Ana M.

Ana M.

I did it  

I can't believe it I just done it
What a journey !!
It was a very difficult one for me , trying to conciliate diet exercise and work , it was mad.
Halfway the program I got injured , but I didn't give up .
Thank you everybody who send words of encouragement
To Scott and Lindsay a very especial thank you .

i'm still going

Hello everybody , thank you for your kind words past week it keeps me going , knowing everybody is doing the same .
I am very slow at a moment , I am doing what I can , some days I can do more and some days I can't do nothing at all , but i'm so glad I'm doing it .
Have a good week .πŸ’œ

still going

I can't believe a week 1/2 of a cold put me so behind .
The exercise with 6 raps I can do 4 .
Very low energy in my body it hurt so much .
Please tell me I can sustain that after three weeks , my idea was to keep going, but now....... I think my motivation is running out .
I haven't lost any weight for quite a long timeπŸ˜”.
I know I haven't been straight to my diet ...

hi I'm back

Hello everybody I am back , it was a terrible cold and I'm still not 100% but I feel much better . Back at the gym it is been eventful I'm so weak I can't believe one week, it throw me out of course. I'm doing it slowly but I will get back where I was .
Diet it's more or less back on track 😜and I feel like it's now or never .
I hope everybody is ok and thank you for all your support .

very tired

Hello everybody thinks they're not very well in my program . I have to stop skipping as my leg and knees can't cope.
Very upsetting I'm feeling very tired my all body hurt 😭 and I have a cold 🀧 and nasty one last time I had one it was about five years ago .
Gym and diet it's not going as planed.

jump is back

Hello everybody, sorry not been in touch more often but I have a very long work day .
Good news , my leg is ok I start jumping slowly and steady I'm getting there , I really miss it.
I've been super tired and my all body hurts like hell . But I definitely down one size or maybe two πŸ‘
I'm not being very super strict with my diet it is been very difficult but I'm not been at ITN machine . Just been moving forward .
I've been having vegetable soup for supper is that ok ?
Wish everybody a lovely week 😊

hello everybody

I hope this week it's been easy for everybody .
Six days ago I was back on track , somebody at the gym explain me how to do skipping properly . I was doing double jumps, that's why I was finding it so difficult , much easier now and I can do it without complaining .😝
But unfortunately four days ago I hurt my leg can't jump I am too sore . I'm pretty upset even so I've been swimming and walking on the treadmill to compensate The jumps .
On the other end the job it is being absolutely crazy. Diet is been challenging to keep up with the exactly right grams . Feeling guilty for not being a little bit more organised .
I know I'm feeling tired and all my body hurts but I'm not giving up 😊
Let's have a great week.


Hello everyone .
Things are better , skipping is getting much easier .πŸ‘ Not perfect but I will get there .
The diet is good , some times I forget to eat the snacks , I had a few cravings of biscuits and cake but I resist . πŸ˜‡
This Saturday I left Singapura and relocate in Hong Kong , a move is always very stressful .
No Diet no exercise and no sleep just super super tired .
But today things are looking better , less boxes πŸ“¦ Found the food scale and tomorrow i'm back in the gym I will try to catch up .
I hope everybody is doing well .

and of the second week

Last Friday I'm really struggling jumping 400 jumps now 600 find it is too many for me. I am too tired and my muscles they hurt too much .
Friday night I had a very good night sleep , felt like my muscles had recuperate , went to the gym Saturday morning and it was much easier.
On a diet I find it's too much food I struggle to finish everything . (sometimes I don't have the time to eat)
I finish work at eight in the evening after that I go to the gym only after that I can have my dinner , maybe too late to eat .
Everybody else looks so much capable to do these I'm really wondering if I'm in the wrong group ?
No weight lost , but my legs are more muscle :)

Second week

Starting the second week , I'm still struggling with the jumping rope . I have to do 20 jumps at the time it takes me forever . But will get better I hope .
Diet is ok doing well .


Skipping it's been a challenge to me , the first day was a nightmare . I'm in my fourth day and things are improving I can skip between 10 and 15 times without tripping , array .πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ
My knees are a beat swollen any advise.


Second day .With the excitement of the first day I went to the gym without my phone did not follow the exercise program. I free lance .
Today I did not forgot the phone . First thing I did "skipping "
I can't SKIP ,'s going to be fun.😱

the first day

Trying Kenzai for the first time very exciting. Good luck to everybody.




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