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Following suit of Tokyo marathon, Shizuoka marathon has also been cancelled. All due to coronavirus fears! A bit bummed out as I was really looking forward to running marathon after all these years... Guess it wasn't meant to be!

Well, I'll keep running now and then. But, I'll have to terminate this marathon training program. Thanks for everyone's encouragement and support! I think I'll switch to kenzai iron or something. Lets see!

New shoes new beginning

Finally, after 800+km on old Nike air zoom elite 9's, got myself a new pair of shoes. And after so much hype and news, I had to see what these new shoes were all about. So, took a plunge and got myself a pair of vaporflies! Or to be precise, Nike zoom x vapor fly next%! 😅

Now I can see what the fuss is all about. Extremely comfortable shoes. Felt like I was running on clouds. No stiffness in the end. I guess I've been doing barefoot / minimalistic running a bit too much? 😅🏃‍♂️

Posting pictures from other runs. Weather has been fluctuating. Have been pulling runs in surprisingly warm days @ 17° and cold days @ 2°. Early spring... 🧐

Soaring soreness

Been pulling long runs and K-iron workouts in parallel. So sore!

Some pictures from long runs and charity run event! 🏃‍♂️

Also throwing in pictures of busted shoe after almost 800k. Time to change?


Still playing catchup on my mileage! Managed to head out for long run last Sunday with 24km target. Was 7°C and overcast. Started to rain near river so had to cut short the run at 16km. Also found myself bit too over dressed for the temperature and ended up having pretty hot run. Especially usage of tights which I had not touched for years. 🏃‍♂️

Other medium distance runs are also in play, doing laps around imperial palace and hibiya park near work. 👍🏽

Also, strava is telling me its time to change my shoes. More than 750km ran on current ones. Should I?

Happy New Year

As mentioned in last post, my training plan got interrupted due to unscheduled India trip.

Back in Japan this week. Managed to pull long bike ride on new year's day to open 2020 with good tone. Did my tempo 10km run around the river yesterday to open running my 2020 running account! Need to get back on track from now on!


Had to fly to India last week due to family emergency! Things better now but caused massive interruption in training. Hope to get back into schedule once I'm back in Japan next week. Still managed to pull a few hill runs here. 🏃‍♂️

Autumn running

Have been enjoying running in autumn with beautiful fall colors! But it also invites other pedestrians on the running path that just get in the way! :-( Moreover, the palace route was restricted for last couple of week, breaking my lunchtime running spree..

Have also been doing some of kenzai iron workouts to supplement my runs for strength training! Also, my watch tells me that my VO2MAX is at 52 and training has been productive! :-)


Pulled a reset on my previous kenzai marathon program that was geared toward prepping for local full marathon in January. However, after reviewing course again, it turned out to be a small 5km section on the riverbanks that I would have to run up and down for more than eight times. Sounds boring!!! And another charity run event came up that is also on same day. So decided not to do the local marathon.

Instead, I'll be training towards shizuoka marathon 2020 that'll take place on 8th March. The course looks fantastic. Can't wait.

Back at doing palace laps again! Clicked some nice autumn shots in the process. :-)

Camping & Running

Runs are going well! Also managed to go camping for three days around Mt Fuji. Will let the pictures speak for themselves! 😅🏃‍♂️⛰🏕

Long run fun run

Enjoyed non-stop three laps around palace on Monday to pull 16km! Was running with colleague at easy pace! Gunned for last lap to bring average pace to 5:20! Good times! 🏃🏽

Ready Steady Go!

I had been constantly running before start of kenzai marathon program. Decided to enroll in this program as it fitted perfectly with the marathons I have signed up for next year! Got a couple coming up.

19-Jan-20: 6th Sports Mai Tran Matsudo Edogawa Riverbed Marathon (
08-Mar-20: Shizuoka marathon (

Training has been going well!

Even managed to pull my personal best for imperial palace 5k look in 22:16 @ 4:26 pace last week ( Garmin reporting my VO2MAX @ 52. :D

Celebrating kipchoge's sub-2 Vienna marathon record! And sebekhheihehhtliekgdfetrnjnedtijulrjfguhucbrh
haring montage of the run pics from last two weeks! Beard fell victim to a trimming error, so a reset! And last set from post typhoon hagibis scout run around nearby edogawa river! :-)

A mix of Ironing & I-running 

Have to agree, Kenzai Iron is tough! Both logistically and technically. Bringing yourself to gym each and every day for 90 days is no joke.

And same as last time (this was my second time to try it), I found myself doing double day workouts (sometimes triple day workout) to catchup. And I was in catchup mode almost all the time.

Another thing that got in the way was my running. On many days i tried doing both runs and k-iron workouts but that took too much time. So, I found myself preferring the run over k-iron gig I was supposed to that day. And some weeks, I went into "run every day" for a week mode and that further saw me not lifting as much. I did manage to get back to it over last few weeks! Also spent last weekend of program camping with family. Lot of hard work pitching tent/tarp, cutting up firewood, enduring heat & bugs, k-iron style!!!

This iteration helped me a lot. I have gained more muscles, am stronger and can lift more and even my running has benefited and I am faster!

Thank you again to all fellow team for your support and congratulation to you too for completing the program. Thank Scott for continued support and rest of kenzai trainers. See you at next program!! :-)

I-run but didn't iron

Started last week with a plan of running everyday monday-thru-friday and also doing kenzai iron workouts in parallel. But could only manage to pull the former (thus the title). Ran around tokyo imperial palace each day last week, pulling 6-7km each day with 12km on Thursday. Total was 37.4km in five days and managed to get my VO2 Max to 50 now.

Will now focus on strength again during this last week of iron. Just that when I look out, I get a itch to run more than lifting indoors. Hard to resist the urge of being outdoors over repping some sets... 😅

Posting some pictures from summer bbq with family and the runs. 🏃‍♂️

It's under 59kg / 16%

Yeah! Lowest weight and body fat % ever!! 😅

Running is going strong! Running almost every day! Even pulled one on Thursday to celebrate Indian Independence day! 🇮🇳👍🏽

Sharing massive collage of pictures from last two weeks. Runs, views, sunsets, moon rises and many sweaty selfies!

Also went to ichikawa fireworks with family two weeks ago! Was great! ✨


Japanese summer is here! With temperatures hitting 34°C with 80% humidity, it's painful to venture out during afternoon in scorching heat. Then what I do? I ramp up my running! 😅

Pulled three palace runs last week to get started along with strength training. It's more like a heat training and tanning exercise. Still I love running in peak heat as there's hardly anyone else on the running route as heat scares them away.

To ramp up things, I decided that I'm gonna run around imperial palace every day of the week monday-thru-friday. And yesterday I did complete the goal. However I'm very sore now. And my iron workouts took a hit as I could only do leg day this week (plus all the running). So it'll be time to go into catchup mode again.


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and iron workouts. Sharing the collage (as usual).

Also, made a quick timelapse of my 12x6 squat rack action. Comments on improvement of the form are most welcome.

End of Week 13





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