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I am enjoying the lighter dinners and the exercises, while painful feel good in the end. I can already see some weight loss around my middle. I hope that after enough of these programs I won't have to do any modifications, but until then I will continue on with what I can do.

I head to Bangkok for work next week and am excited about seeing a new city and networking. I will be sure to get a picture up soon.

Week 1 is done and although I had a head cold (kids went back to school) I did a good job of cleaning up my diet with a final few indulgences to get me ready for the next three months. I did not do a good job of the cardio because of said head cold, but the strength work went decently.

I am confident this will go better than my last attempt at Body 2.

Family Stretches

All 6 of us did the stretches this evening 😊 It was good for the kids to see us doing the work and impressive to see them try so hard to hild the evening stretches for the time allotted.

How is everyone else passing the minutes?

Tonight was easy because we were all talking, but I joke with my husband that I should do them in front of the tv.

I always thought my groin was flexible as the cobbler is natural and comfortable for me. However, I could not even get my arms behind me for the pigeon when my left leg was back! The right leg was better, but I was still not fully in position. The same discomfort was then repeated with the timed salamander stretch. It blows my mind how just stretching in a different way can create such a different sensation. A good reminder to keep mixing up my stretches and not just use the same ones over and over.

Finally lost the battle

The kids have been trading colds since school started back up and it is now my turn. I have been coughing and sniffling for a few days but last night it hit me hard. Hopefully I can work through it and get over it quickly. I already feel like I put off getting sick longer than in the past because of the better diet and exercise. Now if only I could nap at work...


My left calf has been troublesome with the skipping and I have been trying to find a softer surface for jumping, while doing alternative cardio or jumping without the rope (I look like Peewee Herman with my arms still moving like I have a rope).

Last night I noticed that my left ankle is swollen. Is this due to simple vasodilation as I move my mass and to be expected, related to my tight calf, or something I should go see a doctor about?


Oh my #@?$ing arms!! That was hard. Stubborn me still refuses to do fewer than the upper limit of reps but I did it even though I felt like I was going to be sick. Way to step up the game Kenzai. Here I thought I was getting the hang of this and you just, argghhh...

Jumping without the rope

My left leg is still sore so I wanted to focus on how I was jumping instead of making it over the rope. Leg was sore but it felt good; I think I will try the rope tomorrow 😁Loving the rings of fire! They are hard but feel rewarding doing them.

So I took a look at the diet for next week and see that my carbs disappear from dinner and the protein decreases too. I am a little nervous as up to now the diet has been easy and filling. Here is to the start of the cutting. I have never been good at dieting. Anyone have advice as the diet part starts in earnest? How do I deal with being hungry?

Leg cramp from yesterday

I am still hobbling after the spasm yesterday while skipping. I got on the elliptical just now but cannot bring myself to put too much weight on the leg as it really hurts. I think I will rest it tonight and just do the rest of the workout. Any advice on heat versus cold with tight calves?

I went with heat and that helped. Still took the day off for cardio but did the resistance training. Looking forward to being back at it fully tomorrow.

Plain yoghurt shortage

So for the past week we have not been able to find low fat plain yoghurt! Add that to the fact fresh milk is rare, mostly UHT available here, which is simply not the same when having a glass of it. For that reason I am drinking a latte each morning but I am tired of them. Is fat free plain yoghurt ok? I really enjoyed yoghurt and fruit the first week but that doesn't seem doable unless I use fat free.

Now to top it all off my left leg spasmed as I was rounding 500. 150 jumps short of the target with a cramp, but still pushed through the rest of the workout including the lunges. I am disappointed that my body is failing me like this πŸ˜”

I am struggling right now to find a balance between pushing through the pain like with the lunges and letting my body rest a little after 10 years of sedentary life. How long on the elliptical would I have to do for alternative cardio? It seems like it might be a good stretch for my calf as well as some cardio.

Feeling good

That was enjoyable 😁 Happy stretches everyone.

Holy Moly!

I was dreading the workout this evening for any number of reasons and excuses. This is usually as far as I get into diets and exercise. I suppose that explains the 250 pound body that I own right now. But, if nothing else I am just a little bit stubborn (ok, a lot) and so I trudged on after the kids were in bed. Much to my surprise I got through the skipping in five decent sets with calf stretches in between to deal with the knot left from the charley horse yesterday. The leg lifts were ok (I prefer the squats) but then it after some band work were the dreaded push ups... da da da dum... I did four sets of 8!! So after nearly flaking out and slinking off to bed to play on Facebook, I ended up with an awesome burst of endorphins that got me through the otter kicks. I am so proud of myself right now; hopefully it will be enough to get me through the rest of the week.

The skipping killed me today. Yesterday I was able to do 150 at a go and got through the 600 quite smoothly. Today I kept getting tripped at around 60. Either way they got done and the rest of the workout went smoothly.


So I have been posting forward facing photos because to be honest they are the most flattering of the three. However, they are not the ones that show my progress to date. The biggest change so far has been my core strength and resulting improved posture.

Amazing what 14 days of exercise can do! Seeing this was exactly what I needed today as the salty snack cravings have been bad.


Yummy shrimp with pico de gallo and linguini 😍

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