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Better late than never!  

So the last few weeks have flown but but not without me paying attention to my diet and exercise. I’m in a great routine, I feel cleaner, fitter and more energy. Kenzai has been just what I needed to bring myself out of an unhealthy post broken leg/post summer drinking binge! I’m so glad I did it. With 40 around the corner now more than ever I’m realising how I need to look after my body and what goes into it!

Thank you to Team A! An amazing support network which I’ve needed. Thank you to the amazing g team coaches as ever - always knowing the right words and one step ahead. And thank you to my close friends that did the programme with me - made all the difference having your support 24/7!

I’ll be back!!

Happy Holidays 🎄

Quick post to say hi!! I’m still here...and been on Kenzai. Not had a moment to post the last week or so - 3 kids and a travelling husband, thanksgiving, half school days with snow and Christmas round the corner make for busy times!!!

Final pic and post coming very soon!!!

Can’t wait to see all of yours. Such an awesome team! 💪

Home stretch...

Nearly there! Didn’t have the best start to my week as I was already ready for a soul cycle class then got the call to remind me of my dentist appointment 😩 So has to cancel soul cycle which was frustrating. But dental health is just as important I suppose!! 🤣

Bringing it gone this week, Pilates booked, soul cycle booked and workouts inbetween. Got to make these next two weeks count every step of the way. Loved having my cheer leaders on the sideline - been such a huge motivator for me. I hopefully for the too!

Everyone is looking great. Looking forward to those day 90 pics!!

It’s taken me several days to finally find time to sit and write a blog! I’ve been on programme but it’s just been crazy busy the last week or so. Husband travelling, kids here there and everywhere and I’m making sure I stick to diet and training.

Sticking with my Pilates class and Soul cycle which I’m really enjoying. Mixes it up a bit too. Can’t believe only a couple of short weeks to the finish line! I’m not ready for it to finish. And it won’t! This is a long term goal. Aim is stay focused, active and food aware! I’m so much more conscious of what I’m eating now and how I’m eating it which is great. Not drinking has been amazing too, not just physically but mentally too. And some of you know all too well, a move across the world, 3 kids in tow, husband, new house, new schools, new life! All takes it toll and rightly or wrongly that glass of wine every night was helping me through. But I now realise I don’t need that wine, there other ways to relax and take my mind off things plus we’re all a lot more settled so that helps!

Anyway will save it for the final blog before I get all mushy!!

Keep going Team A 💪

Week 10!!!

Ten weeks in! I’m getting worried about this all ending but I feel so much better for doing it and having started it and stuck with it. I’m not totally where I want to be yet but I know I’m in this for the long haul. Definitely seen some changes, and a few have been noticed which is always nice! But the best change is for me mentally, I knew this before I started as the last time I did Kenzai I just felt so good and had such a clear head. It gave me focus. And once again Kenzai has delivered!

In for the Win! Day 90 I’m coming get you 💪👊

Felt like 5 minutes ago I thought “I must write a blog, it’s Monday”. Somehow we’re now at Thursday. Weeks seem to be racing by. Feel good. Size smaller in jean always a win! Just need to have a strong finish. Booked in for Soul cycle again tomorrow after last weeks success. Then off for another very KEnzai compliant weekend with Suz in the city this time!

Already receiving holiday party invites and it’s slightly scaring me. Don’t want to do all this and then undo it in a month! Hoping the feeling of fitting in some nice clothes will be better than mince pies and champagne?!! 🤔

Hope you’re all doing well!

Soul Cycle!

Managed my first Soul Cycle class this am....was nervous when I went in thinking I wouldn’t be able to keep up and would probably have to leave at some point but no! I managed the whole class. Definitely felt it but didn’t feel horrendous. Don’t think I could have done that 7 weeks ago! 💪


Well we made it through the weekend and Suz kept me firmly on track. Despite my frequent requests for “just one drink” we stuck with the programme! And at the end of the weekend feel better for it 💪

Had a fab time pumpkin picking and then some glow in the dark adventure tree climbing! Definitely considered a workout for me! Photo pre “splits”! Kids loved it though.

Weekends are definitely the hardest for me, especially Friday nights when I feel like I deserve a “treat” just for juggling it through the week!

Over half way....all uphill from here!

Half way!

Wow! Can’t believe we are half way already. Feel like it’s gone weirdly quickly but then at the same time I want it to slow down. Hoping to see some big changes in the next 45 days! So great having the support on and off line this time round. There is nowhere to hide!

Fellow Kenzai warrior Suz is coming to stay this weekend! Can’t wait - plans for beach walks, pumpkin patches and maybe a Soul cycle if I can face it!

Keep going Team A! Every looks great 💪

Banana Soufflé!

Few people asked for the recipe! I actually followed Lissi’s recipe but baked in the oven.

Preheat oven to 450F

whisk 1 egg white to stiff. Add mashed banana and dash of cinnamon.

Put into Ramekin. Bake for 10 mins until risen and brown on top! Eat immediately 😊

I also tried with apple which wasn’t as good but worked well. Chop the apple and coat with cinnamon, bake in oven until soft, add to the whisked egg white and follow as above!

Not something I do everyday but does feel like a bit of a treat when you make the time! Enjoy 😊

Week 6!!

In the zone this week....feeling good! Still not seeing a huge difference but I can feel it coming! Mentally feel so much clearer and focused. Enjoying my 5k beach walks as weather has been so beautiful.

Weekend we had friends in town staying for two nights so they was a challenge. A few minor fails but nothing crazy. Told myself that’s life after Kenzai so need to learn to deal with it, pick up and get back on track.

Diet good - missing my evening banana! Just as I’d mastered my egg white and banana “soufflé” 😩 See pic! Thanks Lissi for recipe....

Hope you’re all doing well! Pic coming soon! 💪

Week 5!!

Wow! Can’t believe we’re on week 5 already! Almost panicking that there’s only 7 weeks left 😳

Feeling more positive this week and enjoying the programme. Would have loved to see more difference by now but hoeing in the next couple of weeks.

Back on track with the diet after my “indulgence”! And been getting in more walks even if the weather has dropped drastically!

Onwards and upwards!! Stay strong Team A 💪


So I hadn’t actually planned on doing an indulgence. I was even going to blog in the week that I wasn’t going g to take it. Then we went for dinner last night! Food was pretty good. If I did have 1 glass of wine. That said this morning I’m annoyed I had it!maybe because I didn’t plan it felt more like a cheat than an indulgence?! So back on track.....

Still not seeing a huge difference. Jeans fitting a bit better which is always encouraging. Roll on week 12! I want big changes!

Hope you’re all doing well!

Not feeling it...

Not feeling it today...I’m SO tired, I ache and just a bit fed up! Added to that I feel super bloated today. A bit of salt crept in at the weekend!

I’m sticking with it and know this is a hump. Just need to see some results soon which I know will come.

Kids are off school today so walk will be tough. But will get my workout in.

Keep going Team A!


This week the weather has been so beautiful, I’ve been walking on the beach for at least an hour everyday. It’s so peaceful and seems to put me in a much more positive mindset for the day 😊 well....until 3pm when the kids come home from school! Attached a photo below from my walk ☀️

Feeling good and even if I’m not seeing physical differences I’m feeling better about myself.

Half way through week 3! Keep going Team A!

May 4th, 2015





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