Amy G.

Amy G.


Yesterday, I took a break post Reboot and had a scone for breakfast as my post-training treat. There's a local bakery on my way to work that offers some pretty amazing scones.

It was delicious. But didn't blow me away and make me feel like I've really been missing out on such treats.

This morning I was eager to get back to my usual Kenzai diet routine -- egg, toast and avocado. I swear I could live on this breakfast. This morning I had some good cherry tomatoes that I added to the mix. The breakfast was fresh and without any salt or butter. And, really, who needs any butter with avocados? They're nature's butter.

Today was day two of living up to my Rule It Out Challenge. Two days of no driving to work! This is giving me an extra two miles of walking each day in addition to the regular routine. Feels great. I even did it in the rain this morning.

My plan is to keep it and lease out my parking space at work. The space isn't a huge expense, but it makes it easy for me to drive. And, if I'm really committed to walking, why waste the money?

Reboot Finale 

Reboot was just what I needed to get back into a routine.

I really enjoyed the good food and the exercise. My hope for the coming weeks is that I can keep up with the routine. I've found that I'm always much more careful about my food and exercise when I'm part of a group. I'd love to jump into Kenzai Run, but I'm not sure my knee is ready for it.

I'll be on the blogs and keeping up with everyone. Let's keep it up! I've attached a photo from last weekend with Lulu ahead of a hike up Humpback Rocks.

Great work to all doing Reboot!


Reboot has flown by to me.

Minus my weird hand injury and occasional sore knee, I felt the exercising went great. I really got back into a rhythm and loved it. I did a lot of jumping, which I really missed when I did KB2.

Diet-wise, I stayed on point most of the time. This past week in NYC and a few other work-related events were the biggest challenge. I feel a bit lighter and generally healthier. I typically haven't seen much change in my physical appearance until after 4 weeks in programs past. So, I'll have to keep up the pace in the coming weeks!

During Reboot, I walked to work a lot more often than I typically do. I need to keep this up. It gets me focused for the day ahead and helps me unwind on my way home. It's not a long walk, about a mile. I really have no excuse for driving, minus the rare occasion I have a distant errand or need to get Luella from daycare. .

No more being lazy about walking or biking to work!

Day 22: Last week!

Had really hoped for a 100% week for our final days of the Boot. Alas, I'm headed to NYC and have already been invited out to a few work lunches and a dinner.

Would have loved to have been the Kenzai hermit but I will make it work!

So far, I feel like Reboot has done what I'd hoped. I'm back in a good routine. And, even despite some set backs here and there, I feel good about where I'm headed. It's also caused me to take note of how much I can do at this point. I had hoped this would launch me right into Kenzai Run. Based on the reaction my knee had half way through the program, I think I'll hold off until a fall session of that program.

I always have so much more discipline when I'm part of a team and not just following along on Kenzai Life. So, this last week, I'll need to prepare myself for what's ahead. It's so easy to slip back into old habits and I really want to stay the course.

Best of luck to everyone on the last week of Reboot!


Slowly but surely my hand seems to be getting better. I've been keeping it free from much of anything, including typing. So, again, apologies for lack of responses! I'm still keeping up with everyone!

Since Week 3 is almost over, I'm taking a quick break from my no-typing rule to post a photo of these junior high dance hotties. I'm in the pink ruffle neck/short bubble skirt dress. Oh, that hair!

Back in these days, I was quite the dancer. I didn't just tear it up on the junior high gymnasium floor. All week, every week I took ballet, tap and jazz lessons. I continued with dance classes until my knee injury 12 years ago. I tried to take classes here and there after my injury, but it didn't work. Dance was always a big part of my life.

Since my surgery, I took a beginner ballet class and loved it. I was so terrible, but had a blast trying!

Doing Reboot and feeling more confident in my knee, I might pick up another class later this summer. Maybe next time I'll try tap!

Today's jam: Dancing Machine

Day 18: Still Here

Team, first, thanks for all the comments and encouragement about the knee. It's feeling much better after some icing and a bit of rest. Really appreciated the concern. You all are the best!

And, apologies for the lack of blogging the past few days. I actually lost motion in part of my left hand. Basically, my pinky froze and would not bend. My wrist and left hand are generally achy as well.

Today, I saw a doctor because, naturally, this freaked me out. Given that my pinky is moving some again and there's no obvious injury, my doctor thinks I may have pinched a nerve and it's on the mend. I'm taking anti-inflammatories and naproxen for a week to see what happens.

If it's still achy or my joints in my finger freeze again, I'm to return to the doctor. Anyway, it's hard to type in this condition. Certainly not the way I wanted to spend the second half of the program!

But, diet is key. So, I'll just stay focused on that, and do what exercises I can.


Day 15: Catch-Up Day

I spent the evening cranking out my missed exercises over the weekend. I am dripping with sweat and still have more biking to do. I'm laying off the rope for a few days until my knee is feeling good again. (Side note: Really not sure what happened with my knee. Right above the two-inch scar below my knee there's a really sensitive spot that feels like I banged my knee really hard. But, I didn't bang my knee. It's feeling a bit better today, so here's hoping I'm back to normal in a few days.)

Feels good to sweat out some of my weekend shenanigans!

Thanks to all that wished our Luella a happy birthday. It was great celebrating our survival and hers for this first year. We both had a bit too much fun! She completely crashed this evening after her 1-year check up at the pediatrician, falling asleep in the car on the way home.

Both of us ate too much cheese over the weekend.

Should be a good week to hit it 100%. Next week might be a bit of a challenge. I've got a work trip in NYC for a few days. I've mapped out the closest Whole Foods. Here's hoping I don't have too many lunches and dinners out!

Here's to the last two weeks!

Day 14: Cake Day

Today was the little one's first birthday.

So far, her favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? So, I made her a Brown Bear cake!

I did have some, but kept the portion small. This whole weekend has been a bit of a mess food wise. We've had no schedule, a ton of visitors and basically grazed when we could.

I'm behind on workouts. When walking downtown yesterday, I suddenly got a lot of knee pain. Not sure what's wrong. I've tried icing it, but it's still bothering me. Will give it a few days and then check with my orthopedic surgeon if it's not better.

Planning to nail these last two weeks and hopefully reverse some of the damage from the last two days.

Still, had a wonderful time celebrating the first year of our Luella. Great spending time with friends and family. Now, I'm in need of sleep and good food!

Day 11: What the what?

Can we talk about today's optional handstand push ups?

So, after many, many attempts, I finally got into a handstand. My elbows barely lowered me before I had to lower myself. Before I even tried, I decided to take a video of my attempt. It was pretty comical.

The photo shows my lowest point in my push up. Don't worry. I did the narrow shoulder press to make up for these shenanigans.

Also, had to shoot me doing the east-west jump squats. Huge deal after knee surgery. I didn't get a ton of air, but there's some confidence in that jump!

Day 10: Eye of the Tiger

Team, I don't know what happened today.

My jumping was terrible. Like tripping every few jumps terrible. Half way through I thought about hanging it up and doing the bike. But, I powered through, tripping and all. I ended it dripping with sweat because I was working so hard to get. it. done.

In honor of pushing through, I give you Eye of the Tiger.

Just a heads up: This coming weekend is going to be a tough one. It's my daughter's first birthday. In addition to baking her a cake, I've got some friends and family coming in to celebrate. I'm going to take yesterday's eating out experience with me and just closely watch how much I'm eating when I can't stay on track!

Tonight I had a work dinner to attend, so I decided to use it as my assignment out. I did not take any photos because I didn't want to be a weirdo photographing the food when no one else even had a phone out. So, I've copied what we ate below.

This did not pan out as I'd hoped.

We went to a local place that serves small plates meant to be shared. There was no special ordering of things on the side because everyone was taking part in the same plates. In addition to that, this was a very foodie place where special requests are certainly frowned upon.

Here's what we had at the table:

roasted beets – citrus ricotta, carrot jus, tarragon, crouton
shaved salad – arugula, fennel, baby carrot, endive, medjool date, fuji apple, bread crumb, creamy garlic dressing
wood fired oysters – bacon fat, citrus gremolata, crumb
charred carrots – buttermilk dressing, sweet & spicy pecans, pea tendrils
marinated mushrooms & black kale pizza – garlic potato cream, parmesan
chili lime roast shrimp pizza – caramelized onion, béchamel, arugula, goat cheese

Of the above, I had one beet, one carrot, a slice of kale pizza and some shaved salad.

I went light on the beets and carrots because they were covered in sauce. The salad was actually really light and fresh, but there wasn't enough of it. I had to share with five other people. I had no protein!

All in all, I'm feeling a bit blah after dinner. Now, I've got to get busy on today's exercises!

Side note: Swim class with my daughter was a ton of fun today. Not a lot of extra exercise on my part, but a great break in the day!

Update: Workout done at 10:13 p.m. ET. Biked instead of jumped to keep the noise down, so I didn't wake up my daughter. Whew!


End of Week 1 photo is up. No surprise. It looks a lot like the Starting photo!

While there's nothing really to see here, I can feel a difference. It feels great being back in a routine, even if I feel tired and a bit sore at times. I'm feeling quite energetic overall. Maybe it's riding the wave of extra enthusiasm at the start of a new training cycle... Or maybe eating a ton of fruit and veg helps too!

My daughter and I start a swim class for 6 months-1.5 year olds tomorrow. I'm dreading putting on a swimsuit, but looking forward to this extra midday activity.

Not sure why, but this song has been in my head all day. Getting ready to jump to it with some great enthusiasm!

Billy Idol: Dancing with Myself

Update: Just jumped 12 minutes straight! Sure, there were some trips, but I powered through. Woo Hoo!!


Can't believe we're already a quarter through the Boot! This is fun and fast!

For alternative cardio day, I went back to my trusty stationary bike. My knee was a bit achy after jumping all week. I had grand plans of running but decided the bike would be best.

I made it through the star jumps and mountain climbers. The mountain climbers were a bit weak. In PT, I did mountain climbers sliding my feet, rather than jumping into place. So, this was a new challenge for me.

In addition to that, it was a sunny, chilly day here. So we walked to the park and played for as long as we could stand it! Tons of fun. Great to get outdoors and enjoy the day.

Today's biking jam: Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves.

Day 6: Where I Jump

I had grand plans for this week's challenge.

I thought I'd hike Humpback Rocks, which is in my banner photo, and jump there to show you all the beauty of Central Virginia. I also thought about walking to the downtown pedestrian mall here in Charlottesville and jumping near the Free Speech wall, a big chalkboard in town where you can write whatever you want.

But this week has spiraled out of control with things I need to do. So, here I am jumping in my backyard.

All the green in the background is bamboo. It grows out of control in my neighborhood. When we moved here, it was encroaching on our house. We had to bring in heavy equipment to dig down four feet to remove all the roots. In late April to early May, we spend a month hacking away at new stalks that creep over our fence. It's a great way to get privacy from neighbors but terribly invasive!

Still, home. It's where I want to be.

Today's cool down jam: Talking Heads, This Must Be The Place

Day 5: Start Over Again

Since my electricity has been out in my kitchen, I've been stopping by my work coffee shop for my morning fix of caffeine. The coffee there is okay, and the guy who runs the shop is a delight.

Typically there are four types of coffee available -- light, medium, dark and decaf. Today, only three coffees were out, one without the usual label. I'm 98% certain that the coffee I chose today was mislabeled and decaf!

Oh the humanity!

Every morning for probably the past 20+ years, I have had a cup of coffee and then no other drink but water the rest of the day (minus the occasional beer and/or wine in non-Kenzai times). When I don't have this morning caffeine jolt, my body knows it. I had a terrible headache by 1 p.m.

It's 8 p.m. and I'm just now doing my workout because I have felt lousy all. day. long. But, I'm getting it done!

Today's jumping jam: Coffee & TV by Blur.

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