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week 3 challenge

This was sent by a friend last month and I’ve been saving it for this challenge! Here is me on a trip to Rome when I was 14 years old. Thanks Aneesa!

Hello there Sculpters

Hi everyone, I'm writing this during a T8 now increased to a T9 in Hong Kong! I profusely apologise for not checking in as yet despite sticking to the programme closely. This is the third programme for me in a year and so no excuse really.

So far I am loving the exercises which appears to be a mix of KB interspersed with Barre. I am a big fan of Bells but maybe I will like this one a little more... time will tell! A 6 week short and sharp programme is always a good thing for me too.

I do find it hard to find things to write about when I've done this a few times over but will contribute and of course support which is the main point.

Speak again soon!

late night workouts

Finished at 22:53 today. I had 268 steps at the Lantau Buddha as well. I didn't give up even though I wanted to!

getting on with it!

Hello everyone - sorry for not posting for 10 days... eek! I'm still here and trying to get my head down and get on with it. One last push tomorrow and then all done and dusted.

I'm thinking of moving straight into Kettlebells, is anyone else doing that as well?

the week that was...

I wanted to come back and say I nailed it again last week, but sadly a sickness bug struck me down on Wednesday and had to miss a few workouts (I don't remember getting sick so often on KB1!)

I took my photo and have gone for my vest top for this week... I wore this for my final photo in KB1 and I'm hoping for continued improvement for the last couple of weeks of KB2.

I think I have generally struggled with this programme, when I have moved forward a couple of steps, something has happened in other parts of my life (be it health or family commitments) to pull me back a few afterwards. I don't feel as many of the successes I made before but I also knew this one would be harder and my expectations shouldn't be so great.... that's the kicker when you exceed your expectations the first time round in KB1 I suppose!!

There are still a few weeks left, I would like to push past the fitness levels I attained in KB1. I'll keep going to the end! Thanks everyone for the continued support.

A good week

Sorry for not posting - I've been active on the blogs... just not my own!

I was really happy as last week I managed to complete all my work outs. I feel in my stride again and feeling really strong. Diet wise I did cheat a few times as it was my daughter's birthday party... onward and upward this week and hoping I can nail both :)

Looking up already...

I managed to complete 4 out of 7 workouts last week despite illness, I practically slept the whole weekend :-/ but the antibiotics are nearly finished and I am most definitely feeling better.

The dropout lesson today really resonated, I wasn't thinking of giving up, but I was considering starting over again... I feel more motivated than ever not to give up now. My diet has been pretty on track, and I just completed a full workout, and feeling in a good mindset to really crack on and try hard.

This week I will be packing lunches and watching my guests tuck into the Chinese food. It will be a first and I hope no one gets too offended!!

The first week went ok, I managed to fit in the majority of workouts and switched back to the old Kenzai diet fairly easily. The dinners were perhaps slightly bigger than this week though.

This week has not started well. I missed my workout yesterday, and had a Valentine's dinner - mainly as a catch up with my husband who will be away for the next two weeks. Managed to not over indulge too much on a local set dinner (portions are generally small but well balanced).

I've been wondering whether this was the right month to start but really haven't put my all into it yet to say whether it's too much and to be honest there's sacrifices that need to be made whenever I would start. Just need to knuckle down and crack on. Picture coming later today. Hi


"I'm here!" - this is what my two year old daughter says when she walks into a room.... so I'm taking her lead :)

Glad to be back amongst it and ready to get moving again. I know so many people now who have done the programme and seen the benefit. I'm raring to go!!

Graduation, hurrah! 

Dear Kenzai... why did you work when everything else I had tried had failed??

Reflecting on it I think I never gave up on you, because you never gave up on me.

- Like all good coaches, you pushed me further than I thought I could go or would be comfortable with.
- I had amazing support and inspiration from the trainers and fellow team mates.
- I have learnt to deal with food in a very different way.

I feel like I am the happiest I have ever been and the healthiest too. Sorry Patrick, but March 1st does feel like a long time ago for me!! My journey has been an uphill struggle for the most part, but guess what? it turns out that is exactly what I needed. There was no quick fix, I had to put in the effort to get what I achieved and I am so pleased with the results, way beyond what I could have imagined.

It is going to be hard for me now NOT to want to keep up with things, this fear I have about returning to my old ways is what is going to remind me how to make the best and healthiest choices going forward.

The support is that extra piece of the puzzle that really made it for me. Self-Motivation is not strong in my skill set! Special thanks to @CaroleB for inspiring me in the first place, @KathyK for being a great support (and neighbour), @AdelynC for her wonderful blogs and reflections, @BrandyS for her determination and encouragement - please post some wedding photos for us, meeting @DanaB IRL and hearing about her journey, @ShimulS, @MarniK and @ ChadF for their support and posts in Draco... and Cecilia and Angela for keeping me going, giving me great suggestions and alternatives when I needed them. They truly do care about you getting the most from the programme.

Finally the food, this is a big one for me as I am a huge foodie and LOVE pretty much everything. However, it soon dawned on me it wasn't so much what I was eating, more how I was eating. Before the programme I would skip breakfast, barely eat anything until lunch where I would carb-load resulting in tiredness, and then by evening I was succumbing to the sweet, high-calorie temptations in my fridge. (Confession: I still cannot forgo chocolate, and may have cheated more than once on the programme, eek!) - I loved that Kenzai stripped it all right back and concentrated on pure fuel, not flavour. I am unlikely to be eating so many eggs in future, but I will certainly be balancing my meals and eating regularly... In fact I have rekindled my love for apples.

So humbly, and honestly, thank you Kenzai. This won't be the last you see of me (jeez I have a tear in my eye!!!!) the first decision I made to join this programme, was the best decision I ever made.


Oh dear, I just caught up with that lesson and yes! I have been feeling that way this week. I haven't missed anything but I have been seeing day 90 ahead and wondering whether I should take an easier journey or the hard route... Great timing as usual Kenzai. You're right, I don't want regrets so I am putting my all into the exercises this week.

Foodwise, I've just been offered a complimentary dinner at Gaucho........ Now I am torn!!! Steak, mmmm juicy steak. If it were after the weekend no issue!

Under 70kg... Boom!

I know we're not supposed to focus on weight loss but one of my personal goals was to see the scales in the 60 kg's again. This morning I achieved it!! By a mere 200g but am so pleased. I'm cracking on hard with this week and hope to finish the strongest I can :)

Mmm, I think I need Kenzai in my life. I need I schedule and discipline otherwise I'm scared I'll lose all my hard earned results. Bring it on Kenzai Life!

Early Indulgence... :-/

So like Shimul I took my indulgence on day 69, Mothers Day. I checked with some Kenzai alumni and so pre-empted it.

My husband booked a dinner buffet with friends and I did ask him whether that was a good idea because they may not have egg whites and apples(!) it's true what the lesson said, I wanted to celebrate and eat a bit of the bad stuff but if he hadn't booked it I'm not sure I would have been that worried. Having said that, the raspberry mousse was amazing so totally no regrets now.

On to the last 20 days. Grrrrr! Trying to do my workouts in the gym for the last few weeks to focus as much as possible. Good luck everyone!!


I really want to be able to do these for the final month. I am struggling even with the negative pull-ups but will always start by giving them a go. Any advice on how to get there...? I don't feel like the rowing is doing enough for me anymore but I'm not powerful enough for the pull-up / lifting my own weight!

End of Week 2





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