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Amol B.

Kenzai Iron | Day 85 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 85
Program progress:

Yeah! Lowest weight and body fat % ever!! 😅

Running is going strong! Running almost every day! Even pulled one on Thursday to celebrate Indian Independence day! 🇮🇳👍🏽

Sharing massive collage of pictures from last two weeks. Runs, views, sunsets, moon rises and many sweaty selfies!

Also went to ichikawa fireworks with family two weeks ago! Was great! ✨


Japanese summer is here! With temperatures hitting 34°C with 80% humidity, it's painful to venture out during afternoon in scorching heat. Then what I do? I ramp up my running! 😅

Pulled three palace runs last week to get started along with strength training. It's more like a heat training and tanning exercise. Still I love running in peak heat as there's hardly anyone else on the running route as heat scares them away.

To ramp up things, I decided that I'm gonna run around imperial palace every day of the week monday-thru-friday. And yesterday I did complete the goal. However I'm very sore now. And my iron workouts took a hit as I could only do leg day this week (plus all the running). So it'll be time to go into catchup mode again.


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and iron workouts. Sharing the collage (as usual).

Also, made a quick timelapse of my 12x6 squat rack action. Comments on improvement of the form are most welcome.

Catching up

A bit behind on workouts (by three days). As I continue to play catchup! Each workout taking 40-45 minutes now. Making it harder to pull double workouts. Occasional runs are ongoing.

It's hammer time

Howdy fellow mercurians? Sorry, a delayed post. Been busy.. 😅

It's my second time to do kenzai iron. Last time was around two years ago. Definitely one of my favorite programs out there.

So week one and two are done. And here's time to retrospect. The reason I decided to do iron in first place was because when I ramped up my running few months ago, I could visibly see my muscles shrinking. And that has directly translated into strength reduction. I remember the lifts I was doing two years ago during my last try at k-iron. I found I'm nowhere near it. That may feel like a step down, but it's not. I took break from kenzai programs in 2018 to focus on my ultras and I did get into motorcycle accident last July, broke my foot (which still aches after long runs).

Anyhow, it's a good feeling lifting iron again. I'm still doing that in parallel to running. Last month I managed to run my best mile at 06:24 during a relay event. And week before joining iron, I managed to run 6k everyday. And during cardio day of week-1 of iron, I managed to run my usual 16km loop around edogawa river, which was first time for me since breakage of the foot.

Few more practical things to note. I've been combining couple of days workout into one. Hard to hit gym every day when you are also trying to run. Also, sometimes I prefer dumbell alternative over barbell, as it's a hassle to find and prep barbell for the set which sometimes cud be inaccessible or too far in the gym. Also, for the nutcracker set, I got told off by gym bro (who was also trainer) that I cannot do it (when in fact I could two years ago). Apparently, concerns around safely etc. Whatever... I sometimes hate gyms for this very reason. Stupid rules.

Plan on pulling a long run tomorrow. Wish me luck! Good luck everyone on week 3 of this wonderful program. 👍🏽

There and back again  

Second round to do kenzai half. Was good to get back on the running regime. Bit behind on long runs. Rainy this week so I'll pull a big run once it clears up. Or I'll just run in rain lets see! Thanks for your support ward and fellow kenziites for tagging along this journey!

Pics: some Maki (firewood) action and a babysitting moment with twins!


Last week's here! Enjoying outdoor runs and cross trainings!

Windy Run

Ventured out to edogawa river couple of days ago to pull a nice 10k run. Very windy and chilly though. Had originally planned an extended loop to pull 12 or 18 or 21 (depending on which bridge I take to cross back to other side of banks), but had to cut it short to a 10k due to limited time I had. Managed to take few good shots of sakura (cherry blossoms), river, tokyo sky tree and fujisan in process! :-D

Running it

Hope everyone has had a fantastic first half of kenzai half! My runs are going well, supplemented by kettlebell workouts during strength training sessions!

Been very busy with work last few weeks so didn't get on blogs as much. Here's a delayed update!

Delayed Intro:
- I'm in Tokyo, Japan
- I spend time running on roads/trails, cycling, gyms, playing with kids and working when I have nothing better to do.
- Doing kenzai half (again) to have discipline in running training. I like the structure the program provides.
- My favorite season is probably autumn due to amazing fall colors it brings!
- Another reason for me to do program is my motorcycle fall/accident back in July 2018. Broke my foot then! I had done a few ultra trail / ultra marathons / bunch of full&half marathon in past. But, none since the accident. Which is why I look forward to getting back to old pace/endurance.

Upcoming Races:
- I have 26km trail race (with 2500m+) coming Sunday (4/14) and a half marathon on following Sunday (4/21). My training has been aimed towards these two races.

Run reports:
- I love running outdoors instead of treadmill. I am mostly doing river course near my house (~16km), imperial palace loops near my office (6km/12km), wednesday intervals on tracks (last pic) and sometimes by hitting trails.
- Runs during spring have been blessed with amazing cherry blossom views. Sharing a bunch of running pictures below!

Catching up

Joined this program immediately after kenzai kettlebells 2. So, am playing catchup on all runs and workouts. Am 3-4 days behind schedule. So, sorry for the late post.

(Blog in progress)

Sticky Bandit Forever 

Bells 2 is done or is it? Could not be compliant with exercises and diet for this program due to kids sickness which happened right in middle of it. And last few weeks plagued with late nights at work.

Still did the best I could with it and can see gains in mirror despite of all that. Imagine what the gains would have been with full compliance.

Here's to bells reboot! And staying stick bandit.... forever!

Thanks to the fellow bell swingers, kenzites and Matt for the support throughout it all!


Tough last week as I got back to office and got overloaded catching up with pending work. Was office hour well into midnight everyday and could only pull one KKB2 workout.

Plan on doing the most I can during final week and reboot KKB2 next month to do it properly!

On positive side, kid got discharged from hospital just day before hinamatsuri so we could celebrate together. Throwing in some food pics. And to end with some early blooming ume. Spring is not far!

Bells backlog

Twins are still hospitalized. Daily visits have disrupted training cycle and diet. Trying to catchup on the backlog. 😅

Still Swinging

Sorry for late post! Been out of office all week. Sick kids! All of them.. Youngest twins in hospital still due to R.S. virus infection. No #2 also had same but has recovered since. Eldest caught influenza and is recovering.. When it rains it pours! 😏

Despite of all that and daily hospital visits, keeping the bells swinging daily which is actually helps dealing with all things! Diet has been taking hit but trying to keep it in control wherever possible.

Bells are swinging

Back on bells! After a month of reboot, bells 2 has started! And bang with circuit workouts! Looking forward to gains over coming 1.5 months!

Main pic: Bells are outta closet
Second pic: supplementary dinner
Third pic: Bells workout at gold's gym

Soft reboot complete  

Reboot was short and sweet program. A good way to get back into the kenzai swing.

Now, onwards to kenzai kettlebells II! Thanks for encouragement to the group and the kenzai trainers!

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