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Coming out the otherwise  

I enjoyed this hard workouts let me really see what I need to focus on to make stronger. It is fun having (even if small) muscle arms now and strong legs which I think grew stronger then the resist of the body. Will keep up at the gym pushing my self to be the best me I can be and who knows my even surprise myself.

last week

The last week is coming up.
Seems like it was not long enough.

upper back

So when doing the Full Shoulder Press / Rear Shoulder Press Combo I pulled something.
Still did the whole thing at lest what I could do. shoulder day who knew how dangerous it could be lol.
I do feel better stronger and faster. I look better to the gut is almost gone and I have muscle in the arms now just to make them bigger.


Tonight I made Japanese fried chicken it was something that I wanted to do and very good. The most interesting part was that is has no egg in it. Been cooking more and more at home like hummus and flat bread.

Leg Day

I enjoyed the Berbell deep squats/Lunge Jump thing today. got my heart rate up to 135 bpm in fact I love leg day it work up such a sweat and really feel the improvement in my over all heath. the speed rope was a fun new enjoyment to todays work out. This week looks like a lot of fun.


So went out boating with some friends had a great time but like my red hair I have a little more red on me now. it was not bad and I used about three cans of sunscreen. almost every three hours. We will see how it feel when hitting the gym I may not want to do stuff that sits on the shoulders. do you have any ideas of how to make workouts less painful. I am talking about squats with the barbell on my shoulders.

Push Car

I did the Push Car for the first time today. Found it wow my abs felt the burn for sure. Did the Inchworm last time and found that I need a little more flexibility.

Side Plank

So was doing those Side Planks and my left hip hurt. I did not do the full time on the left side for it hurt leg feels better like nothing is wrong with it at all today just wondering what happen if a pulled it but do not see how since it was just chest day.
Also got my teeth Cleaned and who dose not like having a great smile to go with a healthy body.

Biceps day

I have been lifting heavier weight but my left bicep fells like it is on fire sometime when I lift. it dose feel stronger. but I was wondering if this is because I am right handed so my left side in my weak side.
I also like seeing not when I bend my arms a bump show witch is that Bicep showing off I have not taken to pose in the mirror yet well the one at the gym at lest.

impossible burger

Has anyone have an impossible burger?
Also with this new thing how dose this work in to the diet?
I had one and it was off a little so I will not likely eat another.

protein shake

So I been drinking the muscle milk stuff for a bit I was wonder if I should do that per workout stuff that pumps you up. I drink the muscle milk after a work out and not before. Just wondering if I am on the right track.

Sleep is Key

I have family over so a full house here and I am tired. which make my work outs feel sluggish and slow.


so I been noticing that when doing the stretching that some I found easy to do are now hard. they or I have become more stiff. what is happening?

legs day

was sore this day for leg day still enjoyed it. I must be one of the few that like leg day.
but I could not do all the sets. the knee hurt and so did the left shoulder. but it still kicked my butt.


Deadlifts are something that scares me.
In the past I have pulled out my back so I do not what to do that again. Is there any other thing I can do that will be just a affected.


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