Amy C.

Amy C.

50 days left!

I feel like I have been on Kenzai for ages and we aren't even half way. I am grateful that there's more left in the journey. A few things I've noticed over the last 40 days,
1) I initially despised posting the weekly pictures, but now looking back six weeks later I am motivated by the visual progress of my training. While it's subtle, it is still progress and makes the difference between me skipping a workout or not (prior to being benched by my Dr.).
2) Diet really is everything. Having not worked out in 2 weeks, I am pleasantly surprised to see I am not back to the Day 1 version of myself. Sure, I haven't moved the needle forward as much as I would like, but it hasn't really gone backward either.
3) I love not drinking alcohol. I feel better, more alert and well rested. The kicker is that I also love having a few drinks with my friends on a night out. Those nights are good for the soul. To survive these 90 days, I am basically spacing those nights out to once a month now, which is fine but can't help but feel a little fomo.
4) I love eggs! There, I said it. Bring on the eggs / egg whites. :-)

For medical reasons, I haven't worked out in a week and will be benched for at least another two. Jim and Jess keep reassuring me that 80% of our weight loss success is sticking to the diet so these next couple weeks will be a good exercise in self discipline.

As a side note, I still haven't weighed myself but am down a clothing size.

Is sriracha sauce considered a “dressing” or spice?

Life happens. My dermatologist biopsied a questionable spot in my hairline last week which left me with stitches. Showering and brushing my hair is discouraged until the stitches are out so I’m taking a break from cardio until then. So SF peeps if you see me around looking more disheveled than usual that’s why. Also, I have low expectations for my end of week photo this week.

Jess, would you recommend I do more strength training to compensate?

Kenzai & my kids

An unexpected side effect of doing the Kenzai diet is that I am making healthier choices for my family. Normally I would grab a kids cliff bar or bag of popcorn as an after school snack and instead I am grabbing an apple or packing a bag of carrots & cucumber sticks. It takes an extra 60 seconds and they haven't even noticed the subtle change. Win! Thanks, Kenzai for making me more aware of how my choices affect my family and helping me raise healthier kids!

Loved yesterday's work out! Did anyone else get their tummy kicked by the otter kicks? My lower abdominal are definitely awake today.

Cheat Day

Hi All,
I knew a cheat day was coming as it was my husband's 40th birthday last night. I was surprised on how unfulfilling it was to eat 'off piste.' Even though I was ok with the taking time away from the diet, I did realize that stay on point is really difficult at restaurants. Any advice?


Intro Post:
1. Tell us about your life...
I live in SF, with my 2 children and husband. I'm currently a stay-at-home mom with aspirations to leave an impact on the world that's greater than just parenthood.

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
I have a hard time losing fat and gaining muscle, particularly upper body and core muscle. I've always had strong legs from being a runner, but as I age I find running really tough on my knees. What success looks like to me is being able to do a real push (and seeing definition in biceps & triceps would be nice, too).

3. A problem shared...
Obstacles I anticipate will be food preparation. I am so busy during the day it often leaves little time for making food and I end up ordering in. How will I navigate? Idk, tips welcome!

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer?
I would like to know when people find time to cook dinner! Also, hi!!!