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Big day today!

I bought my first yoga mat today. (Eko pro -- and I LOVE it!) Also discovered I'm particularly gifted at the Shavasana pose. I suspect I can hold it all night long...

Morning coffee, D'OH!

See? This is just one of the reasons I treasure being part of a community. As I'm drinking my morning coffee, and reading your posts (before reading the daily lesson or workout), I realize, "Uh oh. I'm not supposed to eat or drink first?!!" and from the number of posts mentioning the coffee hiccup, I know I'm in good company. That was actually very helpful to know. And I'd like the record to reflect, your honor, that it was 3:30 in the morning and I am on autopilot from my bed to the coffee maker at that hour. My husband works crazy hours, and by extension, I keep them too.

So despite the coffee trip up, I got it done. I forgot how much I enjoy clicking that "I DID IT" button!
NP: "Twist and Shout"

Reach Day 1

Indeed, Kim Murch, there is something so exciting about starting a new Kenzai program! I like being part of a community and a structure for diet and exercise.
KB1 was about getting acclimated to ANY kind of exercise. Physicality was outside of my comfort zone. It wasn't something I grew up with. After KB1, I fell completely off the path of diet and exercise.
REBOOT was about seeing if I could make my way back after more than 2 years away from Kenzai. It was a great re-introduction and I immediately went into KB2.
KB2 was a terrific success -- I really made the commitment -- particularly to the diet part in a way I hadn't in KB1. Surpassed my wildest expectations! Since the end of July, I've maintained the rope skipping 4-5 days a week. Strength training, not so much. And I can feel the eating getting less and less compliant to an alarming degree. So, REACH -- I welcome getting back to a routine and growing in flexibility. I am also looking to put the finer points on timing my eating. In KB2, I may have hit my grams, but I did it at crazy hours. Too irregular. I really want to improve that. And I want to opt for the lean diet. Is there a place to do that or do I wait until Day 4 where we will be given that option? Thanks and looking forward to meeting my fellow Reachers!

Non-compliant living

We just returned from a 9 day cruise. Life on an ocean liner is not for those trying to eat clean. I swerved way off the path. I did, though, manage to jump rope 60% of the time and used the gym to strength train several times. Eating, however, not so clean. I'm getting back to real life. I have my eye on rebooting on my own for 28 days and then joining the new Kenzai Reach program.

The new me that was born out of KB2 now tries on new physical experiences. I flew! In a vacuum tube located on the top of our ship. Perhaps there should be a Kenzai Sky!

Beautiful town, Ward!

We are in Portland for the day on our way to Nova Scotia. It is so beautiful and this was today's alternate cardio. Biking and hiking around Mackworth Island.

KLife 5x Workout

Wow! I just did the first KLife workout after a 3 day break following the end of KB2. Way intense! I will be feeling this for days, I think...


KB2 has been the accomplishment I’d hoped for. I am finally comfortable in my skin. I’m aware of it even in my sleep. I feel the difference. And unlike KB1 – this time I see the difference, too. I carry myself differently. My posture has changed. I’ve gained a whole new wardrobe because I can wear my skinny clothes again. (Oh happy day!) I am stronger and I have made diet and exercise a priority for these 90 days and the 28 reboot days that came immediately before. I’ve also made an effort to go on about my life while working this program. I can go out and clean up menu choices, opt for stairs over escalators, skip rope in absolutely all kinds of weather (today I jumped in torrential rain!)

And while I’m thrilled, I will know this program has been a success if I can maintain the results – make Kenzai a way of life the rest of the year. Gordon said something awhile back that really resonated. “…so I don't fall into the trap of thinking this is like buying a new body at the body shop then wrecking all the hard work.” Exactly. I, too, don’t want to wreck all the hard work. This isn’t a final destination but learning a new way to be. I'm looking at you Kenzai Life.

Today is my 57th birthday. Getting with the program was the very best gift I could have given myself. The next challenge is to stick this landing from Day 91 onward. Thank you all for your encouragement and for sharing your journey. I hope the communication will continue. It’s been a pleasure!


In the remaining days of this program, I am trying very hard to hit all the notes as well as I can. My biggest challenge has been eating all of the required grams regularly. I went to our first class farmers market that was bursting with summer produce. It was glorious. So for dinner tonight -- flounder in parchment with purple beans, tomatoes, coriander, and carrots kissed with olive oil and pepper. Fresh corn and brown rice on the side. A symphony! I wish I'd thought of this sooner. (You can assemble a few of them to have on hand and pop them in the oven for under 10 minutes.) We are having dinner at 7:30 which is much better than some of the 11pm dinners I have pulled. Bon appetit!

It rains, it pours.

Now, I'm sick. Achy, congested, sore throat, zero energy. I attribute this to staying in the hospital. Worse place to get rest. I suspect the virus that did a number on my son's asthma is taking up residence with me.
I am going to take the day to rest and recuperate. I am hoping to pick it up again tomorrow if I am able. I REFUSE to limp across Day90. The Reboot and KB2 has been a big success in ways KB1 wasn't and I want to finish strong.
Taking the day off and I hope to rejoin you in time for Cycle Workouts.

Back to normal!

And grateful to be here!
Why are V-sits so much harder? Not only am I not experiencing improvement, I am undergoing alarming backsliding. The days of being able to tack on 8 minute abs as an extra seem like a figment of my imagination.
Diet -- on track. Yay!


What a nutty past few days! My son was released from the hospital this afternoon and we are working on getting back to normal. I got the cardio and exercising in yesterday. I tried to eat as on point as I could, but, timing was completely off. And at the end of a surreal few days -- I really needed a beer. Now that we're home, as I get order restored, I plan to get the cardio and strength work completed today and hit the Kenzai grams once again. Onward! (I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again!)


Morning at the pediatrician. Now on to the ER. All bets are off for exercise and cardio. Should have done it early this morning, but, I didn't have a crystal ball. Bringing my jumprope. I'll do my best to stay on diet. Packed fruit, veggies and egg whites to take with.

Heavy sigh. (Which I very much wish my asthma suffering son could do, too....)

Not so great

Crazy day - my child got sick. Completely threw my schedule off. Didn't get exercising done until 10:30pm. Eating on schedule went out the window. I don't see dinner happening. And, of course, I didn't have the energy to complete the V-sits. The biggest challenge, surprisingly, isn't abstaining from tempting food and beverages or doing the strength work -- it's nailing the food timing. Haven't acquired an internal clock for it yet.
Heavy sigh. Tomorrow's another day...

Party food

I went to a party tonight. Surrounded by mac and cheese, fried chicken, cupcakes, pie and cookies. I had crudités and seltzer. My kid couldn't have any of the desserts because of his peanut allergy - so we took him to a nut free donut bakery for dessert. I dodged bullets all night long. It's kind of amazing. I managed not to intake anything harmful. But, I couldn't cobble anything even close to compliant at the party. So I waited until I got home. It's 11:30pm and I'm just now eating dinner. So much for regular scheduling, but, it still feels like a victory. I must admit, 2 weeks can't pass fast enough -- I'm craving wine and ice cream!




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