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Kenzai Sculpt | Day 30 (Member)
Kenzai Sculpt
Day 30
Program progress:

Another great week on the program. I'm having a bit of trouble with some of the core exercises hurting my lower back, but I'm just making some substitutions and it's working out fine.

I am feeling like biceps and triceps once a week isn't cutting it for me, so I've been adding in upper body exercises into my routine. I want to join the November 11th session of T-shirt and segue into that as sculpt wraps up.

I'll be fully nomadic after the first of the year so I'll be reliant on offline options after that. I want to finish this year strong!!

Picture of some little doodles for a scrapbook I'm making of our adventures. We are getting our rig ready and packing up the essentials. I'm making art every day in November!


I don't meant to be a whiner... but....WHYYYYYYY!?! Good lord this was just way too many. The sheer monotony of it had me questioning whether or not this was a mistake.

When I saw the 160 arabesques I thought "damn...... but, okay".... when I finally tapped through after the final set only to see 160 Touchbacks I nearly cried.

Anyway, I got through the set but next time I'm swapping in some variety ;)

Today's breakfast/lunch/first meal of the day at 1pm is roasted fall vegetables (parsnip, carrot, beets, squash, broccoli, yam), jammy egg, toasted crumbled freshly-toasted walnuts, the remains of a homemade kale pesto that needed to be finished (I figured since I'm skipping a meal and three snacks I could add a bit of oil), and then to top it all off there's avocado, three kinds of sprouts, and sugar-free pickled red onion. Oh and it's all on a bed of whole grain red rice!

Lots of nutrients, kept me full all the way until dinner time. Though I did have some turmeric coconutmilk in the afternoon because I wanted to feel cozy :)

What's everyone else eating now that it's getting cold? I usually do Kenzai in the summer so I'm missing the "wet vegetables" (tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, etc.).

Best news I've heard all week 😂

I love the strength exercises and the only thing that tempts me to skip a workout is doing the stupid cardio. I hate it! Which is dumb because the main reason I'm doing this program is to get into better shape for hiking with my boyfriend. He's like a mountain goat and I'm like a dog in the back of a car. But also the dog has asthma or something because I'm always out of breath.

I don't understand how I can exercise daily for nearly a year, and meanwhile he has done yoga with me 4 times, yet when we go on a hike he can fly up the mountain and I'm lagging behind cursing the day I was born. What gives? Is it easier for him because he's a man? He's also 6 years younger and 6 inches shorter so I can't make sense of this. Someone please tell me why this is happening 😂😂😂

Wow, I forgot how quickly this program goes by. Six weeks is so short!

Everything is going well for me, the exercises feel great and I think I'm past the part where my muscles ache constantly now. Yay!

I'm still fasting 16 hours per day, so eating just lunch and dinner with no snacks. I feel like a real Kenzai rebel, but I find that I have more energy throughout the day and I like exercising on an empty stomach in the mornings.

I do notice that I feel pretty exhausted on the days we're doing the "regular" exercises rather than the barre stuff. I'm definitely ready for lunch when it finally comes around!

I do break my fasting rule on Sundays because we stay at my partner's parents' house on weekends and we all enjoy breakfast together. Sadly, breakfast usually consists of just sugary items so I bring my own avocados and veggies.

I can already feel and see a difference in my rear-end but it might just be placebo effect. Either way, I'll take it!

We're still busy fixing up our camping truck before our big departure come January. Last weekend we finished up building our separation compost toilet. I'll have to take a picture for you guys to see, it's seriously such a throne. My OH and his dad really overbuilt it!

This coming weekend I'm working on the solar-electrical install (again) and also his mom is teaching me to use her loom! I'm so excited, we're using old scraps of fabric to weave some little tapestries to hide a particularly ugly wall in the camper.

Autumn is so beautiful here in the Jura. Lots of colors in the trees, storm clouds on the horizon, and a nip in the air. Summer is for suckers!

We sleep in our camper while we're there working on her each weekend (she's parked at my in-laws' place) and we can really feel the temperatures changing as we head towards winter. Last weekend I had to tuck a hot water bottle into the bed to keep cozy!

Okay, enough rambling for today. Looking forward to another great week!

Ready to SCULPT!

It's been three years since I did the Beta Sculpt program, and it was one of my very favorites so I figured it was time to run it again.

A lot has changed for me in the past year, and Kenzai programs have always helped me feel centered and connected -- I love a good routine!

I completed the day 1 work out, and, as usual (for me), I "skipped" the jump rope session and replaced it with a long flow yoga workout. Such a perfect way to start the morning, IMHO.

The first workout completely kicked my ass, which I suppose is the point, but MAN was I achy and sore the morning of day 2!

I got through the second workout, but I'm looking forward to moving past sore muscles and into lean gains :)

As far as diet goes, I'm excited to tighten up my diet (I need to kick my evening chocolate habit), though I've been practicing intermittent fasting for the past 3 months and it's done wonders for me so I'll be sticking to that. Currently I'm fasting 16 hours per day, with two 24-hour fasts added in each week. While I'm Sculpting I'll just be doing the 16-hour fasts each day, so I need to get my calories in between 12pm and 8pm daily.

I know this goes against the diet recommendations from the nutritionists, but my own experience has shown me that eating constantly every few hours all day leaves me bloated and fatigued, so I'm going to stick to this protocol that's currently working for me.

A bit about me:

I'm 32, born in the U.S. but living abroad for the past few years (currently in France). For the past 6 years I've been running my own digital media business, but just a few months ago I sold it and now I am officially in "retirement."

Starting January 1, my retirement will consist of driving my Land Rover Defender truck camper from France to Kazakhstan and back over the course of 10 months. After that, I'll be shipping her down to South Africa and working my way back North. I'm doing all of this with my partner, a Frenchman I met in a Transylvanian hostel a few years ago.

He is a travel writer and I'm into photography, and together we're getting into film-making with the intent to produce an documentary film of our adventures.

I uploaded my 'starting' photo in my workout gear, but I'm also sharing a picture in this post which feature my very favorite pants. The last time I did Sculpt there was a lesson on posing in pictures to showcase 'dat ass' and, well, voila.

There's also a picture of our roaming home, Rigby.


Super excited to be here sculpting with all of you lovely people!!

Anyone else having trouble with the app? For the past week it hasn't opened for me. Tried reinstalling but nothing has worked.

My favorite program yet! 

I really loved this program. I've achieved more flexibility in this two month program than I did during years and years of yoga practice!

I've found that I can sleep more comfortable in a variety of positions, and my posture has improved immensely. I definitely plan to keep my Reach practice going on a weekly basis!

I've attached some photos for the poses where I've made the most progress.

Surprisingly disappointing progress on Downward facing dog (booo!) and some of the other ones were difficult to see a difference.

Looking back through my starting photos was a real rude awakening as to how tight my body really was. I definitely don't want to go back to that place!

I didn't eat on plan... at all really. I gave up booze and cigarettes four months ago and I don't feel ready to restrict my diet on top of those changes right now. However, having been a Kenzai follower for so many years I really don't eat any processed foods anyway (except for an evening square of chocolate because life is short, damnit!).

Even without following the diet, I feel like I can see a change in the way my body looks. My muscles look longer and leaner to me, but maybe it's just wishful thinking.

My plan going forward is to do as follows:

Every Day: Morning Stretches & Mind Meditations
MWF: Sculpt strength exercises
T/TH/Sa/Su: Reach skillful stretching exercises and evening PNF

Feeling great, here's to enjoying what's left of summer!

Final week!

I'm feeling great headed into the final week. Really haven't been strict on my diet for this program, but today is 4 months alcohol-free so I'm feeling pretty damn good anyway.

There are some exercises that make me feel like I'm not making any progress (the morning back-kicks, for example), but during others I can see big differences between where I was 7 weeks ago.

I was shocked looking at my weekly photo compared to week 1 today. I haven't lost weight on the program, but I feel like my muscles are longer (maybe?).

I have noticed that yoga is way easier (obviously!) but also that I'm just more comfortable in general. It's easier for me to find a comfy position sitting on the floor, and it's easier for me to get up from the floor, too.

I've been following each session with a meditation (been doing this since I did Mind) and the two pair really well together.

Eight weeks feel so short now, I'm wondering how I an keep going on my reach journey!

Flow State

I find myself in a flow state when I'm organizing and planning things. Right now I'm working on the plans to convert an empty box truck into a camper van and hours can fly by while I'm researching and designing it. I'm also working on our itinerary and route to get to Mongolia with said truck. Same thing! I love to plan, but it often takes me out of the here and now. So, does it not count?


Happy to see the new flow exercises -- I've been doing my workouts like this for the past week anyway!

I doubled up on workouts last week so now I'm finally all caught up. Not loving the PNW stretches but hopefully I'll grow to like them.

14 more days!

Unexpected Twists

I really identified with this question! I was just thinking about this the other day. There have been a few times over the past 5 years when I've wondered why bad things happen. Right now I'm realizing that without those things, I wouldn't be where I am today.

If I hadn't been stuck in a crappy job, I never would have started my own digital company.

If I hadn't started that company, I wouldn't have been able to leave that other job and pursue my love of travel.

If I hadn't lost my dad 5 years ago, it could have taken years for me to see my ex husband's true colors and inability to be a good partner.

If we hadn't divorced, I wouldn't have then entered into the following relationship, where I didn't figure out how bad the match was until after a miscarriage.

If it weren't for the miscarriage, I would not have spontaneously hooked a solo trip to Egypt, which then turned into an 8 month backpacking adventure through the Middle East and Europe.

Had I not kept going on that trip, I wouldn't have met my current partner in a hostel.

Had I not been there that day, I wouldn't have ended up moving to France to be with him.

And now I'm selling my house and my company and preparing to live a life of financial freedom out of a van while driving the Silk Road for the next few years (with my partner, who has turned out to be the most amazing person I've ever met. )

I'm super thankful for all the twists!

One week behind

Well, as usual, I've gotten sick during a program. I feel like this happens every time and I can't figure out why. Maybe my body is pissed that I'm treating it so well? Anyway, while I was two days behind schedule on my lessons and workouts due to our trip to Lake Como, now I'm a full 8 days behind and it makes me feel really out of sync with the other Reachers. Not sure if I should just skip ahead and participate in real time, or keep trucking along alone in the back. The worst part is that after a few days of being basically immobile, I feel like I lost all of the gained flexibility from the program and my body is starting over at day one. Should I throw in the towel and try again another round?

I'm loving the new balancing exercises, although I find myself wondering how they improve flexibility. I understand how they improve strength, but I don't really feel much stretching going on while in position. Am I missing something?

Everything else is going great, except I find myself dreading the evening stretches. I hate holding the same position for so long, I get really bored! I try to read or listen to a podcast to entertain myself, but I guess I just much prefer the flow exercises. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

We took a little trip to Lake Como a long weekend, and while I packed my yoga mat and had every intention of Reaching while I was there, I missed two days. We were hiking to catch some sunrises in the mountains, and waking up at 4am made me not want to wake up any earlier to get my workouts in. I'm terrible about exercising if I don't do it first thing in the morning!

Otherwise, everything is going great! Sorry I haven't been too active on the blogs for this program, I've been so busy which is why I'm doing Reach rather than something a bit more intense.

Core Beliefs

I didn't used to give a lot of thought to my core beliefs, but the tumultuous past few years of American politics have really helped me fine-tune my priorities.

When I need to make big life decisions, I often debate for long periods rather than go with a gut instinct. I usually end up sticking with my gut anyway, but I really love lists and spreadsheets and I just can't help myself.

When it comes down to it, I want to life a live that is open, caring, and not based in fear.

- I avoid eating meat because I care about animals and our planet.
- I travel and live abroad because I want to be open to new experiences and cultures.
- I believe that most of the hate and violence we see in the world is based in fear, which helps me to feel more sympathetic towards people who do things that disturb me.
- I try to be accepting and tolerant of others' beliefs and practices rather than stick with the herd, in-group mentality.

I've always liked doing things differently. I like to get off the beaten path, choose the road less-traveled, and stick it to the man if I get the opportunity ;)

However, sometimes I feel like I'm so focused on *not* doing the same things as everyone else, that I'm not genuinely being myself. Am I really being myself, or am I doing things differently just for the sake of being different?

Oof, I really spend too much time thinking about this kind of stuff. I've been keeping up with my meditation practice since doing Mind a few months ago, and these kind of thoughts often sneak in during my practice.

Anyway, I'm loving the Reach program so far.

Diet is pretty clean but not perfect on grams. I seriously CANNOT EAT THAT MUCH. I've been saying it for years, and it's my only issue with Kenzai. I can never get the grams right because it's way too much food, and then I feel like since I'm not doing it perfectly anyway, what does it matter if I have a Lindt truffle after dinner? What's one glass of kombucha? Why not sprinkle a little feta cheese on that salad? I really need achievable goals in order to stick to a routine, and the diet just doesn't work for me. I also never eat the fruit snacks. Oops.

Here's what a typical day of food looks like for me:

Coffee + 100ml soy milk before exercising.
Breakfast: frozen banana, 1 scoop protein powder, 150ml soy milk, and a shot of espresso blended into a smoothie.
Lunch: Sauteed sweet potato, bell pepper, cabbage, and cashews on top of brown rice. Topped with avocado and cilantro.
Snack: One 75-calorie non-alcoholic beer (day 84 sans alcool, yeehaw!) as apero before dinner.
Dinner: Grilled thin-sliced strips of zucchini topped with a charred eggplant and walnut pesto; boiled potatoes tossed with a little oil as well as herbs and spices; white beans simmered in tomato sauce; semi-whole wheat baguette.
Dessert: One square of Lindor truffle (I'm so bad!)

Okay now I'm getting a bit hungry.

End of Week 2



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