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Andrew M.

Kenzai Iron | Day 18 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 18
Program progress:

I am getting better of not putting so much of my self foreword when doing squats but my knees hurt somedays. I am seeing someone in the legs and butt.

Here we go. Found that I can not do squats with weight on.


Well I would not say it was easy. Some road blocks came up in the path but I feel better in my own skin and better that I can keep up with people. the diet part of egg whites I do not think I will ever get into but I mix them up. Having some steamed veggies over fries I can do not having Soda done it is now more like once a mouth think if not every two. the workout where also fun in the fact it pushed me and my body to be better.
I started around 230 if not more and now I am down to 225 and keep. People would say that is not much, but most of that was fat now it is muscle.
I feel better body and mind.

Final Countdown

in the last few days this thing is over but I have made some healthy long lasting changers in my life that should pay off


I do not know if this is happen to anyone else.
But I have been hungry for protein in my lunch time and also dinner even after eating the 2 eggs.

Bad Back

so my lower back is still hurts but this would the day two back at the gym. could not do everything on the list but got most of it done. Back still hurts but it is less and less. some of the abs had to skip for it just to much but did some extra starching. also wish there was a skip button on the app for I feel bad saying I complete the day when I know I did not do it all.


sorry for such the late post will post my update photo soon. been in CA for a week and what a trip.
I have pulled my back out so bad I landed in the ER so I am going to talk to my doc tomorrow and she what he says but me in the gym and what I can and can not do so until then I am going to be hitting the diet hard to keep the pounds off and body healing.
I had lots of good food and left stuff on my plant when eating.
I well also try to post more.


So I was wondering if snow removing is a good cardio work out?
I will have to do it at lest two time if not more.

knee hurts

my left knee has been hurting doing jump rope today and yesterday. It is only the left knee. So been doing the more then half of the jumps and still work up a sweat and I feel my legs getting stronger.
Still not happy about the egg whites it just smells like bad farts but my gut dose feel better and is almost gone.


Well the abs lesson was eye opener. I do not think I am going to get down below 15% body fat but who knows. Makes me wonder know the people I see at the gym are gifted with those gens or really work hard for them.
But I can feel my core grow stronger which is helping my posture. Still can not get to the full length of time for the plink that was today tried my best.

New things

So I am not to happy about the dinner meal plan that I had to do today was very lack luster.
I am not a veggie guy in the first place so dinner was where most of them came in.
I am getting better at jumping rope and faster.
The work out was good and I feel better and stronger. Some I have to step down in the resisted bands but I still work up a sweat and push my self in my work outs.

Jump Rope

I am getting better with the jump rope even zoning out when jumping. 800 is a little over kill so not looking to next week.

But the 14th is so close all I see is the wall of candy mostly the Reese.

week 4 here we go

Well I have to say I feel better. and have lost a little wight but I would say that the big change is the love handles are going away which is a goal of mine.

but I have a sweet tooth that all I see is the candy and peanut batter filled. it is hard to resist such things.

I finding it hard to keep coming up with things to cook. Also the 600 jumps was hard but got them done.
I am also trying to just go day by day and not do a countdown.

Day 8 or Week 2

Been reading the do and don't of the diet, and have to say this is going to be a learning curve, but worth in the end. Also the ramped up workout was fun. Did better jumping rope with out being plug in to music, keep a better rhythm today so that may become a thing.