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Amber W.

Reboot | Day 11 (Member)
Day 11
Program progress:

I am fed up with the dinners. I am fine to eschew drinking, and choose lean protein, no carbs, good healthy veg for dinner - but I can't hide an egg white and an apple. And I haven't found a work dinner yet where I can surreptitiously eat only 180grms of steamed vegetables (assuming I manage to knock back a couple of egg whites for 6pm snacks!).

For me, Kenzai was promoted as something you could do anywhere - especially attractive given quite a lot of work travel, dinners etc. now I find that the real "magic" element is not all that. (The milk and bananas remind me of day 4 of the soup diet). I like a lot about it - but the death of my social life and the challenges of staying true to the program while trying to do my job are very trying. That and constantly having to wash and dry my hair due to daily sweaty workouts.....

Social mores

One of the things I love about living in Asia is the completely open, no holes barred policy on commenting on people's weight and looks. ( I am use to it now). Often near strangers will give unsolicited commentary on my weight, wrinkles, skin tone, "tired look" Etc. not this week though - this week they are saying I've "lost a lot of weight" and am "not looking puffy" (with vague gestures to the face area!). Yay Kenzai!


Perhaps I will make it through this after all. And yes, I did add some strawberries from the afternoon fruit snack to the blend...

But not last night's indulgence!!! Pasta, wine (although, as Nicole has noted, not in my usual quantities), rich conversations, social life. I think I miss the wine fueled discussions as much as the wine itself on this program (ok, maybe not quite as much).

I am still angry about the egg white phase we are about to embark on. (Despite several bouts of yogic breathing and thinking happy thoughts). It's like "well, it's sensible and it works" - except now it's not because we really want to rip you up.... (I'm talking to you Thomas). But I am in it and although I couldn't give two hoots about ab definition, I will no doubt lose weight which will please me no end. But just a note to the Kenzai gods - I'd rather eat nothing than two egg whites for dinner.

And on that positive note, let week 5 begin (or in the parlance of those who have gone before - we are entering the valley).

Week 5 dinner?

Am I reading correctly that I have two egg whites, an apple, a banana and some yoghurt for dinner every night next week? Don't suppose I'm allowed to swap it for the breakfast allowance?

So far, so good...

Hi all

Week three was starting to turn it up a bit but am still feeling good about it. In terms of changes I have noticed:
1) feeling good about my body (perhaps even a little pride) for the first time in a long time. Lots of compliments last night from husband and friends on my outfit - but I think it was really just some newfelt Kenzai confidence;
2) not feeling conflicted when presented with choices I would love to eat (cheese, nuts, chocolate cake, wine). I am finding "being on a program" is much easier than the constant right to choose when I am just following my own ideas of "eating healthily ".
3) dropped a few Kgs and am definitely more toned. Am loving that but plenty to go.

have kept cheats minimal (dinner out last night - chose fish and vegetables only rather than my usual approach (choose the most deliciously rich thing on the menu...). Surprise - it was also delicious and I felt so pious afterwards (not even on drink - a miracle for those who know me)!!


But the squats got very hard....

Thanks for the moral support Elmo (my golden retriever!)

WTF double katanas!!!!!

These are harder than da c

Fail on food prep tonight. Got home and nothing to eat but soup (celery, mushroom and some rice to thicken, no doubt stock as well so some very tasty salt). Added a tablespoon of yoghurt too - delicious, but (salt aside), is it Kenzai? I know the rice component was under the limit and the rest was veggies, water, pepper and stock.

In other news, a shout out to my husband who is going beyond being a good booster - tonight he went to the shops after work, bought me a new resistance band, picked up our daughter and then played with her while I did the exercise (she is fascinated with the stretch rope!). Thanks love!!

Week 3 - still going

Hi all

Finally am back at home for the first time since the program began. Am enjoying the work outs (well, except for the davincis) and am not finding the food too hard going - although dinner has been cut back significantly, so we'll see how I am feeling tomorrow. Thus far I am just really struck by how sensible this all is by comparison with my normal fad diet approach. Granted the weight loss is not dramatic (unlike, say, Dukan) but it feels sustainable and I am feeling good. I have cheated twice with some wine and champagne (different nights!) but no sweet stuff, much much less alcohol, no processed stuff and no (sniff, sob) cheese for two weeks and I am feeling pretty energetic!

Good luck with week three everyone!

Skipping in luxury

I resent the amount of time work takes away from family, but there are some perks... This is where I skipped this morning! By the way - push ups are still very hard and those da vincis'...


Just finished the day 10 exercises - having spent the whole day in a conference that went through to dinner (9pm). On the plus (?) side, lunch and dinner were set meals with no real Kenzai options. I have eaten more eggplant than is legal. Breakfast egg and a half, here I come!

Shine is wearing off

This morning I want a pancake. Being on holidays and in the second week of this program is a bit of a drag. Perhaps I'm just tired from the consistent 4.30am toddler wake ups on top of some residual jet lag and a husband who feels (and is) entitled to a break from said toddler because I have been away for work.

Whinge whinge - don't worry, I'll pull my socks up and get skipping this afternoon!

Ready to get into it!

Just finished the day 7 skips and taken the photo. Sorry it's different light and different exercise pants - now on a different continent and seem to have left my favourite running pants (1st photo) in the US.

This week has been a good and gentle introduction. Am surprised that I am getting as much from the lessons as anything else. And it's great to have everyone here to do this with - I am checking this page waaaay more than I ever look at social media.

Thanks all - and now to the world of measured portions, grams and sobriety...

Now I'm hungry!

Today, finally the leaving 1/4 has definitely caught up with me. I almost think being on what I imagine is a more restrictive program next week will be mentally easier. Today I have left 1/4 of a pancake, 1/4 of a bowl of chicken Pho, and 1/4 of a veal schnitzel roll. How can I be hungry? I haven't even left 1/4 of the Italian buffet (tonights' meal) yet......

But on the good side of the ledger, my Kenzai graduate mate has skipping rope envy for my 'fast rope' (and I only paid $6 for it...)




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