Andy S.

Andy S.

off plan

sorry been a bit awol, fallen off track too, did do one race tho, only 1mile, but I did it in 6mins27 which was faster than I was expecting, and was fun!

limping along

Achilles inflamed too much, so really struggled last week. Saw a physio who shockwaved and smashed my calf so it is not too bad. This week got the half an hour run in with strong finish. Eating has been hit and miss, probably classes burning more calories so feel like can eat more and get away with it! Not managed a run longer than 6.5km yet :(

Half way in

Ticking along still, achilles and calfs getting quite sore. Ridiculously hard to do that breathing with the stomach! My wife had a good phrase for the boost! "Think how much you'd hate yourself if you gave up just because it was hard!" She said to me, so using that in the moments most vulnerable to giving up!

Ticking along

Finding the rhythm of running 4times a week nicely, enjoying being outside, speed pretty similar but happy to plod along notch up the kms. Get lower back muscle pain whilst running sometimes which is annoying as I stretch a fair bit before


Got my first solid 30min run done, fartlekking defo tough to bounce back from, last 10mins super slow! Running on hk harbourfront a whacky mix of smells didnt help!

week1 done

Pretty pleased with getting 4runs into one week! Not easy nor fast but under the belt! Eating wasn't super amazing, had a family bday dinner saturday and date night with wifey another, so bit of room for improvement. Not feeling too injured, achilles quite sore as always after sport, but not tired or aching anywhere new! Bring on the next week!

3runs in

Finally managed a run outside, felt much better, slow and steady, but just way more interesting outdoors than on treadmill. Planning the distance one somewhere different to try and keep the interest levels high.

Attempt to run

Todays exercise confirmed I really dont like running! 25minutes felt so long, how can running feel so laborious? Didnt help I had a weird muscle pain in lower back after just 3minutes, seemed to go after 20 tho, so hopefully just needed loosening up. Made a start tho, see how we go!

Poor effort 

Didn't manage this program very well, I'd not manage to complete even half, slipped away from me. On to the next one tho!


had a wobble this week, big dinner out one night, then hk manflu hit, so missed couple days work outs grrrr...back to it once better


Glad to return to the program, so sore already!

All over 

Great experience, such a simple program, eat well and do some daily exercise! The food aspect makes such a huge difference to life, feeling great and will definitely stick to some of the aspects of the program going forward. Gotta thank the missus for putting up with a lot of whacky awful meals for the last three months! Photos to follow

DAY 82

So close to the end, but the exercises are brutal now, number of reps so high failing on almost everything, taking forever, and getting sore everywhere. Plodding along tho, enjoying carbs back in the evening meal

on hols

Off on hols for 5days, back sunday, will be trying hard to keep up in the sun hopefully!

Day 65

WOW. That hurt. Arms freakin killed last night. Cleaning my teeth afterward was a nightmare. How much food I'm eating in the evening is ridic, so full last night.

Final Photo





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