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Andrea S.

Reboot | Day 16 (Member)
Day 16
Program progress:

I'm sitting in a cafe waiting for my avocado toast thinking that would be a "safe" lunch to post for challenge 2, but I think honesty dictates I post yesterday's Korean bibimbap. Which was very tasty! It was a little heavy on the rice (I left probably a third in the bowl) and maybe a little light on protein (I stole some of my wife's chicken) but it had loads of veg and the flavor came mostly from that, from the egg and the kimchi. I read somewhere that kimchi and other pickled foods are very good for you. Not sure if that's true but I thought this was a decent lunch option when so many Asian foods (apart from Japanese) rely so heavily on sauces.

Apart from that all generally ok. I've been good on the exercise. The body weight exercises have been kicking my butt, but I am working through them diligently. I haven't skipped any, and have been supplementing Kenzai with spinning and yoga. Diet has been another story. For some reason November has been very busy with all sorts of work and social commitments. I know the Kenzai way has been to abstain where you can or skip when you must. I haven't been doing that. I'd say about 20% of my meals last week were off diet and next week may be worse. Still, life is about choices (and rationalization) and although I know that I am not getting all that I could be getting from this Reboot, I do feel stronger, fitter and lighter than I did three weeks ago. Given that at this time of year normally the reverse is true, I'm gonna take that as a win.


Perfect for those mornings when you can't get out of bed to do your Kenzai . .

I'm stuffed . . .

Breakfast, snack and lunch down . . . afternoon snack is looming and I'm totally full. I thought the exercise was going to be the hard part of Kenzai!

Ready to go!

Start day is finally here! Very exciting and excited to start the program, though as I contemplate pouring 25% of a perfectly good cappuccino down the drain I do sort of wonder what sort of insane cult I've signed up to! Ha ha . . anyway, I have a ton of questions but as Patrick said in the video that they'd all be answered in due time, for now I'll just focus on the remains of my coffee and getting my first workout in later today.