Kenzai into my regular life more seamlessly) and I made good progress on that. Congrats to everyone who finished, and I look forward to seeing you all in the next program.

almost finished!

the weeks keep flying by and i keep forgetting to blog!

things are going well. I'm still liking the workouts and pace of this program. I'm also working to prioritize both exercise and rest. i'm trying to get enough sleep at night and rest sometimes during the day for 30-40 minutes. i'm also going to acupuncture every week now to help my system and my energy levels. i'm realizing that the go-go-go pace of life (technology, grind culture, etc.) can drain all of my resources (mental, physical and emotional). I'm better when I'm rested and well. i'm gonna keep working on it!

fun workouts!

I really like the workouts in this program! I did ballet for a long time when i was younger and loved it. Now my kids and i do a mommy and me dance class on Fridays and its very fun. Photo of my daughter in her cute toddler dance gear below.

Diet is at about 80%. I'm willing to accept that this round. Its good enough for now given what is going on around me. And its better than it would be if I wasn't in training. All in all, a decent balance.

Looking forward to the last couple of weeks!


I felt sore this week. That means its working! I really like the exercises and the pace of this program. After doing chisel and beach body, this feels like a really nice shift and great set of workouts. Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! The twins dressed up as Buddy and Tiny from the PBS show Dinosaur Train.

diet, diet, diet

workouts are great and the right level of intensity for me at the moment. i need to tighten my diet. i find it easy to be strict on the days I'm at work, and harder when i am spending time at home with the toddlers. i need to fix this. I'm experienced enough to know that diet is the key to everything.

Here is a photo of cake i made my husband for his birthday. i do a lot of baking. i love to bake! this is a problem when I'm training. especially in the fall. banana bread, cookies, pumpkin muffins, brownies-- all my favorite things to make in the fall. i will need to press pause on that for now. sigh.


My name is Amber and I live in New York. I am excited to try sculpt to get my lower half back in shape. Also hoping to work the upper half a bit too!

I am the mother of 2 year old twins, Maya and Leo. Here is a photo of us at the pumpkin patch last week. The twins bring me so much joy. And they are small dictators. 2 is a fun age.

I also work as a therapist. I have an office in the city. Between work, marriage, kids, etc. it is important to me to keep my body and mind healthy and sharp, which is why i like trying to integrate kenzai into my life whenever possible.

I look forward to meeting you all!

week 1

i turned 40 and my butt disappeared!! hoping to find it again in this program. its been a few months since I've trained. workouts seem ok so far-- i appreciate the slow ramp up. looking forward to meeting everyone and the results!

ill be back!

hi everyone! apologies for being a delinquent team member. there is a lot going on for me right now and on top of it all i seemed to have really hurt my back. i need to rest and repair it. so, i'm gonna hop out of this round and restart in another. thanks for understanding and i'll be back soon!

stay tuned!

Hi folks- I'm loving the program right now! Also having some issues with my upper back. I've been resting for a few days and am working to find a solution. Stay tuned!


I am Amber. I live right outside of New York City. I am doing t-shirt ready because: 1) I love Kenzai programs, 2) I haven't done it yet, and 3) I want to be in good shape because I am having surgery in September. There is a 6 week recovery so i won't be able to be active for a bit after this.

Really I love any t-shirt with david bowie.

This week, I'm at a work conference so trying to fit everything in. So far so good.

Good luck out there team!!


hello team! excited to start this new t-shirt blast challenge. i'm 2 days late to the workouts. still recovering from a virus i caught from my kiddo last week. feeling much better today so hoping to start tomorrow. i look forward to blasting with you all!

what a challenge! 

This program was a nice, new challenge. I'm glad I tried it. I learned a lot. I look forward to some rest and some carbs in the coming weeks. :-)Thanks for all of the support on the blogs. See you all in the next program!

P.S. im not able to upload my final photo into the program (its already closed?) so I've uploaded it here.

current mood...

Most of my carbs got taken away this week. Aaaak! Good thing we have 1 week left. Almost finished! Lets get it done this week team. Also- happy birthday to Waldemar S. today! Husband, father and kenzai partner extraordinaire.


my photo says it all! lol.

also for your viewing pleasure: some memorial weekend photos of cool kids hangin out and eating ice cream. post program goals!

back to basics

I've done so many kenzai programs now that i can usually eyeball my portions. but i am committing to being more precise in my food measurements this week. i haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days so i'm pulling tighter on my diet lever until i can go hard on the workouts again. hoping tomorrow. fingers crossed!

also, we had a family photo session last weekend. here is a sneak peek!

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