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Amy F.

Kenzai Body | Day 10 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:
Hump day!

Half way through the week...

Managed a beautiful walk on the beach today. Definitely cleared some cobwebs! Still taking it a little slow on the exercise front but getting there. Diet going well. Resisted a square of dark chocolate during my afternoon slump today thanks to my fellow Aurigas Suz and Lissi!

Hope you're all doing well!

Every cloud....

So week 1 did not quite go to plan! Got hit with a horrid virus and was out all week. But IM BACK! And every cloud....I lost a couple of KGS without you much effort at all! Clearly not the healthiest way to lose it but a good detox nonetheless.

Looking forward to getting stuck in this week. Diet will be on point. Exercise as much as I can but easing back in.

Hope you’re all doing well!! 💪

Day 1!

Ready to hit the ground running - finally got to a point where I want to see a change and want to make it happen!

Good luck everyone. Looking forward to the end results!

Lets go!

Minor Hiccup!


So unfortunately it looks like I’m going to be out of the programme for a while. We went skiing in Vermont last weekend which was great. The boys absolutely loved it!

We packed up the car on Thursday and drove to Okemo. House was fantastic. It was snowing. My eldest was feeling better. We were back on track.

Friday I finally got on the slopes - loved it! 2 hours in fell awkwardly on some ice and I have fractured my Tibia :( Brace and crutches for the next few weeks. Beyond annoyed.

Saturday my husband came back from a full day skiing and had fallen when a snowboarder cut him up and broke his hand. He’s in cast for 4 weeks. Beyond annoying.

So between us it’s been a challenge with 3 boys in tow! Thankfully my parents came to the rescue and have come to help us for a couple of weeks which is fantastic. Very grateful.

Annoying but not the worst thing to happen. Just going to take a bit of patience. Will try to be good with the food. Not doing much means I’m actually not that hungry but then there’s the danger of boredom snacking!! 🤐

Could have been so much worse so grateful for that. Thank

Good luck everyone!! Xx

SO cold!

So today it’s -14 today (feels like -25 with wind chill) in CT - crazy cold! But we still have blue skies 🙌

Kenzai mostly going well. My son has also been sick with the flu so that’s been a bit tough and meant a couple of sleepless nights. Back on it today but didn’t train for a couple of days....

For some reason finding it tough to get on here and blog as much as I did before. 3 boys definitely keeping me busy so that could be why! Haha! Will try harder though as I know accountability is so crucial to this programmes success....

Hope you’re all doing well! X

Beach walks!

So I didn’t manage the Kenzai workout today but I did manage a 2 hour walk along our town beach - it was freezing but such a beautiful day! Loved getting some fresh air...

Tomorrow back to Kenzai....

Diet going well - afternoon slumps are tough going though and fruit not cutting it! Craving something sweet - biscuit with my tea!

Hope you’re all doing well! Keep going! 💪


I’m back! Finally got to the point where I really feel like I’ve got this. Having done Kenzai Body twice it actually seems to take more motivation to get going again when you know what’s coming! But I’m determined to get that beach body in time for Spring Break! And a healthier mindset. Christmas played havoc with my diet and I really feel ready to get back on track.

Good luck everyone!!


Well I’m not sure I’m graduating tomorrow it’s an A+ but it’s been a useful experience. The first half was great, I had the time and got stuck in and really started to see changes.

Then the summer holidays arrived!

Having 3 kids around all day, travelling home, holidays, visiting friends etc just weren’t conducive to a successful Kenzai for me. But we all know these are excuses and I could have made more happen but sometimes life happens.

I had a great Summer at home and loved the time I spent there. We’re back in the US now and I’m looking forward to getting back into routine.

I have noticed I’m much happier when I’m exercising and eating healthier in mind and body. Which only proves to me I need to keep this going.

You were a fantastic team and you’ve all done so well! Congrats guys! Xx


Back in the UK and wishing I was still in the south of France! Such a beautiful place. It was a fab vacation and something we all needed.

Kenzai is still there and still going although somewhat in the background. I’m getting exercise in where I can and trying to be as compliant as I can with diet but it’s not been easy!

Hope you’re all doing well!


So we arrived in the UK and it’s been non stop ever since! Feel like I have packed and unpacked more times than I can count! Having a wonderful time seeing friends and family but we’ve done so much travelling it’s been difficult to squeeze everything g in. I’ve done workouts where I can and been conscious of diet...not perfect but good!

We’re now in the south of France for a week! It’s beautiful and just what we needed as a family. Trying to stick with fresh fish and salad which is easier with such amazing produce. The good markets are amazing! That said the smell of freshly baked croaissants and bread every morning is far too tempting 🤐

I knew this week was going to tough with Kenzai so sort of had this planned in my mind before I started. Going to have to smash the last few weeks and there after! Annoying myself that I’ve lost my way a bit this time around.

Hope you’re all doing well! Reading your blogs sounds like you are! 😊

Sorry for lack of online presence but it’s been tough with no phone and travelling around with WiFi etc....I’m still here! And still trying! X

Finally home....

So we made it home and I survived the flight with the 3 boys! Landed Tuesday and it’s been non stop since.
Back is ok but still twinging. Trying to see my osteopath asap.

Trying to get as much of the exercises done as I can - skipping is not great with my back which is frustrating.

Diet ok! Not perfect but ok.

Trying to stay focused for the next few days and remembering Patrick’s advice about 3 clean days.

I remember last time I did this it was so much easier to focus! This time there just seems to be so much going on in life...regardless I’m still so glad I have done it just to get me back into a better mindset and the exercising too.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Rough patch!

This week has not been great! What with sick kids, bad back and preparing to fly to London tomorrow Kenzai seems to have taken a back seat. I’m just running out of time and haven’t been able to do much exercise wise with my back which has put me in a slump especially after my chest infection too.

Not feeling great. Need to refocus. Packing the rope and bands and looking forward to having some extra hands to help with the kids in the UK. I’ll be staying with my parents which will be a huge help.

Only concern is that I am “on holiday” for the next 5 weeks. This is going to be tough! But if nothing else Kenzai has taught me to rethink my food choices and portions so feel like I have that in control. It’s more fitting in the exercise - need to make it happen!

Booked an appointment with my osteo for when I land too so will get my back sorted!

Hope you’re all doing well!!

No indulgence!

Going to have to be extra strict with diet for a couple of days - pulled my back yesterday lifting my bed 🙈 Felt something ping and it’s been horrid ever since. Saw an osteo last night but had such an uncomfortable night. Not looking forward to a 6hr flight with 3 little ones on my own on Monday but hoping for some significant improvement by then!

Any recommendations for sciatic problems let me know! Currently using Biofreeze and Tiger balm patches to see if that helps. And stretching!

Getting on with it!

Hi all. Sorry for lack of posts - it’s been a hectic couple of weeks and nearing end of the school year it’s gone crazy! Preparing to fly back to the UK on Monday for 5 weeks too. Taking my rope and bands with me and hoping I can keep it going.

Even though I’m not posting too much as I just don’t have time I’m beavering away in the background here and getting it done. Skipping is coming back after my chest infection and feeling so much better.

Diet has been good. It’s so hot here which is great for me as I just don’t crave those comfort foods in the heat!

Hope you’re all doing well. Over half way!! Go go go!

So last week was a challenge and my chest infection was a complete pain with the exercises. Got back into it this week although chest still feels a bit tight so not going full throttle. Food is good, maybe not eating enough as I find it hard to get all the meals in with the kids. And sometimes ending up with fruit snack for lunch!

Feel sluggish and a bit wobbly after no excercise for a few days last week. Hopefully feel better by the end of this week!