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Anil B.

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Good run, will restart again 

New beginnings for 2020

Due to a bug during the season change in HK....some throaty flu infection with.l body pains!

The triceps and chest workout that I last did left me sore during the flu...

Diet check - less meat, not 100% vegan though

hello to Reboot

Here is where I start again, this time I am in the middle of a gradual diet change to being Vegan.

Photo below is where I workout.

Every program I start is during a busy work cycle and I like to break stress down with a Kenzai program. Here’s one for the stretch before Christmas

Need 2 weeks more to graduate... 

Was in great shape till Day 30.

Then I had an urgent travel to make - and my last 12 days couldnt get done...for workout. But I dont want to give up and drop off.

I need time to finish this....and I will finish it starting from this weekend! Happy for my Chisel badge to be late but I want that badge!!

2 out of 3

I am finding it hard to power through the 3rd cycle feels really hard and I can’t seem to get through all of them quick enough....

So for now I am doing 2 out of 3! Which is not complete but hopefully atleast I am on track?

No travel this week and it’s been 100% spot on...feel the diet has gotten harder...

The 3 cycles were too hard, had to drop out of a few. Today was better with the 5 sets each!

Slow progress

Progress gradual due to travel...I skipped 2 days, let up a little bit at dinner yesterday and sleep has been hardest part...due to late night flights

But here’s the good news - overall doing well and importantly High on motivation and long way to go..

Retake of Chisel

Started chisel again and plan to complete it. Missed a couple of days but this is exactly what I need now...a routine and a real lift up in fitness levels.

Finished well  

Completed the reboot late as I had a few days of travel and I wanted to catch up on lost days and do it right.

Feel good, am happy I still have the jump rope stamina and am ready for another attempt at Chisel

Thanks to the trainer Sara Pittman and my team mates! Those little messages mean a lot!

A could-be-better week 3

Skipped 3 days in week 3 due to some urgent travel that was either an early morning flight or a red-eye

Swapped the Saturday for Sunday so managed to salvage it. Feel good getting it done still.

One more week to go!

Finished one more week and skipped a day but am going to make it up tomorrow.

Good first week

Went through it all - restart, diet, workout. Am happy to have restarted Kenzai and hopefully I can keep it and take to the next level

Dropped out - do another day  

My trainer suggested I decide how to end my chisel and I decided to call it a drop out because I know I will do it again and even though I completed it, I did not do it right.

I like to feel every program. Next program, here I come

A case of bad Flu

I have been down with a case of bad flu in HK. Could not keep the workouts and dropped 15 of last 20 days between the flu and travel.

I am thinking of continuing but to do another Chisel...for a program of this intensity, anything less is not right

The usual culprit

Travel is my biggest issue when in any kenzai program and i try to minimise it. However, here I go - am on the road for 10 days and there is limited scope for a workout so I am going to stay close on diet.

Wish me luck.

End of Week 9





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