Angela S.

Angela S.

Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 21 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 21
Program progress:

Today’s lesson was spot on for me. I just said yesterday that the fatigue in my muscles was gone and I suddenly feel stronger. Cranked through today’s work out feeling no fatigue, just burning in an awesome way.


Someone stole my breakfast carbs! I didn’t notice them missing yesterday but today errrrr. What the...challenge accepted. Short lived torture I am sure. 😂 onwards and upwards wooo hooo.

Ramping up EH

Two more 1 min additions, love it! I feel fully charged to plow ahead these next two weeks.

Sat night I did a little beer tasting...very little didn’t have my own glass. I am using my last ticket on my poor diet choice, even though it’s not required...just a challenge for me personally because I want to hang tough and break through this stupid plateau called over 50.

Cranking through

I am cranking through these workouts pretty fast, soaked in sweat! It’s awesome, loving the challenge. I combine the abs and some of the other exercises into one set unless I lose form then I take small a break. I always get the reps done. That helps crank through.

BR D10

I am enjoying this program and there is something good/motivating that this skimpy diet is short lived. Having some cravings and I am trying to figure out if it’s because I just can’t have certain things or naturally telling that part of my brain to shut up and I can wait.


I was exhausted Friday, I didn’t sleep Thursday night and overslept hence workout didn’t happen. I mentally tried to rally myself up for it in the early evening but couldn’t, so used one ticket.
Everything is going great. I appreciate today’s lesson.


I am doing this program because it sounds like fun and I love the challenge. I also need a change of pace.
Also I was pretty hungry this am and breakfast was very satisfying, which is an indicator my diet is spot on. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
I have been pretty sore, however it’s much better today. I am ready and excited to do this program.


Cookie in cookie stays, got it. No 🍪 😂😂
I loved today’s lesson.

Beach blaster D1

Crazy excited, love this stuff. Happy to have a new program and 28 days...we can do this.


Was at the gym by 5 am today...pretty tired feeling today. But workout is done and I am glad of it.
I don’t have a diet yet I am guessing because I jumped in late.

D11 Really day 1

Just jumped into Chisel from Mind. Really looking forward to nailing this program, I hope. I do love Chisel. Mind was great, I learned a lot.

Mind complete 

I totally enjoyed this program and felt the benefits early on. I would definitely recommend trying Mind and will do it again myself. Hopefully I will incorporate it into my week. Hoping to jump into Chisel...
Great job team, see you in the blogs.

Empty row boat

Great, amazing, huge ring for peace. Loved today’s lesson.


Missed a few days visiting family in Massachusetts...back at it happily


Meditation didn’t go well today, I was super distracted and squirmy. Picture is from my She-Shed, where I meditate early morning.

End of Week 7



Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready


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